Mechanics' Institute Chess Club Newsletter #362 

In both basketball and chess the middle must be controlled. In our sport, it's the three second paint"defensively we want to control that by keeping the ball out of the middle and offensively we want to control it by making sure that we get the ball into the middle. I have never won a chess game"or have not won very many times--when I didn't control the middle of the board.
Indiana Pacers Coach Jim O'Brien
From an interview with David Friedman ( )
The Mechanics' will be holding the 7th Annual Howard Donnelly Memorial G/45 this Saturday. Round 1 starts at 10am.
1) Mechanics' Institute Chess Club News
2) Duncan Oxley (1960-2007) by Michael Aigner
3) Labor Day Wrapup
4) Adult Chess is Alive and Well in Berkeley by Marc Newman
5) Fabiano Caruana shines in Trieste
6) Here and There
7) Upcoming Events
1) Mechanics' Institute Chess Club News
Berkeley Expert Larry Snyder has been on a roll in the Ben Gross Memorial Tuesday Night Marathon. In round three Larry defeated the event's number two seed SM Craig Mar and he followed this up with a victory the next round over IM Ricardo DeGuzman. This was a magic moment for Larry in a career extending five decades. After a fifth round bye he now is tied for first with NM Sam Shankland.
Members of the Fresno Chess Club will be making a special visit to the Mechanics' on Saturday, September 29.
The MI is 2-1 after three rounds of the US Chess League, defeating Carolina 3-1 and drawing with Dallas and New York 2-2. The Mechanics' star this year, like last, has been GM-elect Vinay Bhat. Undefeated in his USCL career, Vinay dodged a bullet last night, defeating Hikaru Nakamura in an eventful game which saw our guy come out of the opening in good shape, then get outplayed and end up in a Q+R+B ending a pawn down and with only one minute (plus the 30 second increment) to Hikaru's 70. Some quick play by the former US Champion resulted in a serious oversight and the tables were quickly turned. David Pruess suffered a similar swing against IM Jay Bonin of New York when he neglected to play a4 to stop ...b5 changing a tremendous position into a loss. 12-year-old Greg Young likes to play quickly and it showed in his game with Matthew Herman where White's position was promising for much of the game until a 40 minute time disadvantage came into play. IMs Vincent McCambridge and Irina Krush used a lot of time in the early middlegame and both sides had their chances, but Irina played very well to equalize the match for New York.

San Francisco vs New York 2-2

1. IM Vinay Bhat (SF) vs GM Hikaru Nakamura (NY)   1-0
2. IM Irina Krush (NY) vs IM Vince McCambridge (SF)  1-0
3. IM David Pruess (SF) vs IM Jay Bonin (NY)  0-1
4. Matt Herman (NY) vs Gregory Young (SF)  0-1
Bhat,V (2465) - Nakamura,H (2742) [A43]
USCL San Francisco vs New York Internet Chess Club (3), 10.09.2007

1.d4 Nf6 2.Nf3 c5 3.d5 b5 4.Bg5 Qa5+ 5.c3 Ne4 6.Bh4 b4 7.c4 b3+ 8.Nbd2 bxa2 9.Qb3 Na6 10.Rxa2 Qb4 11.Qc2 Nxd2 12.Nxd2 d6 13.Ra4 Qb6 14.Qc3 f6 15.e4 g6 16.f4 Bg7 17.Be2 0-0 18.0-0 f5 19.e5 Re8 20.Bf3 Rb8 21.b3 Nb4 22.Re1 e6 23.Raa1 Bb7 24.dxe6 dxe5 25.fxe5 Rxe6 26.Bxb7 Qxb7 27.Nf3 Nc6 28.Bf2 Qe7 29.Rad1 Nxe5 30.Nxe5 Rxe5 31.Rxe5 Bxe5 32.Qe3 Bd6 33.Qd3 Rd8 34.Qd5+ Kg7 35.Qf3 a6 36.Rd5 Qc7 37.Qc3+ Kf7 38.g3 Re8 39.Qa1 Qc6 40.Qa5 Rc8 41.Qd2 Be7 42.Rd7 Ke8 43.Rd5 Kf7 44.Rd7 Rb8 45.Qd3 Rb7 46.Rd5 a5 47.Qf3 Qb6 48.g4 Qxb3 49.Rd3 Qxc4 50.gxf5 Rb1+ 51.Kg2 g5 52.f6 Bxf6 53.Qf5 Rb2 54.Rd7+ Kg8 55.Qxh7+ Kf8 56.Qf5 Rxf2+ 57.Kxf2 Qf4+ 58.Qxf4 gxf4 59.Kf3 Bc3 60.Kxf4 Bb4 61.Ke4 c4 62.Rc7 c3 63.Kd3 Kg8 64.h4 Kh8 65.h5 Bd6 66.Ra7 a4 67.Rxa4 Kh7 68.Ra7+ Kg8 69.Kxc3 Bf8 70.Kd3 Bg7 71.Ke4 Kh7 72.Kf5 Kh6 73.Rb7 Bc3 74.Rb6+ Kh7 75.Rd6 Bb2 76.Rc6 Bd4 77.Ke4 Bg7 78.Kf5 Bd4 79.Kf4 1-0

