(Vol. 13 No. 6, June-July 1945)

Chess Briefs

Outstanding summer event of 1945 is the Pan American Chess Congress, to be held at the Hollywood Athletic Club, Los Angeles, from July 29th to August 12th (not Pasadena, as erroneously reported last month). The cooperation of movie producers and stars (see front cover and cut on this page) means that the Congress will receive wide publicity. The participation of chess stars of the first magnitude will also insure its success. U. S. masters Reuben Fine, I. A. Horowitz, Isaac Kashdan, Albert S. Pinkus, Edward Lasker and Pfc. Herbert Seidman have agreed to play in the main tournament, provided they are able to obtain transportation to the West Coast. From other countries, the following players have accepted invitations: Hector Rossetto and Jacobo Bolbochan of Argentina; Dr. Walter O. Cruz and J. Souza Mendes of Brazil; Julio Salas and Mariano Catillo of Chile; Alfredo F. Olivero of Uruguay; Major J. J. Araiza and Joaquin Camerena of Mexico; Dr. Alfredo Brodermann of Cuba; Abe Yanofsky of Canada. In addition to the big tournament, there will be contests for ladies, amateurs, collegiate and high school teams, military teams. All credit to chessmaster Herman Steiner, the California State Chess Association, the Los Angeles Times and Hollywood's movie industry for sponsoring this history-making event.

Chessplaying movie stars (see front cover) will aid and sponsor the forthcoming Pan American Chess Congress at Los Angeles. Charles Boyer and Humphrey Bogart, pictured at left with chessmaster Herman Steiner are both keen chessplayers and are helping to publicize the Congress. Bogart, who is a Director of the U. S. Chess Federation and of the California State Chess Association, will act as Master of Ceremonies. Boyer and other famous stars will attend and open the daily rounds of the master tournament. Other stars will play in the "living chess game."

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