Mechanics' Chess Club Newsletter #570

 February 8, 2012 

When one plays a weaker rival, one should always play for beauty for the benefit of both the players and the spectators, or else the game is a waste.


Nicholas Rossolimo


As recollected by William Lombardy on page 216 of his memoir Understanding Chess: My System, My Games, My Life

1) Mechanics' Institute Chess Club News  

International Master Elliott Winslow took possession of first place in the Winter  
 Tuesday Night Marathon by defeating National Master Russell Wong last night. Winslow now has 5.5 points from 6 games with 2 rounds to go. Wong and young Expert Daniel Liu are tied for second with 5 points.


Ricardo DeGuzman took first place over 44 competitors in the 12th Annual Henry Gross Memorial, held February 4th, with a score of 4.5 from 5. This victory not only earned DeGuzman $200, but also put his USCF rating back to 2500.                                                                                                            
DeGuzman's victory was anything but easy as he had to defeat
fellow International Master Elliott Winslow in round 4 and then escape with a draw from a dangerous position against National Master Romy Fuentes in the last round.


National Master Paul Gallegos almost caught DeGuzman at the end, but failed to convert an advantageous position against Winslow in the final  round. This draw put Gallegos in a four way tie for second with Fuentes and young Experts Siddarth Bannik and Rayan Taghizadeh. Winslow and FIDE Master Ryan Porter were among those that tied for 6th with 3.5 points.     
The Mechanics' Institite would like to thank John Currell of Henderson, Nevada for his donation of many years (1961-1974) of  the Southern California magazine Terra Chess.


Jules Jelinek passes on the results of the last two Mechanics' Wednesday Night
Blitz tournaments.


1. IM Elliott Winslow  
2. Jules Jelinek 
3. Tom Stevens 




1. Merim Mesic  
2. Jules Jelinek 
3. Tom Stevens 

2) A Poem by National Master Dennis Fritzinger


the wooden pieces
of the mechanics institute
chess room, locked up now,
but previously touched
by so many hands,
worn smooth by generations
of amateurs and masters,
participants in so many
blunders and brilliancies,
are now museum pieces,
immobile, kept from action,
for their own good of course,
never to see life again,
the knight leaping, pawns storming
the king's fortress, the king
battling back fiercely,
and all the pandemonium
of bishop, rook, queen.
it's better this way.
put out to pasture, retirement,
not having to labor for a mistaken idea,
follow the whims and wishes
of a non-computer human.
the softly glowing wood,
worn smooth, rests easily,
and dreams. of what?
well, naturally,
of combat!


April 6-8, 2012 $$21,000 b/250 ($14,000 Gtd.) GPP: 150(Enhanced) - FIDE NEVADA

12th Annual RENO-LARRY EVANS MEMORIAL OPEN (formerly the Far West Open).