Krush,I (2512) - McCambridge,V (2502) [A40]
USCL San Francisco vs New York Internet Chess Club (3), 10.09.2007

1.d4 e6 2.c4 b6 3.e4 Bb7 4.Bd3 Nc6 5.Ne2 Nb4 6.Nbc3 Nxd3+ 7.Qxd3 Ne7 8.Bg5 h6 9.Bh4 d6 10.0-0-0 Qd7 11.Kb1 g5 12.Bg3 Bg7 13.f3 f5 14.d5 fxe4 15.fxe4 0-0 16.h4 exd5 17.cxd5 gxh4 18.Bxh4 Ng6 19.Be1 Qg4 20.Bd2 Ne5 21.Qg3 Kh7 22.Rh4 Qxg3 23.Nxg3 Rf2 24.Nf5 Nc4 25.Bc1 Na3+ 26.Ka1 Nc2+ 27.Kb1 Na3+ 28.bxa3 Bxc3 29.Nxh6 Kg6 30.Rg4+ Kf6 31.Bg5+ Ke5 32.Rg3 Rb2+ 33.Kc1 Kxe4 34.Re3# 1-0

Pruess,D (2448) - Bonin,J (2360) [B32]
USCL San Francisco vs New York Internet Chess Club (3), 10.09.2007

1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.d4 cxd4 4.Nxd4 e5 5.Nb5 d6 6.N1c3 a6 7.Na3 Be6 8.Nc4 Rc8 9.Be3 Nd4 10.Bxd4 Bxc4 11.Bxc4 Rxc4 12.Be3 Be7 13.Qd3 Rc6 14.0-0 h6 15.Nd5 Nf6 16.c4 0-0 17.f3 Nxd5 18.Qxd5 Bg5 19.Bf2 Qe7 20.Rad1 Rfc8 21.b3 h5 22.Rd3 h4 23.h3 Bf4 24.Rfd1 b5 25.cxb5 axb5 26.Qxb5 Rc2 27.Rxd6 Rxf2 28.Rc6 Rxc6 29.Qxc6 Be3 30.Qc8+ Kh7 31.Kh2 Qg5 32.Qg4 Rxa2 33.Rb1 Qf4+ 34.Kh1 Qxg4 35.hxg4 Kh6 36.Kh2 Kg5 37.Kh3 Kf4 38.b4 g5 39.b5 Bb6 40.Kh2 h3 41.Kxh3 Ra8 42.g3+ Kxf3 43.Rf1+ Bf2

Herman,M (2171) - Young,G (2127) [B37]
San Francisco vs New York (3) 2007

1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.d4 cxd4 4.Nxd4 g6 5.c4 Bg7 6.Nc2 Nf6 7.Nc3 d6 8.Be2 Be6 9.Be3 Nd7 10.Qd2 a5 11.0-0 0-0 12.Rac1 Nc5 13.f3 a4 14.Rfd1 Qa5 15.Kh1 Rfd8 16.Bf1 Rac8 17.Na3 Qb4 18.Qf2 Na5 19.Bd4 Bxd4 20.Rxd4 Nc6 21.Rd2 f6 22.h3 Kg7 23.f4 Qb6 24.Re1 Ra8 25.Nd5 Qa5 26.Nb5 Rd7 27.Nbc3 Rf8 28.Re3 Rg8 29.h4 Bf7 30.Nb5 Nb4 31.e5 fxe5 32.fxe5 Rf8 33.Rf3 Nxd5 34.Rxd5 Ne4 35.Qd4 Bxd5 36.cxd5 Rxf3 37.gxf3 Ng3+ 38.Kg2 Nf5 39.Qf4 Qe1 40.e6 Rd8 41.Qxa4 Ne3+ 0-1

