(November 1911 - Volume 8 Number 11)

Activity in Los Angeles

The Chess and Checker Club of Southern California was organized the 17th of December, 1910, with a membership of forty. The officers elected for the first year were: F. E. Browne, president; Dr. E. B. Graham, vice-president; Chas. E. Richardson, secretary; John W. Watson, treasurer. Major H. H. Hall, Henry B. Bates and James Grant, with the above named officers, constitute the board of directors. Visiting chess and checker players from eastern cities say the quarters of the club are equal to any in the United States. They are located on the seventh floor of the Higgins building, corner of Main and Second streets, a large ten-story, reinforced concrete building. The membership of the club came near reaching the one hundred mark during the spring months, but the warm weather of summer tended to decrease the number to the seventies. It is expected by November it will again climb upward in membership. Considerable interest is manifested in tournaments, a chess handicap having been completed recently. W. S. Wateman, Class A, won first prize, with a percentage of .825 in forty games played. S. W. Peterson and O. Barnett, Class B, tied for second with .725. T. H. Carr, Class B, and W. Struve, Class D, also tied at .613. The latter was a one-time member of the Manhattan Chess Club of New York.

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