Lasker's Chess Magazine

(Vol. 2 No. 6, October 1905)

Championship of Mechanics' Institute

The annual tournament for the championship of the Mechanics' Institute of San Francisco is being arranged for October and will be played in two rounds.

Following is a list of the champions of the Mechanics' Institute, San Francisco, Chess Club:

1894-1895, Dr. W. R. Lovegrove.
1895, George Thompson.
1896, (May), Walter S. Franklin.
1896 (October), Oscar Samuels.
1897, Oscar Samuels.
1898, Dr. W. R. Lovegrove.
1899, J. J. Dolan.
1901, Valentine Huber.
1902, Hobart K. Eels.
1903, Nathaniel J. Manson.
1904, Wallace E. Nevill.

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