Mechanics' Institute Chess Club Newsletter #459

Another very crucial aspect is the ability to develop an individualistic approach for every pupil. Group work is nice, but trainers need to devote some specific time to each pupil. This demands more energy, but individual training is more useful for each student. Trainers are generally lazy about it, analyzing the games of the students with just the computer. This is the greatest sin because the pupil might not be able to improve without his hands making the moves. There is a similar thing in tennis, where if you develop a hand, you have a greater tendency to make the right move, as if intuitively.
Grandmaster Adrian Mikhalchishin
1) Mechanics' Institute Chess Club News
2) Christiansen wins US Senior Open
3) China leads in Womens World Team Championship
4) Here and There
5) Upcoming Events
1) Mechanics' Institute Chess Club News
Last night the Mechanics' entry in the US Chess League turned in one of its best ever results defeating the defending two-time league champions the Dallas Destiny.
The match started strangely with two games ending in less than hour. Chess is a fascinating game but also a cruel one - witness two very strong players losing quickly in known ways.
What was once a four game match was now down to two with the score knotted. The Mechanics' struck first blood with 12-year-old Master Yian Liou defeating his Dallas rival, 14-year-old Adarsh Jayikumar in what was unbeknownst to both players a theoretical duel. The two youngsters followed theory for over twenty moves until White went wrong with the decentralizing moves 24.Nb3?! and 25.Qb6?. The latter was strongly met by 25...Ne6 when Adarsh was left with no reasonable moves.
Dallas third board Salvjius Bercys was tasked with equalizing the match against the US Chess League's all time best percentage scorer ( 15 from 18 before last night) IM soon to be GM Sam Shankland. The latter is gifted with a preponderance of fast twitch muscle fiber and seems to feel right at home with the League's time control. It's not uncommon for Sam to be ahead of his opponent by 20-30 minutes when the game reaches its critical phase and that is exactly what happened last night. Bercys was down to three minutes by move 30. He kept his head above water for a longtime before finally blundering with  43...Bf5??
This was a good win against a strong team but there is no time to celebrate. Next week we meet our friends and rivals from Miami who are off to a great start this season and lead the division.
San Francisco 3  Dallas 1

1. GM Josh Friedel (SF) vs IM Marko Zivanic (DAL)  1-0
2. IM Daniel Ludwig (DAL) vs GM Jesse Kraai (SF)  1-0
3. IM Sam Shankland (SF) vs IM Salvijus Bercys (DAL)  1-0
4. Adarsh Jayakumar (DAL) vs NM Yian Liou (SF)  0-1


Friedel,Josh (2612) - Zivanic,Marko (2551) [B48]
USCL San Francisco vs Dallas 2009

2009 MVP Standings
GM Julio Becerra (MIA) 9.0
GM Eugene Perelshteyn (BOS)
FM Bruci Lopez (MIA)
FM Robby Adamson (ARZ)
GM Joel Benjamin (NJ)
FM Andrei Zaremba (QNS)
GM Larry Christiansen (BOS)
GM Alex Shabalov (TEN)
IM Dean Ippolito (NJ)
NM Yian Liou (SF) 4.0
NM Russell Wong has recovered from a first round draw to reel off five consecutive wins and leads the Max Wilkerson Memorial Tuesday Night Marathon. Top seed NM Andy Lee is half a point back of Wong with 5 points with three rounds to go.
Mechanics' member GM Vinay Bhat may remember the recently concluded Category 15 ( 2615 average) Montreal International as three events in one. The lowest rated in the field at 2473 Vinay, started with one point from his first four games but then scored four from five in the middle stretch before losing his last to finish on 5 points but with a performance rating of 2619 and the scalps of Sergei Tiviakov and former US Champion Yury Shulman.

