Dublin-Livermore-Pleasanton Herald & News by Richard Shorman

   Chess, Monday, January 12, 1970 (GM Walter Browne Exhibition Results)

   Chess, Monday, April 13, 1970 (USSR vs The Rest of the World Chess Match)

   Chess, Monday, June 15, 1970 (Livermore Open Tournament Results)

   Chess, Monday, July 27, 1970 (CCCA's USCF class Tournament Results, held at the San Jose Central YMCA)

   Chess, Monday, August 24, 1970 (Oakland Chess Club's 7th Annual CFNF Summer Tournament Results)

   Chess, Monday, September 14, 1970 (Robert Fischer wins Buenos Aires 1970)

   Chess, Monday, November 30, 1970 (Robert Fischer leads Interzonal)

   Chess, Monday, December 21, 1970 (Browne-Kurosaki, San Francisco City Championship)

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