Mechanics' Institute Chess Room Newsletter #159

"In chess as in backgammon the game boils down to a race. In chess not only is there the race to queen a pawn but there is also the race of the attack. One more defensive move and there is no more attack or one more advance and there is no defense."

   IM Mike Brooks

1) Three tie in Goodall Tuesday Night Marathon
2) Marshall CC v Mechanic's Institute Junior Match
3) Karpov to play in Lindsborg
4) Yasser Seirawan
5) Here and There
6) Upcoming Events

1) Three Tie in Goodall Tuesday Night Marathon

The last round of the Mike Goodall Tuesday Night Marathon, held August 5-September 30, was full of excitement. Leader David Karapetian looked to have the better of it for much of the game, but a blunder at the end gave Expert Nicolas Yap the victory, enabling him to reach Karapetian at 7-2. Joining them in the winner's circle was NM Victor Ossipov who defeated Expert Matthew Gross. Gross could have taken clear first if he had won. Tying for fourth through seventh at 6.5 in the 78-player field were Gross, FM Frank Thornally, NM Russell Wong and Expert Alex Setzepfandt.

The Winter Tuesday Night Marathon starts Tuesday, October 21 and ends December 16. Advance entry fee for the nine round event is $35.

2) Marshall CC v Mechanic's Institute Junior Match

John Fernandez reports: On Sunday, September 28th, two world famous chess clubs, the Marshall Chess Club ( and the Mechanics' Institute Chess Club ( squared off despite being separated by 2600 miles (4150km), in what will hopefully be the first in a series of distance matches between the famous New York City and San Francisco clubs. This match pitted four of New York's best players under the age of 16 versus four of Northern California's best and brightest. The games were played at a Game 90 + 30 second increment over the Internet Chess Club ( In four very exciting games, the Marshall Chess Club won the match with the score of 3 wins to 1 loss. On board one, FM Igor Schneider and Matthew Ho went into some deep preparation in the Center Counter Defense, based on the Anand - Lautier clash from Biel 1997. On board two, Nicholas Yap and WFM Laura Ross played an exciting game in the Sveshnikov variation of the Sicilian Defense. Yap excellently controlled the center and created tactical problems with his passed b pawn, forcing home the full point with good technique. On board three, FM Fabiano Caruana chose the Two Knights variation of the Caro Kann Defense versus Drake Wang. In a shocking blunder, Wang hung mate in one on move 9, although it must be admitted that his position was probably already quite critical. On board four, Ewelina Krubnik went headlong into Marc Tyler Arnold's Benko Gambit. Arnold played a brilliant game in true Benko Gambit style, pressuring the b2 weakness, trading queens, and winning the game. Especially pleasing was Arnold's beautiful geometric motif of Ba6-Be2-Bb5-Bd3! on three consecutive moves to seal the game, and his exchange sacrifice on b2 to tear Krubnik's position to shreds.

White: Nicolas Yap
Black: Laura Ross
Sveshnikov B33

1. e4 c5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. d4 cxd4 4. Nxd4 Nf6 5. Nc3 e5 6. Ndb5 d6 7. Bg5 a6 8. Na3 b5 9. Nd5 Be7 10. Bxf6 Bxf6 11. c3 Bg5 12. Nc2 Rb8 13. Be2 O-O 14. O-O a5 15. b4 Be6 16. a4 bxa4 17. Rxa4 axb4 18. cxb4 Ne7 19. Bc4 Qd7 20. Ra6 Qc8 21. Qe2 Ng6 22. g3 Rd8 23. b5 Bxd5 24. exd5 Ne7 25. Nb4 Nf5 26. Nc6 Nd4 27. Qd3 Nxc6 28. dxc6 e4 29. Qd5 1-0

3) Karpov to play in Lindsborg

Organizer Mikhail Korenman reports that Anatoly Karpov will play in an action tournament in Lindsborg the weekend of December 13-14. Other participants in the event are GMs Alex Onischuk, Yury Shulman, Ulf Andersson, Ivan Morovic and IM John Donaldson.

4) Yasser Seirawan

As mentioned in a previous Newsletter, Yasser has announced he is retiring from tournament play at the age of 43, in part because of general disgust at the dysfunctional state of affairs in world class chess. With the breakdown of the Prague Agreement chess is in danger of making the chaos in boxing look good.

Seirawan, who was a two-time Candidate for the World Championship, was the most accomplished of many fine players who emerged from the Fischer generation. He didn't confine his contributions to just playing. An accomplished author, founder and publisher of Inside Chess, GMA board member, longtime USCF delegate, active in FIDE, ESPN commentator and tournament promoter, Seirawan wore many hats. He goes out on a high note having medaled for the 2002 US Olympiad team and helped rescue the US Championship.

