Volume 6, Number 4, October 20, 1951

Koltanowski Travels East

In December George Koltanowski will travel east from San Francisco to Philadelphia and New York, returning later in the month to San Francisco. While not planning a regular exhibition tour, the blindfold wizard will schedule a few exhibitions of simultaneous play en route to break the monotony of the trip; and clubs may contact him to arrange for dates, addressing George Koltanowski, 200 Alhambra, St. Apt. 9, San Francisco 23, Calif.

Before leaving San Francisco, on December 2, Koltanowski will participate in a gala Chess Festival staged by the San Francisco chronicle and conducted by the Bay Area Chess League and Industrial Chess League of San Francisco. Among other novelties planned for this festival will be the setting of a new blindfold chess record by George Koltanowski, who is already recognized as the wizard of blindfold chess.

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