Mechanics' Institute Chess Club Newsletter #502

Of course a great player like that has no weak spots. What a player like that does have are absolutely strong spots, so you surely don't want him to utilize his strengths, because then your chances decrease to zero. It's not surprising - chess being as complicated as it is - that Fischer had the greatest problems with positions, which were unclear in an un thematic way. When in effect everything just depended on accurate calculation. In those kinds of positions, he is still better than me of course, but the difference is not that great anymore, because it's just extremely difficult for both of us. The chance that he will make an error increases, whereas in a thematic or technical position he will just play perfectly from beginning to end and your chances of surviving are zero.

Edmar Mednis writing about playing Bobby Fischer

1) Mechanics' Institute Chess Club News
2) 2010 US Chess League
3) A Chess Poem by Dennis Fritzinger
4) Here and There
5) Bay Area Chess offering jobs
6) Upcoming Events
1) Mechanics' Institute Chess Club News
IM Elliott Winslow, who was a guest instructor at the Mechanics' summer chess camp this past July, suffered a heart attack Monday night but we are very glad to report that it was a minor one and he is now doing quite well.
The Peter Grey Tuesday Night Marathon, named after M.I. stalwart Peter Grey who started playing in the TNMs when they first were held in the early 1970s and has continued going strong for close to forty years, began last night with sixty players. Top seeded are NMs Peter Zavadsky, Romy Fuentes and Russell Wong. It's still possible to enter the nine round event with a half point bye for the first game.
Sam Harnett has written an article about the Mechanics' and chess in San Francisco. Read about it at .
Newsletter #501 reported that Irvine would be the eighth modern US Open held in California but as FM Dennis Waterman points out it will actually be the ninth. Ventura 1971 was missing from the list presented.
We wrote about the high level play of 95-year-old Erik Karklins of Chicago in Newsletter #501 . FM Eric Schiller writes that Edward Lasker was still playing very strong blitz at the Marshall Chess Club at the age of 95, not long before his passing.
A hardy round of congratulations go to Mechanics' members IM Sam Shankland and NM Yian Liou who respectively won the US Junior Closed and tied for first in the US Cadet Championship this past July. Sam had a dreadful start, losing his first two games but ended up tied with GM Ray Robson and SM Parker Zhao with scores of 6-3. Sam then beat Parker and Ray in the playoff to take the title. Yian didn't have as wild a ride in the Cadet open to players under 16. He was always near the leaders and finished tied for first with NM Michael Yang of Minnesota with an undefeated 5-2.
Another MI member, SM Steven Zierk, who made an even score in his US Junior Closed debut, just won the Arnold Denker Tournament of High School Champions with a score of 5.5 from 6 in Irvine, California.
Michael Lin and Erika Malykin tied for first in the MI Scholastic Championship held July 10th with scores of 4-0. Lin won the playoff.

The July 7 MI Wednesday Blitz saw the following top scores: 1. Fuentes 8/9 2. Ismakov 7.5 3. Gray 5.5 4. Kleiman 5 5-6. Sandberg and Russell 4.5 . On July 28th the results were: 1. Ismakov 5/6; 2-4. Jelinek, Fuentes and Lopez 4.
IM Ricardo DeGuzman won the 10th Annual Charles Bagby G/45 on July 17 with a score of 4.5/5, drawing only with NM Evan Sandberg. DeGuzman defeated newcomer NM Munci Inonu in the last round to take the top prize. Those tying for second at 4-1 in the 38-player event were Munci, Sandberg, Dmitry Vayntrub and James Kwok.
This Saturday the Mechanics' will host the 10th Annual Vladimir Pafnutieff G/45.
2) 2010 US Chess League
The US Chess League will have three new teams this season with Los Angeles replacing Tennessee, Saint Louis and a second team from New England.
The Mechanics' will lose two of their greatest performers in GM Vinay Bhat and IM Sam Shankland who will be attending Brandeis this fall and playing for the second New England team.
16-year-old SM Steven Zierk will be making his debut for the Mechanics' who will feature more balanced lineups than in season's past.
Current Ratings
1. GM Patrick Wolff 2623
2. GM Josh Friedel 2575
3. GM Jesse Kraai 2551
4. FM Daniel Naroditsky 2453
5. FM Steven Zierk 2425
6. IM Dmitry Zilberstein 2421
7. IM David Pruess 2411
8. FM Andy Lee 2324
9. NM Yian Liou.2297
3) A Chess Poem by Dennis Fritzinger
i watched bobby fischer on tv

