Lasker's Chess Magazine

Volume 1, Number 3, January 1905

Chess News From Everywhere

San Francisco

At the annual meeting of the Mechanics' Institute Chess and Checker Club, San Francisco, California, the following board of officers was elected for 1905: President, W. B. Lovegrove; Vice-President, Dr. R. B. Griffith; Treasurer, Joseph Rosenthal; Secretary, Richard Ott. The club meets on Post Street. The championship of the club has just been won by Walter E. Nevill, this title carrying with it the championship of the Pacific Coast, it is stated. Mr. Nevill, who is a writer by profession, won by the good score of 12½ won, 3½ lost; Martin won 10; Spaulding, 8½; Jones, 8; Thompson, 6½; Colesworthy, 5½; Cleve, 5½.

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