The Award Winning
Black Bishop Hayward High School Chess Club

by Kerry Lawless

Union High School began as a one room school in 1893, which grew as Hayward grew. But, it wasn't by any means strange that chess didn't appear until 1931. For chess, like every other human endeavor, requires a catalyst. In this case, the catalyst appeared in the form of a very dedicated teacher, Mr. Carl Ekoos.

This article is not so much a history of the award-winning Black Bishop CC, but more of an exact account written by the students themselves; in their high school yearbooks and newspapers. I have also added outside sources whenever possible.

"Nine Rahs" Hayward Union HS Yearbook, June 1932:

Founded by five seniors a year ago, the Chess Club has now thirty-five members. Last year the team was defeated but once, and that was for the Alameda County championship.

The record this year has thrilled Mr. Carl Ekoos, advisor, and surprised the school. The club joined the Eastbay Chess League and went undefeated throughout the season, winning forty-six games and losing ten. On Friday, April 22, the team defeated the Polytechnic High team for San Francisco 6-1, and thereby brought the Northern California Chess championship home, and also the Roos Brother's cup.

Those who have represented Hayward's Chess Team are: Owen Lofthus, Warner Weitzel, Baldwin Lockerby, James Toney, Warner Wilcox, Gordon Hornall, Thomas McCune, Norman Stein, Glenn Vargas, Edwin Lockerby, and William Hovanitz.

Hay-press (Hayward Union HS), V8N2, Tuesday, September 19, 1933:


Last Wednesday Hayward High Chess Team played a practice game with University Hi and lost 4-3.

The invitation is still open to boys, good in all their subjects, to learn moves free of charge. There are several places open on the team.

"The Furrow" 1933 Hayward Union HS Yearbook:

For the second year our Chess Club has brought glory to Hayward High in again winning the Northern California championship.

This year Carl Ekoos, the club advisor, arranged a match with Polytechnic High of Los Angeles, the state champions for the past six years. The match was played by teletype, our team being stationed in Oakland.

During the season Hayward defeated twice the teams of Castlemont, McClymonds, Oakland High, Technical, and University of Oakland, and Polytechnic of San Francisco, which last match won the Northern California Championship.

Boys on Hayward's team were Harold Chisholm, Gordon Hornall, William Hovanitz, Baldwin Lockerby, Edwin Lockerby, Owen Lofthus, and John Washburn.

Hay-press (Hayward Union HS), V9N2, Friday, February 2, 1934:

Chess Team Victors In Second Contest

Adding a second victory to this term's record, Hayward Union High Chess team defeated the Oakland High Chess team by the overwhelming score of 7-0. The contest took place at Oakland High on Thursday, January 25, according to Mr. Carl Ekoos, coach of the Hayward team.

Coach Ekoos announces that he is greatly gratified by the brilliant playing displayed by the Hayward team and considers it is off to a flying start in the race for the 1934 championship. He reiterated his former expression of confidence in this year's team, but he does not plan to count on the championship won until it actually is.

Ekoos, in a statement to this newspaper's representative, said that the present team's full potentialities will be brought out in greater relief in coming matches with stronger competition than that of recent times.

Hay-press (Hayward Union HS), V9N6, Tuesday, March 13, 1934:

Chess Team Victors

Hayward High Chess team defeated an Oakland All-Star Chess team by a score of 3-2 at Hayward on Friday, March 2.

This victory over a picked team of Oakland's high schools, definitely asserted the superiority of the Farmers this year and backed up the winning of the Alameda County Chess Championship by Hayward, stated Mr. Carl Ekoos, advisor.

The Haywardians were defeated by a score of 2-5 on March 8, by Balboa High of San Francisco, but will meet them in a final game next Friday.

Hay-press (Hayward Union HS), V9N10, Wednesday, April 25, 1934:

Benefit Assembly For Chess Team

This morning at a pay assembly, students enjoyed a program given by the Pep Committee. Featured on the program were Eva Garcia, pianist, and Howard Milholland, impersonator and raconteur.

Miss Garcia and Mr. Milholland are two radio and concert artists.

Because Miss Garcia has made a study of Spanish music, she is able to interpret these unusual works with authority.

Ten years ago and for several years following, Mr. Milholland was the best known speaking voice in Western Radio. The demands of business later deprived the public of this voice, but now Mr. Milholland has deserted the executive desk to again bring to the public his artistry.

