With The Checker Players

By John Dougherty

Los Angeles Times, March 21, 1926
(Abridged for chess content)

Chess and Checker Headquarters. 921 Union League Building, corner of Second and Hill streets. All chess and checker players invited to join. For further information regarding the club, see or write the secretary, D. H. Howes, at the clubrooms.

All communications intended for this department should be addressed to John Dougherty, The Times, Los Angeles, Cal.


Dr. Emanuel Lasker, who held the chess championship of the world from 1896 until defeated by the present champion, Jose Capablanca in 1921, will be in Los Angeles for two exhibitions on March 25 and 26.

On March 25 he will give an exhibition at the L.A.A.C. No admission charge for the spectators.

On the following evening, March 26, he will "do his stuff" in the clubrooms of the Los Angeles Chess and Checker Club, located in Room 921 Union League Building, corner of Second and Hill Streets. The public is invited to attend this exhibition and any player desiring to contest a game with Dr. Lasker during his simultaneous exhibition can do so for the nominal sum of $2, which goes toward help covering the expense of bringing the famous player here.

The first player to win a game from Dr. Lasker in the local clubrooms will be presented with a copy of the new "Chess Digest" by Morely, containing many brilliant games on all the openings.

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