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I used to play in CA and was the editor of Rank and File for a while in Southern Cal. My maiden name was Laura Becker. I got to know the Dorsches a bit and was privileged to visit Kolty in his apartment once. We chatted for the afternoon. That was when Fischer and Spassky were having their rematch about 12 years ago. I remember that he was commenting on the games as they progressed.

I knew that Kolty was scheduled to give the Knight's tour the next day. I had never seen it and this was supposed to be his last, although I doubt it was. I asked if I could have a square and he asked which I wanted. I boldly requested my favorite e4! :-) The next day I was in the audience and I wondered if he would forget, as it was said in passing as I left his home. Sure enough my name was on e4. It was a huge honor for me.

from Laura Sherman (writer and producer of the chess movie, IN THE OPEN)

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