Volume 5, Number 10, October 1937

Screen Stars Who Play Chess

FRANCHOT TONE, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Star

Started playing chess while attending Columbia University, and its logical principles were a great fascination for him. He plays frequently today, often with Warren Newcombe, the painter and art director at the studios, and with Emil Seeberg, an electrician in the studio still department, who is particularly expert. They often play on the set between scenes. One game of chess took two weeks to play during the making of The Gorgeous Hussy because of Tone's frequent calls to the camera and Seeberg's to his own work. One day only one move was made in the entire day.

Tone has played chess for nearly ten years.

MYRNA LOY, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Star

Became interested in chess after watching Reginald Owen and Frank Morgan play. She has known the moves for about a year, and plays occasionally. She has no great knowledge of the game, but she is learning steadily.

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