Final standings:
1. GM Naiditsch (GER, 2697) - 7½ /11
2. GM Bacrot (FRA, 2721) - 7
3. GM Maze (FRA, 2546) - 6½,
4-5. GMs Kovalyov (ARG, 2572) andTiviakov (NED, 2697) - 6
6. GM Bluvshtein (CAN, 2558) - 5½
7-9. GMs Akobian (USA, 2626), Bhat (USA, 2473) and Onischuk (USA, 2699) - 5
10-11. GMs Shulman (USA, 2626) and Moiseenko (UKR, 2682) - 4½
12 IM Roussel-Roozmon (CAN, 2487) - 3½

George Sanguinetti reports: Wednesday Night Blitz Winners for the Week of 09/02/2009 are:  1st-2nd : Romy Fuentes and Jules Jelinek   8/ 12  3rd : Yefim Bukh 7.5

The Ken Whyld Chess Association will hold its annual meeting at the Mechanics' Institute from October 9 to 11. Among the featured speakers will be GM Ian Rogers. More on this event in future Newsletters.


2) Christiansen wins US Senior Open
Native Californian Larry Christiansen won the 2009 US Senior Open with 5.5 from 6, drawing only with fellow GM Larry Kaufman. Kaufman, who yielded one other draw to MI member IM Walter Shipman, was second with 5. Christiansen won a spot in the 2010 US Championship for his victory while Kaufman, who defeated GM Boris Gulko, will be the official US representative in the 2010 World Senior. Frank and Jim Berry put on a true chess festival hosting several other concurrent events.
Bradford,J - Christiansen,L [A81]
Senior Open (5),
1.Nf3 f5 2.g3 Nf6 3.Bg2 d6 4.d4 e6 5.0–0 Be7 6.b3 0–0 7.Bb2 a5 8.a4 Na6 9.Nbd2 c6 10.Ne1 Bd7 11.e3 Be8 12.Nd3 Bh5 13.f3 Nd5 14.Re1 Bg5 15.Nf4 Bf7 16.Nc4 Nxf4 17.exf4 Be7 18.Bf1 Nb4 19.Qd2 Qc7 20.Ne3 Bf6 21.c3 Nd5 22.Bd3 Nxe3 23.Qxe3 Rfe8 24.c4 c5 25.Rad1 Rad8 26.Qf2 cxd4 27.Bxd4 Bxd4 28.Qxd4 e5 29.Qf2 g6 30.fxe5 dxe5 31.Bc2 b6 32.Qe3 Kg7 33.Kf2 f4 34.Qc3 Qc5+ 35.Kf1 Rd4 36.gxf4 Rxf4 37.Re4 Rf5 38.Qe3 Qe7 39.Kg2 Qf6 40.Re1 Rd8 41.Re2 h5 42.Re1 Rd4 43.Rd1 Rxd1 44.Bxd1 Be8 45.c5 Bc6 46.Rc4 b5 47.axb5 Bxb5 48.Re4 Bc6 49.Rc4 Bd5 50.Ra4 e4 51.Qd4 exf3+ 52.Kf2 Re5 53.Qf4 Qe7 54.Qd4 Kh7 55.Qd2  0–1
3) China leads in Womens World Team Championship
Host China leads the Womens World Team Championship with 11 ( from a possible) 16 points with one round to play and faces the last place team, Vietnam in the final match.. Four teams ( Russia, Ukraine, Poland and Armenia) are one point back. The US team, captained by Michael Khodarkovsky and coached by GM Gregory Kaidanov,  is performing above rating expectation and while the team has only 6 match points it  is only minus one (15.5-16.5) on game points showing it has been quite competitive. Their surprise weapon this event has been the play of 18 year old newcomer Alisa Melekhina ( 2220 FIDE)  who has scored 3.5  from 5 for a performance of 2500. The performance of the US Women the past five years ( 2nd in the 2004 Chess Olympiad, 4th in 2006 and 3rd in 2008) is light years away from the results  of the 1970s and 80s.
The improved performance can be attributed to several factors. While it is certainly true the  immigration of several players has certainly helped (the latest arrival is WGM Sabine-Francesa Foisor) the US is now starting to produce strong players of its own (Melikhina and newly minted master and fellow teen Abby Marshall are two examples). The financial support of the Kasparov Chess Foundation both through coaching ( 2003-2004) and funding Olympiad teams ( 2004-2008) and money provided by the USCF both for Olympiads and the World Team this year have been critical. Unfortunately the support of the latter is in jeopardy. Executive Director Bill Hall reported to the USCF membership this August that the Federation spent over $400,000 in legal fees, primarily dealing with ongoing litigation with former Executive Board Members Susan Polgar and Paul Truong. The Federation is anticipating $500,000 in additional legal expenses should the litigation with Polgar and Truong see a court room. All of this places the participation of the US entry to the World Team Championship, scheduled for January in Turkey, in jeopardy. Executive Director Hall is currently looking for potential sponsors who can reach him at .
4) Here and There
IM Ricardo DeGuzman won the Labor Day weekend tournament at the Holiday Inn on Van Ness in San Francisco with a 6-0 score. NM Steven Ziek was second at 4.5 followed by NMs Andy Lee and Jimmy Heiserman at 4. 154 players competed in the multi section event organized and directed by Richard Koepcke and John McCumiskey.
Robert Hess had a successful trip to Europe last month. He tied for fifth in Zurich ( seed 28) scoring 6.5 from 9 including 1.5 from 4 versus 2650 plus GMs. Just before this event he had 5.5 from 9 in a Swiss in Kavala, Greece. He ran out of steam at the end losing his last two games but defeated GM Humpy ( 2623) earlier in the event.
FM Erik Kislik ( 2334), formerly of San Jose but now residing in Budapest, is off to a good start in the GM section ( average 2435)  of the September First Saturday event with 3 from 5.
5) Upcoming Events

