California Chess Newspaper & Magazine Articles

   May 12, 1945, Chess by F. R. Chevalier from the Christian Science Monitor; 'Steiner New Federation Official'.

   February 17, 1946, Los Angeles Times, Steiner to Play Chess Champion for U.S. Title.

   October 1, 1948, Santa Rosa Press Democrat Chess Chats column, starts Play Koltanowski by Mail

   May 19, 1949, Los Angeles California Eagle, Open Air Chess Tourney Slated for South Park

   November 9, 1949, San Francisco Chronicle, Strengthen Your Chess Game

   November 18, 1949, San Francisco Chronicle, Stamina in Chess

   November 20, 1949, San Francisco Chronicle, Chess Record Play-As Rough as a Channel Swim

   November 25, 1949, San Francisco Chronicle, Chronicle Chess Festival

   November 28, 1949, San Francisco Chronicle, Chess Players

   November 28, 1949, San Francisco Chronicle, Chess Master Koltanowski, Blindfold Champion, Never Forgets Until He Wants To.

   November 29, 1949, San Francisco Chronicle, Chess History

   November 30, 1949, San Francisco Chronicle, Meet The Master

   December 5, 1949, San Francisco Chronicle, A Chess Virtuoso Battles All Comers in Twelve-Hour Marathon Play.

   December 6, 1949, San Francisco Chronicle, Chess Expert Tells How He Did It

   February 19, 1950, San Francisco Chronicle, Koltanowski's First Draw in Chess-by-Mail.

   February 23, 1950, Los Angeles California Eagle, Interracial Chess Group Formed Here

   September 21, 1950, Santa Rosa Press Democrat; George Koltanowski, 'Engram' to 'Dianetics' 4-Check!, Science Mates the Chess Master.

   February, 1951, San Francisco Fireman's Fund Record, The Walking Brain.

   April 12, 1951, The Haypress Hayward Union High School, Black Bishop Chessmen Crowned Champions.

   May 30, 1952, San Francisco Argonaut, U.S. Women's Chess Champion Visits San Francisco

   February 4, 1954, Los Angeles California Eagle, Chess Club Slates Newcomers Tourney

   June 19, 1955, San Francisco Chronicle, The Amiable Magician Of the Chess Board

   August 8, 1955, Los Angeles Examiner, Woman Chess Star Checks Mate

   January 21, 1958, Santa Monica Evening Outlook; Demonstrating Fine Points of Chess.

   July 30, 1960, The Saturday Evening Post, Campaigns of Silence

   July 30, 1961, San Francisco Chronicle, Art Rosenbaum, Sharpening the Mind - A Master's Secret

   May 1, 1962, Magazine ad, Try The Paul Masson Gambit

   December 31, 1962, Magazine ad, Your Chance To Win Paul Masson's Champagne Cup

   March 23, 1963, San Francisco Chronicle, Mr. K vs. Mr. K

   July 3, 1963, Los Angeles Times, Social Scene: Party Tables Turned (Guests Surprise Mrs. Piatigorsky)

   July 28, 1963, San Francisco Chronicle, Sonoma's Community Chess

   July 31, 1963, Los Angeles Times, Soviet Chess Masters Honored at Banquet

   January 2, 1964, San Quentin Varieties, Morphy Strength Faces Acid Test

   April 1, 1964, Magazine ad, Paul Masson's 1964 Chess Tourney! (Koltanowski's Ring!)

   April 12, 1964, Los Angeles Times, Chess Champ Wins 47 (Bobby in Hollywood)

   March 11, 1965, San Jose City College Times, Blackstone a Magician At Chess, Too ...

   May 23, 1965, San Francisco Examiner, At Mechanics' Institute: A Noted Chess Master for SF

   October 8, 1965, San Leandro High School Cargo, Chess Club Organizes

   December 21, 1965, San Diego Union, L.A. Children Discover Thrill Of Playing Chess

   June 1, 1966, San Francisco Chronicle, From Diamonds to Rooks

   August 31-September 10, 1966, Greek Theatre Magazine, GM Bent Larsen plays a casual game with Victor Borge backstage at the outdoor Greek Theatre in Griffith Park, LA.