The benefits are to be used to send the Chess Team to Los Angeles.

Chess Review, V2N7, July, 1934:

Chess in California

Hayward Union High School won the Interscholastic Championship of California by defeating Los Angeles Sr. High 5-2. The full report follows:


Hayward Union High
Northern Calif. Champ.

Los Angeles Sr. High
Southern Calif. Champ.

G. Hornall, Capt. .... 0
S. Doughty ........... 1
I. Nieda ............. 1
F. Godfrey ........... 0
J. Girdner ........... 1
E. Lockerby .......... 1
Y. Shibata ........... 1
Total ...... 5

S. Naiditch, Capt. ... 1
G. Horiuchi .......... 0
F. Dickey ............ 0
R. Haussler .......... 1
P. Franken ........... 0M.
Hoffman .............. 0
M. Littlestone ....... 0
Total ...... 2

The match was played at the Los Angeles C. C.

Hay-press (Hayward Union HS), V9N11, Wednesday, November 28, 1934:


Last Thursday the Chess team played a practice match with Oakland High and won 4-1. The following boys scored points for Hayward: George Dutchler, Vernon Gabel, Dean Pittman, Howard Hatakeda and Matsuzaki Masakichi. Robert Chute is the alternate. Three veteran members of the team are Osamu Nieda, Ed Lockerby, and Yoshimi Shibata. These did not play last week.

Coach Ekoos is building up practically a new team. The need is for freshmen boys who are interested in chess. "If none come out, soon there will be no team left to carry on and hold up the honor of good old Hayward High, as it takes a year or two to make the team," says Mr. Ekoos.

Hay-press (The Farmers' Weekly), February 8, 1935:


On January 31, the Hayward Hi Chess team defeated Oakland Tec, 5½ games to 1½ games.

The members of the team were as follows: Co-captains, Ed Lockerby and Isamu Nieda; Harold Chisholm, Yoshimi Shibata, Dean Pitman, George Dutchler, Robert Fisher and Vernon Gabel. Lockerby is to be captain the first 5 games and Nieda the last five games.

The team is preparing for a busy season, says Coach Carl Ekoos.

Hay-press (The Farmers' Weekly), February 26, 1935:


Last Wednesday the Hayward High Chess team started a comeback by defeating Oakland High by a score of 7 to 0.

If they win their game with Berkeley High next week, they will be eligible to play for the state championship.

Captain Ed. Lockerby, Robert Fisher and Yoshimi Shibata have not lost a game so far this year.

HAY-PRESS (The Farmers' Weekly - Hayward Union HS), March 12, 1935:


The Oakland Tech. Chess team was defeated by the score of 7-0 in a chess match played at Hayward March 1.

This is the second match this year that Hayward has won 7-0. Coach Carl Ekoos says, "We have a chance at the Northern California Championship if we can bump Berkeley."

Hayward's next year varsity defeated the Elmhurst Junior High chess team 5-2. Captain Ted Trevonnon leading his team to victory.

Players were: Co-Captain Jim Hartley, V. Alves, R. Adams, R. Chute, B. Duncan and P. Phillips.

Co-Captain Jim Hartley having the toughest opponent of the day dropping a hard fought game and P. Phillips dropping his game also.

Coach Ekoos, with five freshmen for next years varsity says, "We have a good chance to take the Northern California Championship again."

Hay-press (The Farmers' Weekly - Hayward Union HS), March 19, 1935:


Having defeated the Berkeley High School chess team last Friday by a score of 5 to 2, the Hayward team is now in the running again and with some improvement have a chance to win the Alameda county championship.

Berkeley in defeating us last month was the first Alameda county team to do so in four years.

A Berkeley win over the Hayward chess team would have given them the Alameda county championship. Now Hayward and Berkeley are tied for first place, with each team having 3 more matches to play. If the teams are tied at the end of the schedule, a playoff will be necessary. The match Friday started a little after 3 o'clock and it was 6:30 o'clock before a decision was reached.

The defeat was quite a blow to the Berkeley players, and the Hayward players must improve greatly to defeat them again.

The Hayward players were: Captain Isamu Nieda, Ed Lockerby, Yoshimi Shibata, Robert Fisher, Dean Pittman, Vernon Gabel and George Dutchler.

