(Volume 19 Number 1, January 1922)


Charlie Chaplin and Samuel Rzeschewski

What boy with "red blood" in his veins would not envy little Samuel Rzeschewski in the above pose, which shows him seated opposite to Charlie Chaplin? The world's most famous fun-maker is doing his best to suppress a smile the while he studies intently the position before him. It does not appear from the records that Charlie knows ought of chess, but 'tis plain he is doing his level best against the tiny wizard of the chessboard. The picture was taken while both were in Los Angeles, home of the "movie" studios. The inscription at the top is in Charlie's own handwriting. While this is not intended as an "Ad," it is only right to mention that the success of Sammy's far Western tour is due to the personal interest and effort of William F. Drueke of Grand Rapids, Mich., who traveled ahead as advance agent. Close scrutiny of the picture makes it clear that Charlie and Sammy are playing with a set of the famous Drueke chessmen.

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