(Volume 4, Number 8, December 20, 1949)

Koltanowski Proves Spectacular In Titanic Simultaneous Event

On Sunday morning, December 5, George Koltanowski, blindfold chess wizard, began a gigantic continuous simultaneous exhibition at the Marines' Memorial Chess Ballroom in San Francisco. For a total elapsed time of 13.5 hours, and with a one 20 minute rest period, Koltanowski blitzed opponents, one after another, for a phenominal performance. Final score for the 271 games played was: 251 victories for Koltanowski, 17 draws, and only 3 losses.

The "Chess Festival" was held under the sponsorship of the San Francisco Chronicle, which carries as a regular feature a chess column by Koltanowski and was well advertised. Hundreds of people jammed the room and hallway of the ballroom to watch the unusual exhibition and to participate in it. Throughout the whole period of play the ballroom was always crowded.

In order to entertain chess players before and after they had pitted their wits and skill against Koltanowski, several strong bay area players gave small simultaneous exhibitions in various parts of the ballroom. During the greater part of the afternoon and evening four exhibitions were in progress at the same time. Players who gave their time and effort to these exhibitions were H. J. Ralston and Leslie Boyette of san Francisco, Guthrie McClain of Berkeley, Carol Capps of Oakland, J. C. Myers of Kentfield, and USCF Vice-President J. B. Gee of Sacramento. Players from all over the State of California made their appearance at this festival, and it is believed that the titanic simultaneous event set a new would record.

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