Honorable mention must go to Yoshimi Shibata and Robert Fisher, who have not lost a game this season.

H.U.H.S. HAY-PRESS (Hayward Union HS), April 26, 1935:

Farmer Chessmen Lose Title Game

For the first time in four years Hayward High school's chess team on Thursday, April 11, lost a Northern California championship tournament. The Farmer players were defeated 5 to 2 by the best team ever turned out by Balboa High school, San Francisco.

Yet, the Balboans were forced to work for their victory. Three weeks before Hayward and Balboa tied their tournament, and a playoff was necessary. The score then was 3½ to 3½ games each.

The defeat ended the Farmer hopes for a state championship this year.

The Hayward team won the state championship last year by defeating a Los Angeles school, which will play Balboa for the title. In last year's game Balboa played a better game than the Los Angeles team.

Previously this year the Hayward boys defeated ten teams in the East Bay area, to win the county title. Had they beat Balboa, Hayward would have been eligible to play for the state championship.

Members of the team include: Isamu Nieda and Edward Lockerby, co-captains; Robert Fisher, Yoshima Shibata, Dean Pittman, George Dutchler, Vernon Gabel, Howard Hatakeda, Masakichi Matsuzcki and Robert Chute.

Black and Gold (Hayward Union HS) Yearbook 1935-1936:

Chess Club members are: Murphy, Phillips, Williams, La Point, Hiatt, Duncan, Dye, Pittman, Miller, D. Thorup, Hill, Swedenberg, Blair, Milton, Anderson, Clemens, Fisher, Reisenberg, Chute, Gabel, Gilfillan, Griffith, and De Jong. Sponsor is Mr. Ekoos.

Hayward Union High HAY-PRESS, V11N13, February 19, 1937:


The Hayward High Chess Team has been very successful in recent years by winning large numbers of trophies. They are off to another victorious year by winning all games so far that they have played.

The team members are Bob Chute, Captain, Merrill LaPoint, Buddy Blair, Bill Griffith, Donald Hiatt, Lloyd Duncan, and Bill Reisenburg.

Captain Chute stated that he believes that this year's team records because to date the local team is tops in the league.


The Hayward high chess team defeat Oakland high to lead the A.C.A.L. standing 5½-1½.

The line up for Hayward was: Merrill LaPoint, Bob Chute, Lawrence Blair, Bill Griffith, Donald Hiatt, Bill Riesenberg and Lloyd Duncan.

Hayward "Black Bishops" will play Fremont High School next week in Oakland.

Coach Ekoos said that a different line up will be used against Oakland.

Black and Gold (Hayward Union HS) Yearbook 1936-1937:

Chess Club

Members: George Meyers, Lloyd Duncan, James Johnston, Merrill La Point, Donald Heath, Richard Watters, Billy De Jong, Robert Clemens, Melvin Anderson, Bill Griffith, Robert Chute, Lawrence Blair, Kenneth Fisher, Clifford Frager, and Robert Gilfillan. Sponsored by Mr. Ekoos.

Farmers HAY-PRESS (Hayward Union High School), V2N16, Wednesday, February 16, 1938:

Chess Team Defeats Fremont High Easily

The Hayward Farmers defeated the Fremont Chess team last Wednesday by a score of 6½ to ½. This was the first game played by the Farmers recently and shows they are up to their old standard.

Team members who played their respective boards are: Don Hiatt, Lawrence Blair, Bill Griffith, Lloyd Duncan, Joe Kauffman, Fred Hill, Melvin Anderson.

Scheduled for today is a game with Oakland high school, here, and all interested are invited to attend.

There will be ten rounds of play this year and the competition will be double because Berkeley and Alameda have been added after a year's absence. Both have strong teams and their matches promise to be very exciting.

Farmers HAY-PRESS (Hayward Union High School), V2N18, Wednesday, March 2, 1938:

Chess Team in Easy Victory

Though the Berkeley chess team struggled valiantly to uphold the honor of their school, Hayward came through with a smashing victory, the score being 5½ to 1½. This is the third game the chess team has played and proves definitely that we have a very strong team this year.

Berkeley is one of the new teams just added to the league and with a little more practice will be a serious threat to our championship.

The boards were played as follows: Don Hiatt, Lawrence Blair, Bob Griffin, Merrill LaPoint, who just returned to the team; Lloyd Duncan; Bill Reisenberg, another just returned, and Joe Kauffman.