   September 12, 1966, San Leandro High School Cargo, Winning Kingsmen: Coach Ausmus Predicts Successful Season For Pirates Loss Of Seniors Won't Cripple Trophy

   November 23, 1966, San Leandro High School Cargo, Try For Second Championship by Robert Ghiselli

   December 16, 1966, San Leandro High School Cargo, Chess Underway by Bob Ghiselli

   December, 1966, Los Angeles Times, Queen of the Chess Devotees

   January 20, 1967, San Leandro High School Cargo, Kingsmen High In League Standings

   April 14, 1967, San Leandro High School Cargo, Chessmen End Season

   October 27, 1967, San Leandro High School Cargo, Chess Club Top Eight

   December 28, 1967, Hollywood Citizen News, 600 Pupils Vie in Valley Chess Meet

   January, 1968, Oxnard Press Courier, Chess Games Stir Interest

   February, 1968, Fremont-Newark Argus, Chess Group To Meet

   May 6, 1968, San Leandro High School Cargo, Chess Club Still Alive

   January 21, 1969, San Leandro Morning News, Chabot's New Chess Club Still Grows

   May 1, 1969, Palm Springs Desert Sun, Four Winners

   October 1, 1969, Oakland Tribune, Berkeleyan chess king (Craig Barnes)

   November 26, 1969, The Carmel Pine Cone-Cymbal, Middle School Chess Champs

   February 20, 1971, Christian Science Monitor by Frederick R. Chevalier, Blindfold Exhibition (Alan Benson)

   February 27, 1971, Oakland Tribune, Chess Anyone? (GM Svetozar Gligoric gave a simultaneous exhibition at the Oakland Chess Club)

   June 26, 1971, Monterey Peninsula Herald, Jacqueline Piatigorsky playing in the 7th Annual Monterey International Open

   June 28, 1971, Monterey Peninsula Herald, Berkeley Man Wins Chess Tournament

   March 5, 1972, Sacramento Union, Taking On The World

   August 4, 1972, San Francisco Chronicle, It's Your Move At Macy's, Koltanowski Simultaneous

   September 1, 1972, Oakland Tribune, Bobby Fischer Wins It All As Spassky Concedes

   September 1, 1972, Los Angeles Times, Fischer Is King

   September 6, 1972, Newhall Signal, Koltanowski Simultaneous

   September 13, 1972, Newhall Signal, Koltanowski To Meet Local Players

   September 15, 1972, Newhall Signal, Koltanowski Simultaneous

   September 18, 1972, Newhall Signal, Koltanowski Simultaneous

   September 29, 1972, Los Angeles Free Press, Why is Bobby Fischer Such a Boor?

   October 6, 1972, Los Angeles Free Press, The Sleepy Hollow Chess Parlor Opens Its Doors

   August 30, 1973, Berkeley Daily Gazette, Young Berkeleyan, His battleground is a chessboard

   October 3, 1973, San Francisco Chronicle, Champion Follows Guru, Chess and the 'Inner Nectar'

   November 4, 1973, Oakland Tribune, Chess Champion's Mysterious Life

   February 12, 1974, The Daily Californian, Ferocious Berkeley Chess Players Square Off Saturday

   March, 1974, The Folsom Observer (Folsom State Prison, Repressa), Grefe-Waterman Win 32; Otero-Bishop Checkmate Masters in Folsom Chess Tournament

   May 19, 1974, SF Sunday Chronicle and Examiner, Chess on the Offensive - Two Big Bay Area Tourneys

   August 22, 1974, The Daily Californian, Chess Champs Pit Brains In Berkeley's Games

   April 17, 1975, Owens Valley Progress-Cititzen (Lone Pine), 23 Grandmasters Compete in Lone Pine Chess Tourney

   April 18, 1975, New York Times, Lone Pine Small Talk: 'Bf8+...Kc7...Nd6+'

   July 17, 1977, San Francisco Datebook, In the Vineyards With Wine, Cheese, and Chess

   August 1, 1977, SF New West, Chess Nuts

   February 9, 1980, SF Chronicle, Banking on Their Teenage Chess Whiz (Baraka Shabazz)

   August 4, 1983, Los Angeles Times, Bobby Fischer-Will He Ever Make a Move Again?

   August 4, 1983, Los Angeles Times, Soviets Won't Budge-Boycott of Pasadena Chess Tourney Seems Certain

   August 7, 1983, Pasadena Star-News, Korchnoi Makes Winning Move

   August 8, 1983, San Francisco Chronicle, A Very One-Sided Chess Match

   August 19, 1983, Pasadena Star-News, Checkmate!

   August 28, 1983, San Francisco Chronicle, The Dean's Gambit by Will Chapin

   December, 1983, Senior Times V2N12 North Bay Edition, Veteran Chess Champ Still Dazzles Audiences Today

   July 10, 1984, San Francisco Chronicle, 'All-Stars' of Chess Draw a Crowd of 40

   August 1-15, 1984, The East Bay Times, Chess Men, The U.S. Chess Championships at Berkeley

   October 12, 1984, The Northern California Jewish Bulletin, The George Koltanowski Endowment Fund

   August 27, 1995, Oakland California Voice, Rochelle Metcalfe column (about Gene Hazzard's sidewalk chess)

   September 1, 1995, Oakland Tribune, Hazzard Zone

   September 10, 1995, Oakland Tribune, Letters To The Editor 'Dangerous chess players'+

   December 3, 1995, Oakland Tribune, Board wars check into Lake Merritt Boathouse

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