Lasker's Chess Magazine

Vol. 6 No. 2, June 1907

Members of Los Angeles Chess Club

The first and third evenings of the month will be devoted by members of the Los Angeles Athletic club to chess. These chess evenings are planned to embrace every member of the club who cares to enter the puzzling game and will promote sociability and good fellowship. A gold club button will be given to the winner of each evening's play as a prize, and it is hoped in time to arrange a match of series of matches between the best men of the club, developed by this play.

Among those who are expected to take part and are regarded as top-notchers at the game are Dr. R. B.Griffith, J. E. Grant, A. K. Goodwin, Dr. Hedderley, E. L. Hedderley, Frank A. Garbutt, H. T. Rudisill, Frank Taylor, Mel Nordlinger, George S. Hupp, Ray Dunnigan, T. Staunton, P. M. Newhall, W. Chandler and Walter Fisher. - Los Angeles News.

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