Seirawan,Y (2626) - Xie Jun (2569)
Kings Indian E73

1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 g6 3.Nc3 d6 4.e4 Bg7 5.Be2 0-0 6.Bg5 Na6 7.Qd2 e5 8.d5 c6 9.f3 cxd5 10.cxd5 Bd7 11.g4 Qa5 12.Nh3 Nc5 13.Rb1 Qb6 14.Nf2 a5 15.Be3 Rfc8 16.0-0 Qd8 17.Rbc1 Qe8 18.Nd3 b6 19.Nxc5 bxc5 20.Nb1 Rcb8 21.Na3 a4 22.Nc4 Qe7 23.Bg5 Rb4 24.Rc2 Qf8 25.Be3 Qe7 26.Nxd6 Rd4 27.Bxd4 cxd4 28.Nc4 Rb8 29.Na5 h5 30.g5 Nh7 31.h4 Rf8 32.Rc7 Qd8 33.Rfc1 f6 34.Nb7 Qe8 35.Nc5 Bc8 36.d6 Qd8 37.Bc4+ Kh8 38.Be6 Qxd6 39.Rxc8 fxg5 40.Rxf8+ Bxf8 41.Bh3 1-0

5) Here and There

Players in Northern California will be saddened to learn that longtime CalChess Journal Editor Frisco del Rosario has retired. Frisco put in many hours for little pay to produce a quality magazine that dates back to the 1951 founding of the California Chess Reporter. Thanks Frisco! We wish you well in your future endeavors.

The Mechanics' Institute has reinstated its Thursday afternoon USCF rated play starting at 1pm. Those interested in the no entry fee/no prize format should show up shortly before 1pm to be paired. Call (415) 421-2258 for more information.

Eric Schiller's Development of a Chess Master (Cardoza 2002) features many games against Bay Area players from local events. Among those featured are Mike Arne, David Blohm, John Grefe, Adrian Keatinge-Clay and David Pruess. Though Development of a Chess Master is primarily an instructional book it doubles as a game collection. To my knowledge it is the second by a Bay Area player, Vladimir Pafnutieff's being the first

6) Upcoming Events

Upcoming Tournaments at the MI

J.J.Dolan - October 11
33rd Carroll Capps Memorial - Nov. 8-9
Saint-Amant - November 22

October 3-5 2003 Los Angeles Open Prize Fund $10,000 (based on 200 players, 50% of each prize guaranteed) in three sections:


plus $200 (guaranteed) bonus for clear first
U2400 $400-200
U2300 $200
U2200 $750-500-300

Premier (U2000)

U1800 $500-300-200

Amateur (U1600)

$$400 (+trophy)-250-100
U1400 $100 (+trophy)-50
U1200 $100 (+trophy)
Unrated $100 (+trophy) (unrated may win unrated prize only)

Western States Open (Reno) October 17-19

21st ANNUAL SANDS REGENCY RENO-WESTERN STATES OPEN GPP: 150 Nevada 6SS, 40/2, 20/1. Sands Regency Hotel/Casino, 345N.Arlington Ave., Reno, NV 89501. 1-800-648-3553 or 775-348-2200. $$50,000 b/500 $$30,250 Gtd. FREE LECTURE/ANALYSIS by GM LARRY EVANS! G: $3,000-1,500-1,100-1,000-900-800-700-600-500-400 in Open Section plus 1/2 of all other prizes. 7 Sections: OPEN: EF: GMs and IMs free, Masters $135, (2000-2199) $156, (1999-below) $206. $$3,000+trophy- 1,500-1,100-1,000-900-800-700-600-500-400, (2400-2499) $1,000, (2300-2399) $1,000-600-400, (2299-below) $1,000-600-400. If a tie for 1st overall, then (G/15 min.) playoff for $100 from prize fund. (Note: GM/IM w/free entry not eligible for class prizes (2499/below) ,may elect to pay EF and become eligible). EXPERT: (2000-2199) EF: $134. $$2,000+trophy-1,000-700-500-300-200-200-200-200-100-100-100-100-100- (U2100 $700). "A" SECT. (1800-1999): EF: $133. $$1,900+trophy- 1,000+trophy-700+trophy-500-300-200-200-200-200-200-100-100-100-100-100. "B"SECT. (1600-1799): EF: $132. $$1,800+trophy- 1,000+trophy-600+trophy-500-300-200-200-200-200-200-100-100- 100-100-100. "C" SECT. (1400-1599): EF: $131 $$1,700+trophy- 1,000+trophy-600+trophy-500-300-200-200-200-200-200-100-100- 100-100-100. "D" SECT. (1200-1399 including adult unrated) EF: $130 ( entry but must join USCF for 1 full yr. thru this tournament. If already a member must join for 1 additional yr.-($49 adults,$25jrs.) $$1,500+trophy-1,000+trophy-500+trophy-400-300-200-200-200-200-200-100-100-100-100-100, 1st unrated-1yr. USCF membership+trophy. "E" SECT. (1199/below,including unrated Jrs.). EF: $65 (Unrated free but must join USCF for 1 full yr. thru this tournament, if already a member must join for 1 additional yr.-$25/Jrs.). (NOTE: Each entry in this section counts as 1/2 of entry for total prize fund). $$500+trophy- 400+trophy-300+trophy-200+trophy-100-100-100-100-100-100-100- 100-100-100-100, 1st Unr.-1 yr. USCF membership+trophy. SENIORS: (65yrs./older) $$500-300-200-100 (Srs. not eligible-provisional rated, unrated, "E" Sect., and Masters). CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP: $$1,000-500-300-200 decided by total score of best 10 scores from one club or area in main tournament (Not eligible- Masters, unrateds, or SECT."E"). ALL: $11 more if postmarked after 9/30, and $22 if postmarked after 10/12 or at site. $20 off EF to Sr. (65yrs. and +) and Jrs. (19/under) (Does not apply to SECT. "E"). Players may play up. Provisionally rated players may only win "up to" 50% of 1st place money except in Open Sec. 1-10. CCA ratings may be used. NOTE: pairings not changed for color alternation unless three in a row or a plus 3 and if the unlikely situation occurs 3 colors in a row may be assigned. REG: 5-9pm (10/16), 9-10am (10/17). RDS: 12-7, 10-6, 9:30-4:30. Byes available any round if requested before 1st round. ENT: Make checks payable and send to: SANDS REGENCY (address above).HR: $39! (Sun-Thurs) and $54! (Fri-Sat) + 13.5% tax. Info: Jerry Weikel (775) 747-1405 (Email: FIDE.W.