Farmers HAY-PRESS (Hayward Union High School), V2N20, Wednesday, March 16, 1938:

Chess Title Threatened By Berkeley High

Climaxing the first round of the county play-off, Hayward was again victorious when playing against University High School chess team, the score being 5-2.

The boys are working hard to regain the chess title and to uphold the record of past years. As the score now stands, Hayward has five wins and no losses, but Mr. Carl Ekoos, coach for the team, warned us that Berkeley has improved very much in the last few games and is a serious threat to our title.

Don Hiatt played to a draw, Lawrence Blair won his game, Bill Griffith lost his match, Merrill LaPoint played to a draw, and Lloyd Duncan, George Meyers and Melvin Anders all won their games. The game was played Friday.

Next week we play Fremont and it promises to be a very exciting game.

Farmers HAY-PRESS (Hayward Union High School), V2N28, Friday, May 20, 1938:

Black Bishops Defeat Commerce Complete First Round in Play-Off

Completing their first round of play for the Northern California Championship, Hayward again was victorious, defeating Commerce High School, 6½ to ½. Commerce High has had twenty consecutive wins and this is the first time they have been defeated. If Hayward wins the next game, they will have three legs on the State Cup and will need only one more year to claim ownership.

The boys have played fine chess this year and the students of Hayward should realize the work these students put into the sport. Each year they have to go into training all over again and acquaint themselves with new plays and technique; and if you think that's easy, try it yourself.

Thanks again, boys for a swell team and here's to your success next year. The winning team Friday was comprised by Don Hiatt, Bud Blair, Bill Griffith, Merrill La Point, Joe Kauffman, Fred Hill and Lloyd Duncan.

Farmers HAY-PRESS (Hayward Union High School), V2N30, Wednesday, June 1, 1938:

Chess Team - We Salute You

For two years the chess team that we now have in our school has been studying and striving to learn all they possibly can about the various plays. Not only do they study while attending school, but they have their assignments during the summer months and work on it then. After completing their two years of study, they enter what is called try-out tournaments. From these tournaments Mr. Carl Ekoos, the coach, learns whether or not the student has gained enough information to be granted permission to play on the team.

So, you see, the chess team is no easy thing to get a membership in for not only must they complete those assignments, but they must receive all A's and B's to be considered eligible.

So a salute to Mr. Ekoos and all the boys who work so hard to keep Hayward on the map. For not only are they known about here but all around the state of California.

Black and Gold (Hayward Union High School) Yearbook 1937-1938:

Chess Club members are: Merrill LaPoint, Fred Hill, Jack Bebbington, Kenneth Fisher, Melvin Anderson, Kenneth Heffner, Norman Peterson, Harris P. Jones, Alec Lelis, Lloyd Duncan, John MacDonald, Don Hiatt, James Johnston, Bill DeJong, Bill Griffith, Lawrence Blair, Joe Kauffman, Bill Riesenberg, and sponsor Mr. Ekoos.

The HAYPRESS (Hayward Union High School), V5N10, Wednesday, March 19, 1941:

"Black Bishops" In Victory Over Oakland, 5 To 1

Richard Crane, Albert George, Bill Olsen, Elliot Ingraham, Harold Spracklen, and Keith Kenyon led their team to another victory when they defeated Oakland High last week. This particular game proved to be great competition to the extent that the Hayward High Black Bishops almost lost their game oblivious of the score of 5½ to 1½. It was only in the last part of the game that the team pulled out of its near defeat.

The team, dominated by lower classmen, is gradually progressing successfully toward the goal they have set for themselves. They want to win the state championship title again. If they do, it will be the fifth time, but first come the county and Northern California championships.

The HAYPRESS (Hayward Union High School), V8N4, Wednesday, December 15, 1943:

Black Bishops Win Again

Last Friday, December 3, the Black Bishop Chess Club of Hayward High School played the chess club at the California State School for the Blind. The Black Bishops emerged victorious, scoring 6½ to ½. This was the first match of the season.

Last Thursday, December 9, the Black Bishops played the San Leandro chess team. The score was 7 to 0 in favor of Hayward's team, made up of the following boys: Keith Kenyon first board; Richard Dimmic, second; Carlyle Thorpe, third; Dan Nelson, fourth; Jack Smith, captain, fifth; Milan Matkovich, sixth, and Dick Warren, seventh board. In the second game Joe Nedham was added to the team.

