(Volume 1, Number 13, March 5, 1947)

I. A. Horowitz Is Undaunted By Train Wreck

When the Southern Pacific "San Joaquin Daylight Express" was wrecked near Kingsburg, Calif., on February 4, traveling chess-master Horowitz was among the uninjured passengers who were transferred to autos for completion of their journeys. So little daunted was Horowitz that the same evening in his exhibition at the Modesto Chess Club he won nineteen and drew two games. Herbert Paul of Modesto and Monty Jackson of Riverfork were the two successful gainers of the draw. The usual lecture was cancelled due to the late arrival.

The exhibition was held in the Odd Fellows Hall and drew thirty spectators. Arrangements were handled by Herbert Paul, president, Herbert Betker, vice-president, Lee Kerfoot, secretary-treasurer, and Rev. Donald G. Weston, chairman of the special events committee.

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