Dec. 19-23. GPP: 60 Kansas 2nd Annual Lindsborg Open. 9SS, 30/90, SD/1. First two rounds accelerated pairing. 3,500 guaranteed prize fund! GM & IM norms are available! FIDE rating 1st - $1,200, 2nd - $800, 3rd - $600, 4th 400, 5th 200. U2400: $100 75; U2200: $100 75 EF: GMs & IMs free. Membership at KCA is required for Kansas residents. Before 11/15/03: FIDE >2300, $80. FIDE, USCF >2200, $90. FIDE <2200, $100. non-FIDE rated, USCF <2200 *, $130. Before 12/1/03: $90, $100, $110, $140, respectively. At site: $100, $110, $120, $150, respectively. * number of players in this section will be limited. Schedule: Opening Ceremony December 19, 2003 at 11:00am. Rds: 12/19 - 12:00noon & 6:00 pm; 12/20, 21, 22 - 10:00am & 5:00pm; 12/23 9:00am 1/2-pt byes OK at ALL. Limit 3. FIDE, USCF. NS, NC. Ent: INTECS, Inc. (232 N. Main St, Lindsborg, KS 67456) 785-906-0402. Info: HR: 1-888-227-2227.

Dec. 19-21. GPP: Kansas
3rd Annual Lindsborg Rotary Open. 6SS, $1,500 guaranteed prize fund! Open: G/120. 1st - $300, 2nd - $200, 3rd - $100; U1800: $100 75 50; U1600: $100 75 50; U1400: $100 75 50; U1200-UNR: $100 75 50 EF: $50 (paid before 11/15); $60 (before 12/15); $70 (at site) Schedules: Reg: 12/19 by 5:30pm. Rds: 12/19 6:00pm; 12/20 9:00, 1:30, 7:00; 12/21 9:00, 1:30. 1/2-pt byes OK at ALL. Last bye must commit before round 4. USCF. NS, NC. Ent: INTECS, Inc. (232 N. Main St, Lindsborg, KS 67456) 785-906-0402, Info: HR: 1-888-227-2227.

Dec. 13. Karpov Chess School Scholastic Tournament. Presents tournament guests: 12th World Champion Anatoly Karpov; 2003 World Championship Qualified Grandmasters Alexander Onischuk, Yury Shulman, and Ivan Morovic (Chile). 5SS, G/30. Sections: K-3, K-5, K-8, K-12. Trophies for each category: 1-3 (teams and individuals); medals 4-20. Schedule: Reg: Ends at 9:30am. Opening Ceremony: 9:45am. Rds: 10:00am; 12:45pm, 2:00pm, 3:15pm, 4:30pm. Closing ceremony: 5:45pm EF: $25, including tournament registration, tournament brochure, autographed photo with Grandmasters, and free tickets to the Invitational tournament (details on Ent: INTECS, Inc. (232 N. Main St, Lindsborg, KS 67456) 785-906-0402, Info: HR: www.lindsborg. org, 1-888-227-2227.

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