With The Checker Players

By John Dougherty

Los Angeles Times, August 19, 1923
(Abridged for chess content)

Chess and Checker Headquarters. 820 Union League Building, corner of Second and Hill streets. All chess and checker players invited to join. For further information regarding the club, see or write the secretary, D. H. Howes, at the clubrooms.

All communications intended for this department should be addressed to John Dougherty, The Times, Los Angeles, Cal.

Among the Fans

Stasch Mlotkowski, the Pacific Coast chess champion, will play all comers this afternoon on the mammoth chess board located on the Llano de Beverly tract at Wilshire Boulevard and Doheny Drive.

The chess players should show that chess is a real and interesting game by flocking out there in such large numbers that it will cause the natives to "sit up and take notice."

Mammoth Chess Board

Out on the Llano de Beverly tract at Wilshire Boulevard and Doheny Drive, the Middleton and McConnell real estate firm have placed a sixteen-foot chess board, with pieces to correspond, which the public is invited to use at any time. The board is covered with an attractive awning and comfortable seats are provided for spectators.

Last Sunday S. Mlotkowski, Pacific Coast champion and G. S. G. Patterson, a near champion, played the first game on this board which resulted in a win for the champion.

Playing on this board gets the "fresh air and exercise of an outdoor sport while enjoying the diversion of a scientific indoor game. It will be worth your while to go out and see this board, and if you care to play you are "as welcome as the flowers in May."

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