(Volume 9, Number 6, November 20, 1954)

Dean Trophy to Fine Club

The General Dean Trophy, donated by Mr. H. A. Whitehead, was presented to the youthful members of the Reuben Fine Chess Club for their victory in making the best team showing in the Sonoma Valley Chess Festival, directed by George Koltanowski. The trophy is names after General Dean, who learned to play chess while a prisoner of war in Korea, according to Mr. Koltanowski. The Fine Club is a member of the San Francisco League, Chess Friends of Northern California, and its members are ardent chess fans. Three of them competed in the last U.S. Junior Championship - Gilbert Ramirez, David Peizer, and Ted Eisenstadt - each of whom compiled a respectable 5.5-4.5 score in the 44-player event.

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