Volume 14, Number 12, December 1946

William H. Steckel

Correspondence Statistician

William H. Steckel of Los Angeles, California, learned to play chess at the Allentown, Pennsylvania, Y.M.C.A. in 1929. He became active in promoting chess activities there, developed rapidly as a player, winning the championship of Central Pennsylvania quite frequently. He finally became known as Pennsylvania's leading player. The State has two rival chess organizations but Bill established himself quite decisively by winning championship tournaments of both associations.

In 1943, Bill and his wife moved to Los Angeles where he has become accountant and payroll supervisor for the Eastern-Columbia department store. He finds time, however, for many chess activities. He has gained top rating in the very active Hollywood Chess Club. He fulfills the difficult job of rating statistician for the Correspondence Chess League of America. He plays a great deal by mail, carrying more than 50 games at a time in our Postal Chess alone. And he has won his fair share of Postal Chess tournaments.

Aside from chess, Bill finds a great deal of pleasure in both Contract-Bridge and deep-sea fishing.

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