i watched
bobby fischer
on tv
in a beach house
with both doors
and all the windows
wide open
to the sounds of surf
and to the night

i watched
as he played over
paul morphy's
game at the opera
with the duke of brunswick
and count isouard

the kitchen light illuminated
the makings of a taco
coke waited in the fridge
to release its bubbles

as bobby made the moves
i sat totally engrossed
when i was in vietnam
i'd sent money to buy
"my 60 memorable games"
back to the world

cokes cost a dime apiece
and were never cold
the fan turned lazily
in the ceiling
geckos shouted from the walls

bobby in blue fuzz
sacked his queen and then
triumphantly mated
i asked myself what i'd done
in the way of triumph
had i done anything more
than get back alive?

the house good humoredly stood this
realizing the beach
the waves the endless night
would outlast us all

it was in isla vista
where this all happened
4) Here and There
Congratulations to MI GMs Vinay Bhat and Jesse Kraai who both had recent international successes. Vinay, who was seeded 13th, scored an undefeated 6.5 from 9, to share third place in the 15th Balager Open held July 19-27, drawing tournament winner Vocaturo of Italy in round 7, Cuban GM Quesdada (who finished 2nd) in round 8 and Russian GM Maletin in round 9.
Jesse was second in a Category 4 (2329 average) round robin in Edmonton that ended August 2nd. He scored 6-3, losing only to tournament winner GM Panchanathan who ran away with the event with 8.5 points. Other top finishers were 3-4. IM Porper and GM Kekelidze 5.5.
IM Emory Tate won the Fremont Open held last weekend with a score of 3.5 from 4, drawing only with Phillip Pereplitsky. Phillip was joined by his brother Edward and Paul Richter in a tie for second with 3 points. Richard Koepcke and Kenneth Zowall organized and directed the event.
 Ricardo DeGuzman continued his domination of Sacramento events by taking the annual tournament held over the July 4th weekend with a score of 5/6, defeating fellow IM Walter Shipman in the last round. NM Evan Sandberg was second with 4.5 points followed by Shipman, NM James McFarland and Phillip Seitzer at 4-2. John McCumiskey organized and directed for the Sacramento Chess Club.
There's an interesting video on Chess in New York City which two Columbia University grade students created, which features FM Asa Hoffman:
On July 21, ballots were counted in Crossville for the USCF special election to fill two one-year terms on the Executive Board. Results were: Mike Nietman 1517, Gary Walters 1472, and the unspeakable Sam Sloan 693. Nietman and Walters were elected,
5) Bay Area Chess offering jobs
Dear Chess Community,

We have a full-time and a part-time position for Enrichment Director and Enrichment Manager. Please find the job description for the Enrichment Manager below....

---Who We Are---
Bay Area Chess in a non-political non-religious non-profit (501c3) organization which provides everyone with enjoyable activities that develop intellectual, mathematical, analytical, visual, and personal skills. Our services include after-school enrichment activities and chess tournaments. We are currently highest ranked US Chess Federation affiliate west of Texas.

---Position Description---
Title: Director of Enrichment

Reports to: Executive Director (Dr. Salman Azhar)

The Director of Enrichment:

* develops and supervises enrichment programs in Chess and related games.

* establishes and maintains mutually beneficial relationships with school districts, parent-teacher organizations, and related groups.

* provides quality learning services through professional development and effective classroom management skills of instructional staff.

* hires, leads, meets, motivates, trains, evaluates, and mentors staff to achieve great results.

* schedules classes and activities at partner schools and facilities to optimize resources.

* develops and manages enrichment budgets.

* manages compliance with all applicable local, State and Federal regulations and requirements.
* performs a wide range of organization and administrative duties related to departmental operations.

* demonstrates and promotes high ethical standards and integrity.

* shows a commitment to excellence and is willing to be coached for continual professional growth.

---Work Environment---
The Director's role affords flexibility of the work environment and location. The Director has to be available to meet the instructional staff, visit schools, and keep some office hours but may also productively work from home. Some tasks involve moderate physical effort, such as receiving and distributing instructional material. The Director will be paid during training period.

---Minimum Education, Training and Experience---
Post High School Degree
Two (2) or more years of professional experience, preferably working with children and/or administrative.

---Certifications, Licenses and Registrations---
Must satisfy criminal background check as defined by state requirements.
Must possess and maintain valid driverís license

---Application Information---
To apply, email your cover letter and resume to
Compensation: Depending on Experience ($33,280 or higher for full-time qualified candidates as 1099 or W-2)
If you have any questions, please email to

6) Upcoming Events