Dallas, comprised of chess scholarship students from the University of Texas at Dallas, looks to have a strong team this year, and were leading this match 2-1 until Vinay tied things up. His won a special prize for Best Game of the Week for his efforts. GM Patrick Wolff looked very good after a long layoff but rust and fatigue plus good resistance by his opponent, Serbian IM Boskovic, led to some time pressure and a winning position fizzled into a draw
Dallas Destiny             

San Francisco Mechanics
IM Drasko Boskovic: 2532
GM Patrick Wolff: 2623
IM John Bartholomew: 2476 0.0
IM Vinay Bhat: 2465
IM Jacek Stopa: 2414 1.0
IM David Pruess: 2452
WFM Bayaraa Zorigt: 2196 0.5
Gregory Young: 2043
Avg Rating: 2405

Avg Rating: 2396
Dallas Total -------
------- San Francisco Total
Boskovic,D (2520) - Wolff,P (2623) [B52]
USCL Dallas vs San Francisco Internet Chess Club (2), 05.09.2007

1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 d6 3.Bb5+ Bd7 4.Bxd7+ Nxd7 5.0-0 Ngf6 6.Qe2 e6 7.c4 Be7 8.Nc3 0-0 9.d4 cxd4 10.Nxd4 Rc8 11.b3 a6 12.Bb2 Qa5 13.Rac1 Bd8 14.Kh1 Bb6 15.Rfd1 Rfd8 16.f4 Ba7 17.f5 Bxd4 18.Rxd4 exf5 19.exf5 Qxf5 20.Nd5 Re8 21.Ne7+ Rxe7 22.Qxe7 Re8 23.Qxd6 Qc2 24.Rf1 Qxb2 25.Rd2 Qc3 26.h3 Nc5 27.Qd4 Qa5 28.Rf5 Nfe4 29.Re5 Rf8 30.Rd1 Qxa2 31.Rxe4 Nxe4 32.Qxe4 Qxb3 33.Rb1 Qc3 34.Rxb7 g6 35.Ra7 Qf6 36.c5 Kg7 37.c6 Rd8 38.Rd7 Rxd7 39.cxd7 Qd6 40.Qe8

Bhat,V (2465) - Bartholomew,J (2488) [B01]
USCL Dallas vs San Francisco Internet Chess Club (2), 05.09.2007

1.e4 d5 2.exd5 Qxd5 3.Nc3 Qa5 4.d4 c6 5.Nf3 Nf6 6.Bc4 Bf5 7.Bd2 e6 8.Nd5 Qd8 9.Nxf6+ Qxf6 10.Qe2 Bg4 11.0-0-0 Nd7 12.d5 Bxf3 13.gxf3 cxd5 14.Bxd5 0-0-0 15.Be4 Qe5 16.Bc3 Qc7 17.Kb1 f6 18.Rhg1 Nc5 19.Rxd8+ Kxd8 20.Bd4 Bd6 21.Bxc5 Bxc5 22.Qc4 Kc8 23.b4 Bd6 24.Qxc7+ Bxc7 25.Rxg7 f5 26.Bd3 Bxh2 27.Bc4 Be5 28.Bxe6+ Kb8 29.Rf7 f4 30.Rf5 Bd6 31.a3 h5 32.Rd5 Bc7 33.Kb2 Re8 34.Rxh5 a5 35.Bc4 axb4 36.axb4 Re5 37.Rh8+ Ka7 38.Rh7 Bd6 39.c3 Re7 40.Rh5 Re5 41.Rh7 Re7 42.Rh5 Re5 43.Rh6 Bc7 44.Bd3 Rd5 45.Be4 Rd7 46.c4 Rd4 47.Bd5 Rd2+ 48.Kb3 Rd1 49.Rh7 Kb8 50.Rh8+ Ka7 51.Rh7 Kb8 52.Be4 Rd8 53.c5 Kc8 54.Bf5+ Kb8 55.Be4 Kc8 56.Kc4 Rf8 57.Bd5 Rd8 58.Be6+ Kb8 59.Bd5 Kc8 60.b5 b6 61.Rh6 bxc5 62.b6 Bd6 63.Bc6 Be5 64.Rh7 Rh8 65.Rf7 Bd6 66.Bb7+ Kb8 67.Bd5 Kc8 68.Be6+ Kb8 69.Kd5 Rd8 70.Kc6 Be5 71.Rb7+ Ka8 72.Ra7+ Kb8 73.Kb5 c4 74.Bd7 c3 75.Bc6 Kc8 76.Be4 Rf8 77.Ra8+ Bb8 78.Ra3 Be5 79.Kc6 Rf6+ 80.Kd5 Bd6 81.Rxc3+ Kb7 82.Rc6