Mechanics' Institute
Northern California

Sept. 12-13   4th Ursula Foster Memorial Open

5 round swiss. TIME CONTROLS: rds 1-3 g/90 rds 4-5 G/2. SITE: Doctors Medical Center (cafeteria), 1441 Florida Ave., Modesto, CA 95352. PRIZE FUND 70% returned in prizes 1st 50% plus plaque 2nd 20% and 1st U 1700 30%. ENTRY FEE: $30.00 if rec'd by Sept 8th, $35.00 at site. REGISTRATION: 9 am-9.45. ROUNDS: Sept 12th 10am, 1:30, 4:45 Sun Sept 13th 10am 2:15. Byes up to two if requested before round 2. ADVANCE ENTRY: Please, write checks to Don Tiffin, 128 Palm Ave., Modesto, CA 95350. Phone (209 524-2901). E-Mail WCL JGP.

Sept. 26-27   1st Annual Exchange Bank Open   GPP: 6   California Northern

Exchange Bank, 444 Aviation Blvd., Santa Rosa, CA 95403. 4 round Swiss, G/120. In 3 Sections Open: $$GTD: $250-175. Reserve: Open to 1899 & under. $$GTD: $200-125. Booster: Open to 1499 & under. $$GTD: $150-100. Unr. must play in Open Section. ALL: EF: $35 advance until 9/21, $45 at site. Reg.: 09/26 8:30am - 9:30am. Rds.: Sat 10, 3; Sun 10, 3. ENT: Paul Stagnoli, 4233 Kintyre Road, Santa Rosa, CA 95409 (707) 539-6368. INFO: No phone or e-mail entries. Bring equipment, none provided. No cell phones allowed. NS NC W. WCL JGP.


Jan. 15-18, 16-18 or 17-18   Golden State Open   GPP: 200 Enhanced   California Northern

