California Chess Journal

November/December 2001 (Vol.15 No.6) pdf png (IM Ricardo De Guzman Wins Swisses in Sunnyvale, Sacramento and San Francisco.)

January/February 2002 (Vol.16 No.1) pdf png (The Kirshner Chronicles: Record Turnout at Weibel.)

March/April 2002 (Vol.16 No.2) pdf png (Jennie Frenklakh Defends the Home Court at Region XI Women's Open.)

May/June 2002 (Vol.16 No.3) pdf png (Michael Aigner Wins LMERA Class Championship. Dmitry Zilberstein Shares First Prize at Berkeley People's Tournament.)

July/August 2002 (Vol.16 No.4) pdf png (Alberto Cisneros is the Killer B at Koltanowski Memorial, CalChess San Mateo Swiss. Inside: 1,100 at State Scholastic Championship; Bhat Wins High School Title a Record Fourth Time.)

September/October 2002 (Vol.16 No.5) pdf png (Maurice Ashley Stars Again at Windsor East Bay Chess Fest. Pruess and Pearson Among Top Finishers at U.S. Open, Peckham Takes First GM Scalp. Chess Journalists of America Award CCJ for Best Photograph, Cartoon, Analysis.)

November/December 2002 (Vol.16 No.6) pdf png (Capablanca Scores 29-0-3 in San Francisco Simultaneous. De Guzman Wins State Championship.)

January/February 2003 (Vol.17 No.1) pdf png (Elizabeth Shaughnessy Represents CalChess, Ireland at FIDE Olympiad. De Guzman Wins Jim Hurt Memorial. News and Games from Simultaneous Exhibitions by Pruess, Sanchez.)

March/April 2003 (Vol.17 No.2) pdf png (Jennie Frenklakh Repeats as Region XI Women's Champion.)

May/June 2003 (Vol.17 No.3) pdf png (Monty Peckham Wins State High School Championship, Third at People's Tournament. Largest Event Ever in Northern California: CalChess State Scholastic Championship Attracts 1,312 Players.)

July/August 2003 (Vol.17 No.4) pdf png (Northern California's Top First-Graders Go 1-2-3 at CalChess Grade Level Championship. IM Trio De Guzman, Sevillano, Cusi Split Pot at Central California Chess Congress.)

September/December 2003 (Vol.17 No.5-6) pdf png (Dmitry Zilberstein Wins Northern California State Championship. The Old Legends Issue, Featuring Bobby Fischer, George Koltanowski, the Cherryland Cafe, Nicolas Yap.)

April 2004 (Vol.20 No.2) pdf png (Kasparov's Nightmare!! Bobby Fischer Challenges IBM to Simul; IBM Scrambles to Build 25 Deep Blues!)

_________________ CCJ Articles _________________

The Dean is coming to Rohnert Park September 1987(Vol.1 No.12)

Out Of The Past In California Chess October 1987 (Vol. 1 No. 13)
"The Good Old Days"

Out Of The Past In California Chess November 1987 (Vol. 1 No. 14)
Henry Gross, 1908 - 1987

Out Of The Past In California Chess December 1987 (Vol. 1 No. 15)
The Night I met Alekhine

Out Of The Past In California Chess February/March 1988 (Vol. 2 No. 2)
A.J. Fink 1890 - 1956

Guthrie "Mac" McClain April/May 1991 (Vol. 5, No. 2)
by Bob Burger

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