Stopa,J (2433) - Pruess,D (2448) [B34]
USCL Dallas vs San Francisco Internet Chess Club (2), 05.09.2007

1.Nc3 c5 2.Nf3 g6 3.e4 Bg7 4.d4 cxd4 5.Nxd4 Nc6 6.Nb3 Nf6 7.Be2 0-0 8.0-0 b6 9.Bg5 Bb7 10.f4 d6 11.Bf3 Na5 12.Nxa5 bxa5 13.Kh1 Qb6 14.Rb1 Rfc8 15.e5 dxe5 16.fxe5 Rd8 17.Qe2 Nd7 18.Nd5 Bxd5 19.Bxd5 Nxe5 20.Bxa8 Rxa8 21.Bxe7 Qe6 22.Bc5 Qxa2 23.Qe4 Rc8 24.Bxa7 Qc4 25.Qe3 Qxc2 26.Rbc1 1-0

Young,G (2127) - Zorigt,B (2207) [B77]
USCL Dallas vs San Francisco Internet Chess Club (2), 05.09.2007

1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 d6 3.d4 cxd4 4.Nxd4 Nf6 5.Nc3 g6 6.Be3 Bg7 7.f3 0-0 8.Qd2 Nc6 9.Bc4 Bd7 10.Bb3 Rc8 11.0-0-0 Nxd4 12.Bxd4 b5 13.h4 a5 14.a4 bxa4 15.Nxa4 Bxa4 16.Bxa4 Rc4 17.Bb3 Rxd4 18.Qxd4 Nd7 19.Qc4 Qb8 20.h5 Nc5 21.hxg6 hxg6 22.e5 Bxe5 23.Rd5 Bg7 24.Re1 e6 25.Rxc5 dxc5 26.f4 Rd8 27.c3 Qb7 28.Re2 Bh6 29.Bc2 Qe7 30.g3 Qd6 31.Kb1 Bg7 32.g4 Qd5 33.Qxd5 exd5 34.f5 g5 35.Bd3 Kf8 36.Re1 d4 37.c4 Bf6 38.Kc2 Rb8 39.Ra1 Bd8 40.Be4 Bc7 41.f6 Rb6 42.Rxa5 Rxb2+ 43.Kxb2 Bxa5 44.Kb3 Bd8 45.Ka4 Bxf6 46.Kb5 Be7 47.Bf5 Kg7 48.Kc6 Kf6 49.Kd5 Bf8 50.Be4 Kg7 51.Bf5 Be7 52.Kc6 Bf8 53.Kd5 Be7 54.Kc6 Kf6 55.Kd5 Bf8 56.Be4 Bg7 57.Bf5 Bf8 58.Be4 Be7 59.Bf5 Kg7 60.Kc6 Kg8 61.Kc7 Kf8 62.Kd7 Bf6 63.Kd6 Be7+ 64.Kd7 1/2-1/2

2) Duncan Oxley (1960-2007) by Michael Aigner

Duncan Oxley of Marina, CA passed away on Sunday, September 2.  He will be remembered as an active chess lover, in recent years as a correspondence player and as an active ICC administrator and tournament director.  He founded the Marina Chess Club as a means of providing a chess scene in the Monterey area. In the past year, Duncan also spent much time moderating the new USCF Forums and will be honored in the October issue of Chess Life as Volunteer of the
Month.  Everything that Duncan did was to promote chess worldwide.  He will be missed around the globe.