The HAYPRESS (Hayward Union High School), V10N2, Wednesday, October 24, 1945:

Chess Club Seeks 8th Championship

With the return of five lettermen this year, the Black Bishop Chess Club is gunning for its eighth Northern California championship.

Leading their team into league competition will be co-captains Dan Neilson and Joe Nedham, with Melvin George, Don Nelson, Eugene Shinn and Claude Gorden completing the team.

Qualifying tournaments are now in progress to determine the ratings of the players for their first game with the U. C. Freshmen November 5.

Chess interest among freshmen was shown when five new students entered the club last week.

The HAYPRESS (Hayward Union High School), V10N4, Wednesday, December 5, 1945:

Black Bishops To Wage New Battle

Beginning their fifteenth consecutive undefeated year, the Black Bishop Chess Club will play the State Blind School at 3 p.m. on December 3, at Hayward High.

San Leandro will be next on the Black Bishop's list with the tough Alameda High club following them. Alameda defeated both San Leandro and the State Blind School and will be trying to win its first county championship in 15 years.

The starting lineup for next Monday's game with the State Blind School was chosen as follows: Dan Neilson, Joe Nedham, Melvin George, Eugene Shinn, Francis Papara and Bill Seaver.

The HAYPRESS (Hayward Union High School), V10N5, Monday, January 14, 1946:

Ekoos Announces Resignation As Chess Coach After Fifteen Years of Victories

Climaxing a brilliant fifteen year career which found his teams top year after year, Mr. Carl Ekoos announced his resignation as chess coach Friday.

Taking over his coaching duties will be Mr. Thornton of the orientation department.

Because of other pressing school duties, Mr. Ekoos has found it impossible to give his full attention to coaching the chess club.

In the past fifteen years, Mr. Ekoos has turned out fourteen Alameda County Championship teams. Among these teams, six held the Northern California Championship and two won the California State Championship.

Mr. Thornton will have to work hard to beat, the record piled up by previous teams coached by Mr. Ekoos, but with the aid of a veteran team he should get a good start this year.

The HAYPRESS (Hayward Union High School), V10N6, Wednesday, January 30, 1946:

Chess Champions Victorious Again

Playing his last game of his high school career, Co-Captain Dan Neilson led the Black Bishop Chess Team to a decisive victory over San Leandro by a score of 7-0.

Other players winning games were Co-Captain Joe Nedham, Melvin George, Don Nelson, Eugene Shinn, Bill Seaver, and Pete Mays. This marks the first match won under the coaching of Mr. Thornton, who took over when Mr. Ekoos resigned.

The first Hayward victory was chalked up by Eugene Shinn who overcame his opponent in sixteen moves. The best game was played by Don Nelson, who won after a bitter two-hour struggle.

With San Leandro now out of the way, the Black Bishops have only to defeat Alameda High before obtaining their fifteenth Alameda County Championship. The Alameda verses Hayward game will be played during January or February and should be a very close match as both teams have come through undefeated this year.

The HAYPRESS (Hayward Union High School), V10N9, Wednesday, March 13, 1946:

Black Bishops Compete Soon

Competing for their fifteenth consecutive Alameda County League championship, the Black Bishop Chess Club of Hayward High will meet Alameda High at 3 p.m. today at Alameda.

This will be the first championship match for Hayward's new chess coach, Mr. Thornton, who expects to win by a score of at least 4½ to 2½. Mr. Thornton is pinning his prediction on four seasoned veterans: Captain Joe Nedham, 1st board; Melvin George, 2nd board; Don Nelson, 3rd board; and Eugene Shinn, 4th board. The last three postitions will be filled by Claude Gorden, Bill Seaver, and Pete Mays, all playing in their first championship game.

Another match, against a private club, will be held this Saturday in San Francisco but will not count in the league standings. The club consists of graduates from S. F. schools and has defeated every high school in the bay area.

The HAYPRESS (Hayward Union High School), V10N11, Wednesday, April 10, 1946:

Black Bishops Bow To Alameda Hi 4-3 Still Have Chance to Capture 15th Pennant

Undefeated in county competition for the last ten years, the Black Bishops chess team of Hayward High finally dropped a close match to Alameda by a score of 4 to 3 last Wednesday at Alameda High School.