6SS,40/2,20/1,G/1/2.Sands Regency Hotel/Casino, 345 N.Arlington Ave. Reno, NV 89501.1-866-386-7829 or (775) 348-2200.  
$$21,000 b/250. $$14,000 Gtd. (Prizes 1-10 in Open Section Gtd. plus of all other prizes).   
5 Sections. Open (2000 & above) EF: $137, (1999 & below = $151) (GMs & IMs free but must enter by (3/10) or pay late fee) .$$2,000-1,200- 1000-700-500-400-300-300-300,300, (2399/below)- $1,000, (2299/below)- $1,000,(2199/below) -$1000-500-300-200 (If a tie for 1st then a playoff for $100 out of prize fund plus trophy). Sec."A"(1800-1999)EF: $136; $$1,000-500-400-300-200-100-100-. Sec."B"(1600-1799)EF: $135; $$900-500-400-300-200-100-100. Sec."C"(1400-1599)EF: $134; $$700-500-400-300-200-100-100. Sec."D"/under (1399-below)EF: $133;$$600-400-300-200-100-100-100; Top Senior (65+) -$200; Club Champ.-$400-200.ALL: Entries must be postmarked by 3/10 or pay late fee-$11 until 3/31 (do not mail after 3/31), $22 at site. All classes have trophies 1st - 3rd. Unrated players are free entry but not eligible for cash prizes- must join USCF for 1 full year thru this tournament. 1st Unrated = trophy + 1 yr. USCF Mem. $10 discount to Seniors (65+ yrs.).Players may play up. Provisionally rated players may only win of 1st place money. CCA ratings may be used. Note: pairings not changed for color unless 3 in a row or a plus 3 and if the unlikely situation occurs 3 colors in a row may be assigned.
RDS: (Fri)12-7, (Sat)10-6, (Sun)9:30-4:30. Byes available any round (if requested by Rd.1).ENT:make checks payable and send to: SANDS REGENCY (address listed above), postmarked by 3/10. $11 late fee if postmarked after 3/10 and before 3/31. Do not mail after 3/31 or email after 4/03. $22 late fee at site. HR:(Sun-Thurs. $27!) (Fri. & Sat. $47!) + tax.1-866-386-7829 mention (Code) CHESS405 (Reserve by 3/26/12) to get Chess rate. INFO: Jerry Weikel 6578 Valley Wood Dr., Reno, NV 89523, (775) 747-1405, wackyykl@aol.comOr check out our website at: To verify entry check website.













4) Upcoming Events

2012 Mechanics' Tournaments (January-June)

A.J. Fink Amateur Championship - March 10-11
Max Wilkerson Open - March 24
Imre Konig Memorial - April 14
Walter Lovegrove Senior Open - April 21-22
Charles Powell Memorial - May 5
Ray Schutt Memorial Blitz- May 6
William Addison Open - June 2
Arthur Stamer Memorial - June 9-10






A Heritage Event!  Feb. 18-20   29th Annual U.S. Amateur Team Championship West 


(Blitz/Scholastic Feb. 20 only.) Main event: 6SS, 30/90 sd/60. Hyatt Regency, 5101 Great America Pkwy., Santa Clara, CA 95054. Free Parking! Hotel: Free Parking! $109 call             800-233-1234       for chess rate. Reserve by Feb. 4 or rates may increase. Four-player teams plus optional alternate, average rating of four highest must be under 2200, difference between ratings of board 3 & 4 must be less than 1000. January 2012 Supp, CCA min & TD discretion to place players accurately. Main Event Prizes: Exclusive commemoratively inscribed digital clocks to each player and trophy to the team for top 3 overall teams, top team u2000, u1800, u1600, u1400, and u1200; top "industry" team (all players from the same company), top "family" team (siblings, cousins, parents, uncle/aunts, grandparents), top junior team, and top school team; top scorer on each board (1-4). Gift certificates for best 3 team names. Main Event EF: $188/team or $47/player by 2/14, 2/15-17: $197/team, $56/player, Onsite: $217/team, $66/player. Main Event Sched: Registration: Sat 9:30-10:30am. Rounds: Sat 11:30 5, Sun 11:30 5, Mon 10, 3:30. Info/flyer: Scholastic Side Event: 5SS G/30. Four-player teams plus optional alternate, may be from same or different schools. Jan 2012 Supp, CCA min & TD discretion to place players accurately. Prizes: Trophies to each player in Top 3 teams overall, Top team u900, u800, u700, u600, u500, u400, u300, u200, Top scorer on each board (1-4). EF: $156/team or $39/player by 2/14, 2/15-17: $175/team, $48/player, Onsite: $185/team, $58/player. Registration: Mon 8-9am. Rounds: 10am, 11:30am, 1pm, 2:30pm, 4pm. Info/flyer: Blitz Event: Registration Mon 7-8pm, Rounds 8:30-10:30pm. EF: $12. 75% of entry fees returned as prizes. Info/flyer: Help in forming teams: a player and see or email for teams seeking players & players seeking teams. Contact: For all these events, online entry and contact Bay Area Chess, 1590 Oakland Rd., Ste B213, San Jose 95131. T:             408-786-5515      . NS, NC, W, F. Chess