Duncan was very passionate about building chess at the Marina Library. 
Donations can be made to:

Friends of Marina Library
PO Box 493
Marina, California 93933

3) Labor Day Wrapup
IM Josh Friedel won the Northern California State Championship held September 1-3 at the Holiday Inn on Van Ness in San Francisco with a score of 5 from 6, defeating IMs Vladimir Mezentsev and Ricardo DeGuzman while drawing NM Sam Shankland and IM Walter Shipman. Tying for second at 4.5 were Mezentsev and Shankland. The latter had a nice tournament and included visiting Arizona Master Robby Adamson among his victims. IM DeGuzman and Gregory Young shared 4th with four points apiece. 12-year-old Young made a big leap toward gaining his Master title by defeating IM Shipman and NMs Yap and Shankland, losing only in the last round to IM Friedel. Special mention should be made of the fine result of Eric Schiller, who scored 3.5 in his first event since suffering a stroke over a year ago. The team of Organizer Richard Koepcke and Tournament Directors Thomas Langland and John McCumiskey were rightly pleased with the 179 players turnout with the Bay Bridge down for the weekend.
The 129th New York State Championship, held in Colonie, a suburb of Albany, from August 31 to September 3 ended in a tie for first between GMs Alexander Ivanov and Ildar Ibragimov with 5-1. There was a six way tie for third place with 4½-1½ between GM Hikaru Nakamura, GM Leonid Yudasin, GM Joel Benjamin, GM Sergey Kudrin, IM Jay Bonin and expert Ben Dean-Kawamura ( drew Yudasin and Kudrin the last day) with Nakamura awarded the NY State Championship title on tiebreaks. 185 players competed in the four sections directed by Steve Immitt and organized by Bill and Brenda Goichberg for the Continental Chess Association.The New York State championship is the longest running annual tournament in the U.S., and possibly the world, having started in 1878 and been held almost every year since then. Among the list of New York State Champions is Jose Capablanca (1910).

FM Alex Betaneli,  NMs Ashish Vaja and Alex Chua and WIM Natlia Ortiz tied for first at 7.5 from 10 in the 26th Annual North American Open held September August 31-September 3 in Stillwater, Oklahoma. Jim and Frank Berry organized and directed the 94 player event.

The 73rd Southwest Open was held at the very bottom of Texas in Brownsville and dominated by players from the University of Texas at Dallas and University of Texas at Brownsville. Sharing top honors at 5.5 from 7 were IMs Axel Bachmann, Salvijus Bercys, Alfonso Almeida, Daniel Fernandez and untitled  Tautvydas Vedrickas.

IM Igor Foygel and FM Branden Bournival tied for first at 4.5 from 5 in the 67th New England Open held over Labor Day weekend in Manchester, New Hampshire..

IMs Timonthy Taylor and Enrico Sevillano and NM John Bryant tied for first at 5-1 in the Southern California Open held September 1-3 at the LAX Hilton.  

GM Varuzhan Akobian won the ACA US Open held Sep 1-3 at  the Oasis Resort Casino in Mesquite, Nevada with a 12-0 score.

4) Adult Chess is Alive and Well in Berkeley by Marc Newman

I'm happy to report that the first night of the new Berkeley Chess Club went very well.  We have 29 players signed up for our first Sunday night marathonand expect that number to push into the 30s next week.  Half-point byes are still available for anyone who missed week one so we'd like to encourage anyone reading this to come next Sunday.  The introductory price for the six-week tournament is just $6 and there are $350 in cash prizes.

On Sunday night, as will be the case most weeks, Richard Shorman gave a pre-game lecture and stayed to analyze games.  The skittles room proved very popular too with lots of casual games and post-game analysis.  We were pleased to see IM David Pruess, who dropped in and played a few blitz games.

High A players Steven Krasnov and Farid Watson lead a bunch of players at 1.0 after one round.  Peter Sherwood is directing, with David Petty as assistant TD.

Here is the main web page for the BCC.  Crosstable, pairings for next round, and games will be posted this week.

5) Fabiano Caruana shines in Trieste

15-year-old Italian-American Fabiano Cabiano turned in another excellent performance in taking third in the 9th International Chess Festival of Trieste held September 1-9. Fabiano's score of 6.5 from 9 was good for a 2585 FIDE performance. Presently rated 2549, with 45 points plus Trieste in his pocket, he will be close to 2600 on the October FIDE rating list.
1 GM  Tiviakov Sergei    NED  7
2 GM  Baklan Vladimir    UKR  7
3 IM  Caruana Fabiano    ITA  6½
4 IM  Hendriks Willy     NED  6
5 IM  Borisek Jure       SLO  6
6 GM  Bagaturov Giorgi   GEO  6
7 WIM Stock Lara         CRO  5½
8 GM  Pavasovic Dusko    SLO  5½
9 GM  Tratar Marko       SLO  5½
10 GM  Komarov Dimitri    UKR  5½
Caruana, F. (2549) - Stock, L. (2297)
Trieste (
4) 2007