Although this loss of one game does not mean the forfeiture of the pennant, the team will have to bear down if it intends to win its fifteened consecutive Alameda County championship this year.

The only players garnering points for Hayward were: Captain Joe Nedham and Bill Seaver drawing; Don Nelson and Claude Gorden winning.

Prior to this match Alameda had defeated Oakland and San Leandro, but had drawn with the State Blind School at Berkeley, while the Black Bishops had defeated all of these teams rather easily and were rated the favorites. A rematch has been planned for May 9, and this time the Black Bishops hope to redeem themselves and cop their fifteenth championship.

The HAYPRESS (Hayward Union High School), V11N7, Thursday, January 16, 1947:

Hayward Chessmen Beginning Schedule

Chess Club members are practicing for their first match of 1947 with San Leandro High School Monday in the Chess Room.

Hayward has proved itself highly superior to all competition and has been undefeated for 15 years largely due to the great amount of help given the players by their coach, Mr. Carl. Ekoos. Mr. Ekoos, however, will not be with the group this year as he has formally resigned. He will be succeeded by W. K. Kilgore, mathematics instructor.

The HAYPRESS (Hayward Union High School), V11N13, Thursday, May 1, 1947:

Black Bishop Chess Club Wins Match, 7-0

Winning by a score of 7-0, Hayward's Black Bishop Chess Club, under the supervision of Mr. William Kilgore, competed with the Disinherited Knight Chess Club of Stanford, on April 19.

During the year the first team has played five matches and one dual match. High point men on the team are: Jack Gonsalves, who won 7 games out of 7; Paul Lynch, 6 out of 6; Jim Willows, 6 out of 6; Don Abbott, 6 out of 7; Melvin George, 4½ out of 5; Bill Seaver, 4 out of 5; Marshall Woods, 4 out of 5; and Tom Robb, 3 out of 5.

California Chess News, V1N4, April, 1948:

Black Bishop Chess Club News - Hayward, Calif. by Jim Willows and Jack Gonzales

We have just completed play in the Alameda County Chess League, which we won with a score of 10-0. Other highlights of our season were non-league matches with the San Quention prison team, San Jose State College, Lincoln High School, San Jose and Sequois High School, Redwood City, all of which we won. We would like to play any high school team that wishes to play us. To do so write, William Kilgore, c/o Hayward High School, Hayward, Calif.

The HAYPRESS (Hayward Union High School), V15N8, Thursday, November 16, 1950:

Bishops to Challenge Alameda Club Today

Slated to meet Alameda High School's chess club this afternoon at Alameda are Hayward's Black Bishop champions.

First opponents to match wits with the Haywardites were representatives from the California School of the Blind. Hayward emerged victorious in this bout on November 6.

Team members for this year are: Allen Wolverton, captain; Anthony Massa, Keith Rogers, Don Tambini, Harold Almond, Frank Kendall, Eddie Kreins, Norman Wellbaum, alternate.

Game schedule for the season is: Hayward at Alameda, November 16; Oakland Tech at Hayward, January 11; Hayward at San Leandro, December 14; Berkeley at Hayward, January 11; Hayward at Oakland, January 18.

Recent acquisition of the team is a set of 63 books presented by Mrs. Swanner J. Hines, a resident of Hayward. Advisor Bill Kilgore states that "The books will be kept in the class room and used as reference material by the team members."

The HAYPRESS (Hayward Union High School), V15N19, Thursday, April 12, 1951:

Black Bishop Chessmen Crowned Champions

Winning the last two league games, Hayward's Black Bishop Chess Club was crowned the champ of Alameda County.

The last game, on April 5, was played at Berkeley. At the first board was Anthony Massa of Hayward and Nielen Hultgren, whose game was not finished.

Allen Wolverton of Hayward on the second board beat Jan Tarski. On the third board Don Tambini of Hayward won over Alfred Woulf. Harold Almond of Hayward beat Khere Ritter. At the fifth board Frank Kendall of Hayward lost to Matej Benes. Norman Wellbaum of Hayward lost to Richard Arnold on the sixth board. Keith Rogers of Hayward beat Rudolph Stohler on the seventh and last board.

The team also won their games played against the California School for the Blind at Berkeley on April 3 with a score of 5-2 games. The Black Bishops have held the championship since 1932, and this year Berkeley took second place in the league.

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