Volume 6, Number 14, March 20, 1952


After 66 years, the Argonaut, published in San Francisco, has added a chess column, edited by Dr. H. J. Ralston, already the editor of the excellent California Chess Reporter. This weekly feature of the Argonaut magazine recalls the fact that sixty-eight years ago in the issue of January 5, 1884 of this same Argonaut began a chess column edited by J. Fennimore Welsh, which was probably the first regular chess column on the Pacific Coast. Mr. Welsh was succeeded by J. E. Tippett who conducted the column until March 6, 1886 when the feature was discontinued, to be revived on February 8, 1952 under the skilled direction of Dr. Ralston.

Contribution in game scores, original problems and news items are requested by the editor, who may be addressed: Dr. H. J. Ralston, The Argonaut, 544 Market Street, San Francisco, Calif.

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