7SS, 40/2, SD/1 (3-day option rds. 1-2 G/75, 2-day option rds. 1-4 G/35, no 2-day Open Section.) Under 900 Section plays separate 2-day schedule Jan 17-18 only, G/35. At Concord Hilton Hotel, 1970 Diamond Blvd., Concord, CA 94520 (I-680 Willow Pass Rd exit). Free shuttle between hotel and Concord BART station. Free parking. $$60,000 based on 450 paid entries (re-entries & U900 Section count as 1/3 entries), minimum guarantee $40,000 (2/3 each prize). Open, open to all. $$4000-2200-1300-1000-800-700-600-500-400-400, clear or tiebreak winner $300, top U2400 $2000-1000. FIDE. Under 2200: $3000-1500-800-700-600-500-400-300-200-200. Under 2000: $3000-1500-800-700- 600-500-400-300-200-200. Under 1800: $3000-1500-800-700-600-500-400-300-200-200. Under 1600: $2500-1300-700-600-500-400-300-300-200-200. Under 1400: $2000-1000-700-500-400- 300-200-200. Under 1200: $2000-1000-700-500-400-300-200-200. Under 900: $800-400-200-150-100-80-70. Prize limits: 1) Unrated (0-3 lifetime games rated) may enter any section, with maximum prize U900 $200, U1200 $400, U1400 $600, U1600 $900, U1800 $1200, U2000 $1500. 2) Players with under 26 lifetime games rated may not win over $400 in U900, $800 in U1200 or $1200 in U1400. 3) If more than 30 points above section maximum on any list 1/09-12/09, prize limit $1000. 4) Balance of any limited prize goes to next player(s) in line. Top 7 sections EF: 4-day $174, 3-day $173, 2-day $172 mailed by 1/7, all $175 online at by 1/12, $180 phoned to 406-896-2038 by 1/12 (entry only, no questions), $200 at site. GMs free; $150 deducted from prize. Under 900 Section EF: $52 mailed by 1/7, $55 online at by 1/12 (entry only, no questions), $60 phoned to 406-896-2038 by 1/12, $70 at site. All: Special 1 yr USCF dues with Chess Life if paid with entry: online at $30; mailed, phoned or paid at site $40. Re-entry (except Master) $60. Mailed EF $5 less to rated CalChess members. 4-day schedule: Reg. ends Fri 6:15 pm, rds. Fri 7 pm, Sat 11 & 6, Sun 11 & 6, Mon 10 & 4:30. 3-day schedule: Reg. Sat to 10:15 am, rds Sat 11, 2:30 & 6, Sun 11 & 6, Mon 10 & 4:30. 2-day schedule: Reg Sun to 9:15 am, rds Sun 10-12-2-4-6, Sun 10-4:30, not available for Open Section. Under 900 schedule: Reg. Sun to 9:15 am, rds. Sun. 10-12-2-4, Mon. 10-12-2. Byes: OK all; Open must commit before rd 2, others before rd 4; limit 3 byes in Open. Unofficial ratings based on 4 or more games usually used if otherwise unrated. Foreign player ratings: See HR: $99-99-109, 925-827-2000, reserve by 1/1 or rate may increase. Car rental: Avis, 800-331-1600, use AWD #D657633. Questions:, 845-496-9658. Ent: Continental Chess, c/o Goichberg, Box 661776, Arcadia, CA 91066. $15 service charge for withdrawals. Advance entries posted at WCL JGP.

 Oct 31-Nov1 Adults Only Open (17 and older only) 4SSx30/90 G/60 at BayAreaChess Center,

4423 Fortran Ct, Ste 160, San Jose, CA 95134.

Rounds: Both days 11am-4pm. Free lunch – donations welcome.

EF: $49 bef 9/19, $57 bef 9/29. $65 onsite. Prizes: $1,000 based on 38 paid entries.

2 sections. Open (1800+): $200-100-50 (u2000: 100-50)

Reserve (u1800): $150-100-50 (u1600: 100, u1400: 50, u1200: 50)

ENT: BayAreaChess, 4423 Fortran Ct, Ste 160, San Jose, CA 95134.

More info Info. & Orientation Email: NS NC W.

Oct 31-Nov1 Fall Open 4SSx30/90 G/60 at BayAreaChess Center,

4423 Fortran Ct, Ste 160, San Jose, CA 95134.

Rounds: Both days 11am-4pm. Free lunch – donations welcome.

EF: $55 bef 10/17. $63 bef 10/27. $71 onsite. Prizes: $2,002 based on 66 paid entries.

2 sections. Open (over 1800): $300-200-100-60-60 (u2000: 150-100-55-55) –

Reserve (u1800): $200-150-101-60 (u1600: 100-55, u1400: 100-55, u1200: 100-55)

ENT: BayAreaChess, 4423 Fortran Ct, Ste 160, San Jose, CA 95134.

