By Frisco Del Rosario


Redwood City Weekly News, November 8, 1989

Expert Romulo Fuentes won the Burlingame Chess Club championship held consecutive Thursdays Sept. 21-Oct. 26 with a 5.5-.5 score. The tournament has been named the Goodwin Open in honor of club director Wilfred Goodwin, who has directed the club for 28 years.

Scott Wilson directed the event; 66 players participated. Fuentes won $100, a trophy and the title of club champion for one year. Trophies and brilliancy prizes were awarded in each division.

A tournament book of 43 selected games with annotations and diagrams is available for $5 from Goodwin Open Tournament Book, 1605 Manaznita Ave., Belmont, CA 94002 (add $1 for handling).

1st: Romulo Fuentes
1st Expert: Robert Armes
2nd Expert: Vincent Stevens
1st A: Ignac Sperman
2nd A: Mark Drury
3rd A: Virgilio Fuentes
4th A: Scott Wilson
1st B: John Elward
2nd B: Wayne Hinkel
3rd B: Kenneth Habeeb
4th B: Victor Garcia
1st C: Tom Goldsworthy
2nd C: Rene Liebl
1st D/E/Unr: Ed Lorenas
2nd D/E/Unr: S. Duerden

Expert Robert Armes won the brilliancy prize in the expert section for this game.

Burlingame 1989
White: Robert Armes
Black: Charles Demaguila
Sicilian Defense

1.e4 c5
2.Nf3 d6
3.d4 cd
4.Nd4 Nf6
5.Nc3 g6
6.Be3 Bg7
7.f3 Nc6
8.Qd2 0-0
9.Bc4 Nd4
10.Bd4 Be6
11.Bb3 Qa5
12.0-0-0 Bb3
13.cb Rfd8
14.Kb1 Rd7 [1]
15.g4 Rad8
16.Qf2 b6 [2]
17.a3 e5 [3]
18.Be3 d5
19.Bg5 de
20.Rd7 Rd7
21.Bf6 Bf6
22.Ne4 Bg7
23.g5 [4] Rd3
24.Rc1 h5
25.gh Bh6
26.Rc8+ Kg7
27.Qh4 [5] g5
28.Ng5 Qd2
29.Ne6+ Kg6 [6]
30.Rg8+ Kh7 [7]
31.Rg18 Rd6
32.Qe4+ Resigns


1. Beginning a slow and transparent plan to play the freeing...d5. White can direct his play against that plan.
2. Black should have been tempted to sacrifice the a-pawn.
3. Black is trying not to have his bishop exchanged after his knight leaves f6, but turns it into a "bad" bishop.
4. White is threatening Nf6, and Black can't play ...Bf6 because of gf, Qh4-h6.
5. White threatens Rh8!
6. White cleans up after 29...fe 30.Qe7 Kg6 31.Rg8.
7. 30...Kf5 was suggested in the post-mortem, but 31.Ng7! wins - the prettiest line is 31...Kg6 32.Nh5 Kh7 (32...Kf5 33.Qg4#) 33.Nf6#. 31...Bg7 32.Qg4 Kf6 33.Qg7 also wins for White.
8. White finally takes care of Black's threat of ...Qd1, ...Qb3 and ...Rd1. Now White threatens Qe4 and a step-checkmate (32.Qe4 Kh8 33.Qe5 Kh7 34.Qf5 Kh8 35.Qf6 etc.). White also threatens 32.Nf8 followed by Qf6 mate. Black can only deal with one.


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