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Newsletter #111

"Ninety per cent of all chess books you can open at page one and then immediately close again for ever. Sometimes you see books that have been written in one month. I don't like that. You should take at least two years for a book, or not do it all."
   Lev Polugaevsky

1) US Women tied for first after four rounds in Chess Olympiad
2) 11-way tie for first after two rounds of Fall Tuesday Night Marathon
3) Here and There
4) Upcoming Events

1) US Women tied for first after four rounds in Chess Olympiad

The US Womens team, which includes MI member Camilla Baginskaite, is tied for first with China, after four rounds of the Chess Olympiad in Bled, Slovenia. This is the best-ever start for a US Womens team (seeded #11) by a wide margin and includes victories over perennial medal contenders Georgia and Yugoslavia.

The US Mens team, seeded 10th, in undefeated so far and tied for 16th.

If you would like Olympiad results delivered to you directly along with annotated games from the event you may wish to take advantage of the special offer being made by Chess Today founder GM Alex Baburin. In a recent email from Alex, we learned that during the Olympiad currently taking place in Bled you can receive Chess Today free! This offer is only to receive Chess Today while the Olympiad is going on, but if you have never experienced this high quality electronic chess magazine, here is your chance to do so with no risk at all. Follow the results, get annotated games from Bled along with other great news. Interested? You may sign up at the free trial list by going to:

2) 11-way tie for first after two rounds of Fall Tuesday Night Marathon

Longtime MI member Ben Gross nicked top-seed FM Frank Thornally for a draw in round two of the Fall Tuesday Night Marathon. This leaves 11 players tied for first at 2-0 in the 69-player event. There is still time to enter this Marathon which goes for another seven weeks, ending December 17.

3) Here and There

Congratulations to NM Alan Stein who tied for first at 3-1 in the most recent Marshall Masters (10/29) with GMs Igor Novikov, Alexander Stripunsky, Leonid Yudasin and Maurice Ashley. Among Alan's victims was IM Yury Lapshun.

MI Member Andy Ansel of Walnut Creek is well-known as a tremendous collector of chess books. He shares his knowledge about collecting via a regular column on the Chessco website. His latest piece can be found at a

The great Yugoslav GM Svetozar Gligoric, who gave simuls at the MI in the 1950s and 1970s, has written an outstanding collection of his games entitled I play Against Pieces. The book is published by Batsford and ably translated by the husband and wife team of Zoran and Biljana Ilic. Some of you may remember Zoran from his participation in the 2000 Val Zemitis International.

Noted chess author and book dealer Fred Wilson began hosting a new free live Chess Internet radio talk show on last night. The show runs for one hour, each Tuesday, starting at 9PM EST. It may be rebroadcast a couple of times during the week. It will be called "Chess and Books with Fred Wilson."

Fred writes, "The show will usually consist of four segments: First, I will personally review one or more new and/or current chess books or products. Then, we will always have an interview with an important chess personality--usually either a GM or IM, author, teacher, or chess business entrepreneur. Then I will have a short segment attempting to answer listeners' questions, which will be received either through email, or live over the telephone. Finally, time permitting, I will attempt to address the different problems beginning or intermediate players encounter while attempting to improve their game."

