(Vol. 13 No. 7, Aug-Sept 1945)

Chess Briefs

The Hollywood Pan-American Tournament will officially be opened by Carmen Miranda on July 29th. Latest scores as we go to press are: Fine 7-0, Reshevsky 6-0, Horowitz 5-1, Rossetto 4.5-2.5, Araiza 3-3, Kashdan and Pilnik 2.5-2.5, Seidman 2.5-4.5, Adams, Cruz and Steiner 1.5-3.5, Broderman 1-5, Camarena .5-6.5.

Transportation difficulties upset the plans of a number of invited masters. Pinkus and Lasker had to withdraw because they could not obtain accommodations; Adams, who was called in as a last minute replacement, got as far as El Paso and then had to resort to a bus to finish his trip. On the way he met Dr. Walter O. Cruz, Brazilian representative, and they turned up together at the tournament, a full three days late! Herman Pilnik of Argentina had an even more arduous trip, appeared at the tournament on the fourth day, with his head swathed in bandages! After losing his plane priority, he went ahead by car, crashing into an unlighted truck, woke up in a hospital in Yuma, Ariz. After a two-day stay, he proceeded to Hollywood.

The tournament is arousing great interest; spectators from the movie colony have included Carmen Miranda, Marlene Dietrich, Josef von Sternberg and Mitzi Mayfair.

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