THE CALIFORNIA CHESS REPORTER (Vol. XXII No. 4) January-February 1973


   The California State Chess Federation has decided to honor its heroes and workers. The Southern California Chess League has had a Hall of Fame for six years, and now the North will join in. The qualifications are necessarily a little vague, for we do not want rigid rules which may exclude a deserving award. The principal consideration is how much one has done for chess throughout the years. So far, the South has honored nine: Harry Borochow, Jacqueline Piatigorsky, Herman Steiner, Isaac Kashdan, Alex Taylor, Herbert Abil, Gordon Barrett, Judge Forman, Carl Budd. For the benefit of our younger readers, we give below a short (and incomplete) list of names to consider for the North. We apoligize to anyone we have inadvertently omitted.

   From San Francisco history: A.J. Fink, Dr. Walter Lovegrove, Bernardo Smith, Ernest J. Clarke, Arthur B. Stamer, H.J. Ralston, Henry Gross, Charles Bagby, George Koltanowski, William G. Addison, Imre Konig. From Oakland and Central California: Elmer W. Gruer, Fred N. Christensen, William P. Barlow, J.B. Gee, Neil T. Austin, William T. Adams, Col. Edmund Edmondson.

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