(Volume 7, Number 13, March 5, 1953)

The Reader's Road To Chess
By Kester Svendsen

WILLIAM STEINITZ-EMANUEL LASKER WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH 1894. ADOLPH ANDERSSEN-WILLIAM STEINITZ WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH 1866. Supplements 1 and 2. The California Chess Reporter, Editor: Dr. H. J. Ralston, 184 Edgewood Avenue, San Francisco 17, Calif. Pp. 28, 30, numerous diags. $1 apiece.

The combination of printing and multilithing used in these booklets has been so successfule that the technique in now being copied, I understand, by the venerable BRITISH CHESS MAGAZINE. The offset method costs about one-fourth as much as regular printing; it produces a most readable page. Farewell, mimeograph. Let the limited-edition chess editor (who is often limited in funds) take notice.

As to the booklets themselves, the Steinitz-Lasker match is drawn chiefly from the pages of the BRITISH CHESS MAGAZINE as annotated by James Mason, the mystery man of chess. Even rarer is the Anderssen-Steinitz, for the games of this match have never before been published separately in book form. They are given here with Tchigorin's annotations translated by CHESS LIFE Contributing Editor Dr. A. Buschke. Biographies and records of the players are included. Here, then, are 33 championship games long difficult of access to the late-comer but now inexpensively re-published for general edification and enjoyment. They have already had a wide sale in America and abroad, more than enough to encourage Dr. Ralston and the CALIFORNIA CHESS REPORTER to issue more.

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