Chuck and Virginia McGinley were chosen as recipients of the CAISSA AWARD for their devoted and untiring work in all fields of chess over the past fifteen years. Chuck and Virginia have, between them, held every position available with our organization. Their record is especially noteworthy since the veterans of C.F.N.C. have come to regard the McGinleys as very special "chess friends" whose high interest and ready response have smoothed otherwise rocky paths and rekindled enthusiasm in any chess venture put before them.

Amongst promoters of all kinds there is an old saw to the effect that you get a job done best by asking a busy man to give you a hand. Certainly Chuck is well qualified for such a title. Any person who commutes to Ghana, Africa and back for his regular work and yet finds time to keep all our ratings up to date is what we can call a "busy man."

The bronze plaque, designed by Marian Brackenridge of Sonoma, California, was given by the Paul Masson Vineyards of Saratoga, California. George Koltanowski made the presentation to the McGinleys.

George Koltanowski spoke for all friends of chess when be bestowed upon the McGinleys this singular honor: The Caissa Award.

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