Volume 17, Number 7, July 1949

Local Events - California

In a match with a Santa Barbara team, the Los Feliz Chess Club swamped in rival, 17-2.

George Koltanowski, international chess master, refereed the match and afterward gave a simultaneous exhibition on twenty-four boards, winning twenty-one games and drawing three with Mrs. Nancy Roos, Morris Gordon and George Croy.

Isaac Kashdan met 18 players at the San Antonio Chess Club, winning 17 and losing 1 (to Blake Stevens, Jr.).

Another international master, Olaf Ulvestad of Seattle, has been active recently in simultaneous displays. As a guest of the Hollywood Chess Club, he played seventeen strong players, defeating twelve, losing three to H. Gordon, I. Revise and A. Weiss, and drawing two against G. Benedetti and M. Cook.

On another occasion, Ulvestad engaged thirty-three players from San Diego and vicinity at the Sandford Hotel in San Diego. The single player won twenty-nine and lost four to C. R. Bates, S. Burne, Karl Ginter and A. J. Thompson.

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