Hans Poschmann's Fremont CC Trophy.
Hans Poschmann's Seville chess tables were built during the 1990's in Fremont.
Hans Poschmann's one-of-a-kind Fremont CC Ebony Rook Trophy.
Hollywood 1945 bulletin.  Published by the Nebraska Chess Association in 1952.  Limited to 200 copies.
Hollywood 1954 bulletin.  Published in 1955.  Limited to 130 copies.
I Was Tortured in the Pasadena Jailhouse.  Produced by Bobby Fischer in Pasadena 1982.
Lone Pine 1972.  Produced by John Grefe, Dennis Waterman, & staff.
Lone Pine 1975 PB book.  Published by California State Chess Federation in 1975.  (ASIN B000MFQ7TG).
Lone Pine 1975 bulletin.
Lone Pine 1976 bulletin.  Published by Max Burkett & edited by Alan Benson in 1976.
Lone Pine 1979 bulletin.
Lone Pine 1980 bulletin.
Lone Pine 1981 bulletin.
Long Beach U.S. Open 1955  bulletin.  Published by by Jack Spence in 1956.  Limited to 140 copies.
Los Angeles 1962 bulletin.  Published by the City Terrace Chess Club in 1962.
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