The California Chess Reporter

(Vol. VII, No. 3 - November 1957)


One of Palmdale's most active citizens, William B. (Pat) Patterson, assistant cashier at the Palmdale branch of the Bank of America, died on September 24, 1957, of a heart attack. The 51-year-old banker was known for his work in establishing the Palmdale Chess Club, his participation in Lions Club work, and for his interest in the Toastmasters and the Little League.

Mr. Patterson came to Palmdale in January, 1955, after serving in Bank of America's La Mesa branch. He joined the bank in 1935 in San Diego. While in La Mesa, Mr. Patterson helped establish the La Mesa Chess Club.

It was Pat who was mainly responsible for the Sage School experimenting with chess as a class. Al Raymond helped greatly, especially by bringing Larry Remlinger to Palmdale for a simultaneous, which prepared the students emotionally and accounted for the fine attitude on their part; but it was Pat's hard work with the faculty which gave the youngsters their chance.

The Lancaster elementary schools are picking up the chess program this year, and if the other public schools in the state follow through, Pat will have been responsible for doing more for chess than all the great masters and promoters in our history.

He was a fighting chessplayer himself, although his many civic responsibilities prevented him from perfecting his game. He suffered a heart attack in May but had recently returned to the bank in a limited capacity. He had seemingly recovered in September and had attended the chess club meeting the previous Friday.

His widow, Mrs. Drusilla R. Patterson, requested that at the funeral donations be made to a fund for chess for youth in lieu of flowers. In a relatively short time more than $50 had been contributed.

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