4) Upcoming Events

Carroll Capps Memorial: November 8-10
Pierre St. Amant Memorial: November 23


Coastside Chess Club Scholastic Tournaments

Saturday, October 5, 2002 and November 2, 2002 The Coastside Chess Club will be holding two scholastic tournaments this fall at the Half Moon Bay Community Center at 535 Kelly Avenue in Half Moon Bay (telephone: 650 726 8297) from 1 to 5 p.m. on the first Saturday in October and in November. The tournament is open to individuals in grades K-9. USCF, CalChess or other membership is not required. For many participants, this will be their first tournament, with some "veterans" from last year. Tournament rules will be briefly explained at the start. All players will receive ratings on the Coastside rating list but the games will not count for (or against) USCF ratings. There will be five games. Writing down moves is encouraged, but not required. Each player will have 20 minutes to complete all moves. Prizes will include trophies, certificates, and chess books, for the top winners and for the best results in each grade. All players are encouraged to register in advance by emailing the following player information to Please try to get the information to us by noon on the Thursday before the tournament, to help save time at the start of the event. Name:Age:School:Grade:Rating (if any, specify USCF, ICC, Yahoo, Coastside or other source): Players who are not registered in advance must arrive at 1:00 p.m. on the day of the tournament. The registration fee is $15 per player. Chess sets and some clocks will be available, but players who have their own clocks are encouraged to bring them along. National Master Eric Schiller, Arbiter of the 2000 World Championship and author or many books on chess, including The Official Rules of Chess, will be directing the event. He will provide information to parents on how to encourage and develop chessplaying skills. The Coastside Chess Club has been formed to provide opportunities to the growing number of scholastic chess players on the Coastside. We welcome players from all over the Bay Area. We hope to offer competitions each month during the coming year, so please let us know if you can't make this one but are interested in future events. The tournament site is in downtown Half Moon Bay with its many great restaurants, shops and areas of historical interest. Drive time is approximately 30 minutes from San Francisco, SFO, or Palo Alto and about 45 minutes from Berkeley or San Jose.

Coastside Chess Club

Honoring a Northern California legend!
CalChess JIM HURT Memorial


2002 CalChess JIM HURT MEMORIAL. 8-round Swiss-system tournament, November 28-December 1, Thursday through Sunday, (4-day schedule) or November 29-December 1, Friday through Sunday (3-day schedule).
Location: Golden Gateway Holiday Inn; Van Ness at Pine, San Francisco.
Time Control: 4-DAY SCHEDULE: 30 moves in 90 minutes, then Game in 60.
    3-DAY SCHEDULE: Rounds 1-3: Game in 60; Rounds 4-8: 30/90, G/60

Players may play one section higher than their official rating for $10. PRIZES:
- $6,375.00 -
Master: $1000-$600-$300-150
U2400: $300-$150
Expert: $400-$250-$100
"A": $350-$175-$100
"B": $350-$175-$100
"C": $350-$175-$100
"D": $350-$175-$100
"E": $350-$175-$100
trophies for U1000, U800, U600, Top Senior
UNR: 4 trophies

Rounds: FOUR-DAY SCHEDULE: Thurs 11-4:30; Fri 10-3:30, Sat. 10-3:30; Sun 11-4:30.
THREE-DAY SCHEDULE: Fri. 9:30-11:45-2:00-4:30, Sat. 10-3:30; Sun 11-4:30.
3-day and 4-day schedules merge in Round 4. Rounds 7 & 8 byes must be requested in advance.
Re-entry Option: $50 (Jrs. $39). After Rds 1-2 of 4-day schedule, fresh start in 3-day schedule.
Hotel Rooms: Golden Gateway Holiday Inn 1-415-441-4000 may sell out. If so, try nearby hotels Cathedral Hill (415-776-8200), Richielieu (415-673-4711), Vagabond Inn (415-776-7500).
Registration:, Thurs. 11/28, 8-9:00 am.; Fri (3-day schedule) 11/29, 8-9:00 am
Directors: Carolyn Withgitt, John McCumiskey. Information: Tom Dorsch (650)322-0955.
USCF membership required. USCF rated. No Computers, Wheelchair access. 10/02 Ratings, CCA Minimums and Directors' discretion will be used to place players as accurately as possible.
$1 from each paid entry will be donated to the Kolty Chess For Youth Foundation.