1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bb5 Nf6 4.d3 Bc5 5.c3 0-0 6.0-0 d6 7.Bg5 Qe7 8.Nbd2 h6 9.Bh4 Bd7 10.Re1 a6 11.Ba4 Ba7 12.Nf1 Rfe8 13.Ne3 Bxe3 14.Rxe3 Rad8 15.h3 Kh8 16.Re1 Kg8 17.Bc2 g5 18.Nxg5 hxg5 19.Bxg5 Kh8 20.Qf3 Kg7 21.Re3 Rg8 22.Qg3 Kf8 23.Rf3 Rg6 24.d4 Kg7 25.Rxf6 Rxf6 26.d5 Nd4 27.Bxf6+ Kxf6 28.Qh4+ 1-0
6) Here and There
GM Anatoly Lein and WIM Esther Epstein will lead a group of American participants in the World Senior Championship that starts September 17 in Gmunden, Austria. Among the US delegation is the well-known chess personality Jude Acers of New Orleans.
Oregon NM Carl Haessler scored 5.5 from 10 to share 38th place in the Dato Tan Malaysia Open 2007 won by Li Chao of China.

New York IM Yury Lapshun tied for third at 7.5 from 10 in a 485 player, two section Swiss, won by GM Friso Nijboer in Sants, Spain.

FM Eric Schiller writes: " Please mention the Hip Hop Chess Event in SF Oct 13 (,
and chess at the Half Moon Bay pumpkin festival on Oct. 13/14.
Also, though details not ready yet, you can mention the Hawaii Internationals are planned to resume  in June 2008, right after National Open in Las Vegas. GM norms should be available."
Sevan Muradian, an organizer of "norm" tournaments in Chicago, USA, is on the lookout for two non-USA players, preferably about 2300 Elo in strength for an IM norm tournament (Oct 28-Nov 3).  If you are interested, please contact Sevan at

6th North American FIDE Invitational Oct 28 - Nov 3, 2007

Current players confirmed:

IM Angelo Young - PHI - 2382

IM David Vigorito - USA - 2393

IM Mark Ginsburg - USA - 2372

FM Mehmed Pasalic - GER - 2405

FM Albert Chow - USA - 2213

FM Florin Felecan - USA - 2377

FM Ray Robson - USA - 2347

7) Upcoming Events

Sept. 29-30   CALCHESS MASTERS   GPP: 40   California Northern

4SS, 30/90, G/1 Mechanics Institute, 57 Post Street, San Francisco. $$ G: 2,200. $700-500-300-200, U2300 $300-200. Open to all players over 2200, over 2000 having once had a rating over 2200, or under 21 and over 2000. EF: $50 postmarked by 9/24, $60 on site, GMs free. USCF and CalChess membership required, CalChess waived if living outside of Northern California. RDS.: 10:00-3:30, 10:00-3:30. One 1/2 point bye allowed for any round (bye in rounds 3 or 4 must be requested before rd. 1 starts). Bring clocks, equipment provided. INFO: Richard Koepcke 650-964-2640. Ent: CalChess, P.O. Box 1432, Mountain View, CA 94042. No phone entries. FIDE Rated.

A Classic Event!
Oct. 6   California Classic Championship 18  California, Northern

4SS G/60. 3003 Scott Blvd., Santa Clara, CA 95054. EF: $39, Juniors $35. $16 more after 10/2, $2 Cal Chess Discount, $4 discount if combined with 11/10 Classic. $850 b/36: Open 200-100 U2000 50, Reserve: 200-100 U1600 50, U1400 50, U1200 50, U1000 50. Reg: Sat 9:00-9:30 AM, Rds: 10:00-12:00, lunch, 12:30-2:30 PM, 2:40-4:40 PM, 4:55-6:55 PM. Ent: Salman Azhar, 1551 Garvey Pl. San Jose, CA 95132. Payable to Salman Azhar or paypal to Info: NS NC W

