City of San Francisco by Jude Acers

Jude Acers on Chess, September 30, 1975 (Karpov: His Very Precious Win)

Jude Acers on Chess, November 25, 1975 (City's Second World Chess Challenge)

Jude Acers on Chess, December 23, 1975 (The Chess Workshop: The Opportunity of a Lifetime)

Jude Acers on Chess, January 6, 1976 (The Chess Workshop: The Endgame - The Making of a Grandmaster)

Acers on Chess, January 20, 1976 (Letter from GM Larry Evans. Showdowns and Mexican standoffs at Lone Pine.)

Acers on Chess, January 27, 1976 (The Fifth City of San Francisco World Chess Challenge Preparatory Contest)

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