(Volume 3, Number 20, June 20, 1949)

Southern California Wins Over North Team

In the annual Memorial Day Team Championship match between Northern and Southern California, held at Atascadero, the Southern team was victorious by the narrow margin of 26.5-24.5 with Steiner and Koltanowski drawing their game on Board one.

Other features of the three-day chess event which drew more than 100 chess fans was an eight-board blindfold exhibition by George Koltanowski, a rapid transit tournament, and a match between Santa Monica Bay Chess Club and the Castle Chess Club of Oakland.

In the Rapid Transit Steiner and Jim Cross tied for first with 25-3 each, and Steiner won the playoff game to become California State Rapid Transit Champion. In the club match Santa Monica (Los Angeles County champions) bested Castle Chess by 4.5-1.5.

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