NAME___________________________USCF ID #_______________ Exp. Date______
CITY _________________________________ STATE ______ZIP __________
PHONE ( )       E-MAIL      SECTION ENTERED _____________
o 1/2 point bye round(s) __________ (Request byes for rds 5 and/or 6 before round 1)

-4-day JIM HURT MEM'L __________ 99 by 11/18 (Jrs. $59); $120 at door Jrs. $70).
-3-day JIM HURT MEM'L __________ $ 98 by 11/18 (Jrs. $58); $120 at door (Jrs. $70).
-CalChess discount____________________-$6 discount to CalChess members MAIL ENTRIES TO:
-USCF renewal _______________________ $40/yr. ($20 Jrs.) CalChess Tournaments
-CalChess renewal ____________________ $15/yr. (Includes "California ChessJournal") PO Box 7453
-Play up 1 section ____________________ $10 ($5 Jrs.) Menlo Park, CA 94026
-TOTAL _______________________(Check payable to "CalChess Tournaments")

JIM HURT 1918-2000

This tournament is dedicated to Jim Hurt, 1938 Washington State Chess Champion, who ran quality tournaments at LERA in Sunnyvale, California, for 35 years.

National Events

2nd Annual

Lindsborg Rotary Open Chess Tournament
Bethany College, Lindsborg, Kansas
December 17-23 or December 20-23
GM & IM norms are available; FIDE rating and evaluation guaranteed for 7-day option!
$3,000 guaranteed prize fund!
3 sections:
FIDE: 9SS, 40/2, SD/1 (4-day option, rounds 1-5 G/50). First two rounds accelerated pairing.
1st - $800, 2nd - $400, 3rd - $200, 4th - 150, 5th - 100
U2400: $100 - 75; U2200: $100 - 75
Open: 9SS, G/120
1st - $150
U2000: $100 - 75 - 50; U1800: $100 - 75 - 50
U1600: $100 - 75 - 50; U1400: $100 - 75 - 50
Scholastic (12/22): G/30. Trophies for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in each HS, MS, ES categories
Entering fees: GMs & IMs free. Membership at Kansas Chess Association is required (dues can be paid on site).
Before 11/1/02 Before 12/1/02 At site
FIDE Section
FIDE 2300 $70 $80 $90
FIDE, USCF 2200 $80 $90 $100
FIDE 2200 $90 $100 $110
non-FIDE rated, USCF 2200 * $120 $130 $140
Open Section $50 $55 $60
Scholastic Section $15 $20 $25
Credit cards OK. Online entry at
* Number of non-FIDE rated players will be limited in this category

FIDE Session:
7-day: 12/17-12/20 1:00 pm; 12/21 & 22 9:00 am & 5:00 pm; 12/23 9:00 am
4-day: 12/20 (G/50) 4:00 pm, 6:30 pm, 9:00 pm; 12/21 9:00 am, 1:00 pm, & 5:00 pm;
12/22 9:00 am & 5:00 pm; 12/23 9:00 am
Open Sessions (G/120):
4-day: 12/20 4:00 pm; 12/21 9:00 am, 1:30 pm, 7:00 pm; 12/22 9:00 am, 1:30 pm, 7:00 pm;
12/23 9:00 am, 1:30 pm
Scholastic Session (G/30):
12/22 10:00 am, 11:30 pm, 2:30 pm, 4:00 pm, 5:30 pm
1/2-pt byes OK at ALL. Limit 3. Last bye must commit before round 5.
Special Event - 12/20 at 8:00 pm GM Igor Novikov will play simul games with 20 people. $20.
Hotel rates: $49 - $80 at Swedish Country Inn (1-800-231-0266), $36 - $56 at Coronado Motel (1-800-747-2793), $65 - $150 at Rosberg House B&B (1-888-215-5234), $65 - $95 at Smoky Valley B & B (1-800-532-4407), and $60 - $120 at C&W Ranch Bed & Breakfast (785-668-2352). Reserve by 11/15 or rates may increase.
Ent: Lindsborg Chamber of Commerce (for the chess tournament), 104 E. Lincoln, Lindsborg, KS 67456. 1-888-227-2227; For more information please contact Mikhail Korenman at 785-227-3380, ext.8164 or

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