(Volume 3, Number 18, May 20, 1949)


Comes Spring, and the chess masters begin to chafe at the bit and eye each other belligerently. In the West Arthur Dake, who cannot take his own retirement from chess to seriously, has challenged U.S. Champion Herman Steiner to a match. If satisfactory financial arrangements can be made, the possibilities are very strong for such an event, which would be the second contest between the two masters. In 1935 a match was held in Los Angeles with Dake the victor by a score of 4 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss.

In the East there is clamor for a match between Samuel Reshevsky of Los Angeles and Dr. Reuben Fine of New York to be played some time in June, and it is hoped that a purse of $5,000 can be raised for the occasion. As Reshevsky, five-times winner of the U.S. title, and Fine, victor in the recent New York International Tournament, are both eligibles in the World Championship Candidates Tournament to be held at Buenos Aires this Summer, the proposed match would serve a double purpose in preparing both for the ensuing contest in addition to giving the U.S. an interesting chess contest.

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