(Volume 16 Number 6, JULY-AUGUST 1919)

Western Chess and Checker Bulletin No More

Editor: H. Helms

The "Western American Chess and Checker Bulletin," edited and published by Professor C.C. Kanaga of 515 Jones street, San Francisco, Cal., has evidently been discontinued, but unfortunately without any explanation from the publisher, who brought out No. 3, under date of February 5, 1919, the last issue to make its appearance. It had been planned as a fortnightly at a subscription of $2.50 a year and, according to a printed statement on the front cover, had a "guaranteed circulation of 1,000 copies per issue." We had hoped that there might be room in this country for just such a periodical and possibly there is, if the undertaking be launched with sufficient financial backing. Clearly, this was not the case here and , while recognition is due the publisher for his courage and optimism, he evidently bit off more than he could chew. On the other hand, it seems to us, he owes a frank statement to that portion of the chess public that did its share to support the venture. For that purpose the pages of the American Chess Bulletin are open to him. From a reliable source we learn that No. 4 of the hapless publication was ready for the press, but got no farther, so that the plucky promoter evidently stuck to the ship to the last until she foundered upon the relentless rocks of commerce.

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