A Classic Event!
Nov. 10   California Classic Championship 20  California, Northern
4SS G/60. 3003 Scott Blvd., Santa Clara, CA 95054. EF: $39, Juniors $35. $16 more after 11/6, $2 Cal Chess Discount, $4 discount if combined with 10/6 Classic. $850 b/36: Open 200-100 U2000 50, Reserve: 200-100 U1600 50, U1400 50, U1200 50, U1000 50. Reg: Sat 9:00-9:30 AM, Rds: 10:00-12:00, lunch, 12:30-2:30 PM, 2:40-4:40 PM, 4:55-6:55 PM. Ent: Salman Azhar, 1551 Garvey Pl. San Jose, CA 95132. Payable to Salman Azhar or paypal to Info: NS NC W
Heritage Event!
An American Classic!
  GPP: 200 Enhanced   Nevada
6SS, 40/2, 20/1, SD/30. Sands Regency Hotel/Casino, 345 N. Arlington Ave., Reno, NV 89501. 1-800-648-3553 or (775) 348-2200. $$ 46,000 b/450, Gtd. $$ 29,850: $4,000-2,500-1,500-1,200-1,000-900-800-700-600-500 in Open Section plus 1/2 of all other prizes. 7 Sections: OPEN: EF: GMs & IMs free, Masters $123, (2000-2199)-$201, (1999-below)-$301. $$ Prizes 1-10 listed above, (2400-2499) $1,000, (2300-2399) $1,000-600-400, (2299-below) $1,000-600-400. If a tie for first overall then two (G/10) playoff for $100 from prize fund. (Note: GM/IM w/free entry not eligible for class prizes 2499 and below, may elect to pay entry fee and become eligible). EXPERT: (2000-2199) EF: $122. $$ 2,000-1,000-500-400-300-200-200-(under 2100)-$600. ”A” Sec. (1800-1999): EF: $121, $$ 1,800-900-500-400-300-200-200-200-200-200. ”B” Sec. (1600-1799): EF: $120, $$ 1,600-800-500-400-300-200-200-200-200-200. “C” Sec. (1400-1599): EF: $119, $$ 1,400-700- 500-400-300-200-200-100-100-100. “D” Sec. (1200-1399): EF: $118, $$ 1,200-600-500-400-300-200-200-100-100-100. ”E” Sec. (1199-below): EF: $60 (“E” Sect. entries count as 1/2 paid player toward prize fund), $$ 600-400-300-200-200-100-100-100-100-100. (Unrated Players) EF: Free + must join USCF or increase membership for one additional year thru this tournament ($49 adults, $25 juniors). Prizes: Top unrated in “D” & “E” sections wins one yr. USCF membership plus trophy. Note: Adult unrated will be put in “D” Sect., Junior unrated in “E”, unless requested to play up. Seniors additional prizes (65/over): $$ 400-200-100. (Srs. not eligible: provisionally rated, unrated, & masters); Club Championship: $$ 1,000-500-300-200 decided by total score of 10 (and only 10) players from one club or area (not eligible " GMs, IMs, “E”Sec., or unrated). Trophies to top three (A-E Sections). ALL: EF: $11 more if postmarked after 9/22 and $22 more if postmarked after 10/6 or at site. Do not mail after 10/6 or email after 10/9. $20 off EF to Sr. 65/over and Jrs. 19/under. Players may play up. Unrated players not eligible for cash prizes except Open 1-10. Provisionally rated players may win up to 50% of first place money except Open Section 1-10. CCA ratings may be used. Note pairings not changed for color alteration unless three in a row or a plus three and if the unlikely situation occurs three colors in a row may be assigned. Reg.: (10/11) 5-9 pm, (10/12) 8:30-10 am. Rds.: 12-7, 10-6, 9:30-4. Byes available any round (two byes max.) if requested before first round. SIDE EVENTS: Wed. (10/10) 7 pm clock simul, [40/2, G/1] (including an analysis of YOUR game on the next day [Thursday] at 2 pm!), either GM Larry Evans or IM John Donaldson (early entries may request exhibitor, later entries may be assigned), $30 (a great value!). Thursday (10/11) 6-7:30 pm, GM Larry Evans lecture- Free, 7:30 pm, Simul (only $15!) GM Walter Browne, 7:30 pm, Blitz (5 min.)Tourney ($15). Sat. 10/13 (3-4:30 pm), GM Larry Evans Clinic (Game/Position Analysis)- Free. Sun. (10/14) Quick Tourney (G/25), 5 rd. Swiss ($15) [12 (Noon)-5pm] 80% of entries returned as prizes. ENT: Make checks payable and send to: SANDS REGENCY (address above) HR: $39! (Sun-Thurs) & $59 (Fri-Sat) + 13.5% tax. (mention CHE1011 & by 9/29 to guarantee room rates.) INFO: Jerry Weikel, (775) 747-1405, or website: (also go here to verify entry). FIDE .W

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