More info Info. & Orientation Email: NS NC W.

A State Championship Event!

Nov. 27-29 or 28-29, GPP: 40 California Northern

CalChess Annual State Championship 2009 6SS 40/2, SD/1 (2-day

option, rounds 1-3 G/60). Hotel: Hyatt Regency Santa Clara, 5101 Great

America Parkway, Santa Clara, CA 95054. Free parking. Prizes: $8,010

based on 166 paid entries. 7 sections. Master/Open (FIDE rated): $1000-

500-300-200, (u2300 $201-101) - EXPERT: $500-200-100-100 (u2100: 201-

101) -- A: $500-200-100-100 (u1900: 201-101) -- B: $500-200-100-100

(u1700: 201-101) -- C: $500-200-100-100 (u1500: 201-101) -- D: $300-200-

100-100 (u1200: 201-100). Unrated may enter any section but prize limit of

$200 in all u2000 sections; balance goes to next player(s) in line. EF: $85 3-

day, $79 2-day mailed or online by 11/13. Add $15 for 11/14-11/25, add $25

onsite, add $19 for play-up, and subtract $45 for BayAreaChess Pass. GMs &

IMs free before 11/7 (entry feed deducted from prize). Re-entry $39. TD may

assign ratings. 3-day schedule: Reg.: Fri 10-10:30a, Fri/Sat 11a 5:15p, Sun

10a, 4:15p. 2-day sched: Reg.: Sa 9-9:30a, Sat 10, 12:15, 2:30, 5:15p. Sun

10am, 3:15pm. Tel 408-786-5515. Byes must commit before rd 3. Max 2 byes.

Hotel $99 BayAreaChess rate, 800-233-1234. reserve by 11/13 or rate may

increase. Ent: BayAreaChess, 4423 Fortran Ct., Ste. 160, San Jose, CA

95134. $20 service charge for refunds. Questions:, Info & Entries: More

info: NS NC W. WCL JGP

Southern California

September 12
San Luis Obispo County Championship
4-SS, G/60, Pimo Dunes Travel Trailer Park Clubhouse, 200 S. Dolliver St., Pismo Beach, CA 93449.
2 Sections: Open and Reserve (U1500/Unr).
Prizes: 80% of paid entries returned.
Reg: 8:45 – 9:30 Saturday at tournament site.
Rds: 10 a.m., 12:30 p.m., 3:00 p.m., 5:15 p.m.
EF: $40 Open, $30 Reserve – paid in advance by September 10. One $5 discount to SCCF,
S.L.O.CC, or Cal Chess members. All $10 more at site. Cash only at on-site registration.
INF: Barbara McCaleb, 805-540-0747,, Mark Keller, 805-481-6366,
Ent: Payable to San Luis Obispo Chess Club, c/o Barbara McCaleb, 234 Via La Paz, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401.
State Championship Qualifier.

September 12-13
Eclectic Collections
(Sponsored by: Eclectic Collections
6-SS, G/60; Los Angeles Chess Club, 11514 Santa Monica Blvd, LA, CA 90025, 2nd floor (4 blocks W. of 405).
$$$ 1,500 Guaranteed! In two sections:
Open: $400-200-50, U2200: $125, U2000: $125.
Reserve (U1800) $$200-100, U1600 $125, Under 1400/unrated $100, U1200 $75.
EF: $55 if received by 9/10; $60 at the door ($40 LACC members if received by 9/10; $45 at the door; $30 new LACC members). $6 off SCCF members.
Re-entry $25.
Up to 2 half-point byes available.
Reg: 11:00 - 11:45 a.m.
Rds: 12:00, 2:00, 4:00 each day.
1-day option I: Play 3 games- no 1/2 pt byes- Pay 1/2 EF. 1-day option II: Play 3 games- three 1/2 pt byes- pay full EF.
Free Parking lots on the SW corner of Santa Monica & Purdue - 1 block, or in the building basement ($3).
Inf: (310) 795-5710 or Web site:
Ent: LACC - P.O. Box 251774, Los Angeles, CA 90025.
GP: 10.
State Championship Qualifier.