Mechanics Institute Chess Room Newsletter #171

"Always forgive your enemies; nothing annoys them so much."

   Ken Whyld

Happy Holidays from the Mechanics's Chess Room Staff

1) Yermo, Baburin and Mitkov tie for first in Lindsborg 
2) Matthew Gross wins Fall Tuesday Night Marathon 
3) Here and There 
4) Upcoming Events 

1) Yermo, Baburin and Mitkov tie for first in Lindsborg

Mechanics' Institute Grandmaster-in-Residence Alex Yermolinsky shared first prize in the 2nd Lindsborg Open, tying with fellow GMs Alexander Baburin and Nikola Mitkov at 6 1/2 from 9. The last round featured plenty of fighting chess. Yermo defeated GM Sergey Kudrin while Alexander Baburin beat GM Suat Atalik. The latter had been among the leaders of the event throughout. Tying for fourth in the 42-player event, which included ten GMs and eight IMs, were GM Trajce Nedev and IMs Melik Khachian and Pascal Charbonneau with six points. Khachian made his third and final GM norm and should be awarded the title by FIDE in 2004. Well done, Melik!

Making IM norms were Anna Zatonskih (her fifth! - she should get the title shortly) and the Bay Area's Dmitry Zilberstein. This was Dmitry's first norm, and we are confident that he will soon make more. Just missing out on norms were IM Eugene Perelshteyn and FM Sean Nagle who both needed to beat their opponents in the last round but only drew. Chess Today founder Alex Baburin was particularly tough on the ladies as he beat all three members of the US Olympic training team who were competing (Krush, Zatonskih and Goletiani).

Final standings:

1-3. GMs Baburin, Mitkov and Yermolinsky 6.5
4-6. IM Charbonneau, IM Khachian and GM Nedev 6
7-14 GMs Agrest, Atalik, Kudrin, Shulman, Sharavdorj, IMs Perelshteyn, WGM Zatonskih and FM Zilberstein 5.5
15-23 GM Blatny, IMs Sevillano, Donaldson, Krush, Smetankin, WGM Goletiani, NMs Betaneli and Langer 5

The two week-long Lindsborg Chess Festival was a great success and the bulk of the credit goes chiefly to Mikhail Korenman of Bethany College in Lindsborg. Mikhail has been the driving force not only for the Chess Festival but also for launching the first Karpov Chess School in the United States. Next summer Lindsborg will be hosting the US Junior Closed and Junior Open thanks to Mikhail's efforts. Also on the agenda for 2004 are chess classes for college credit at Bethany College (GM Shulman main instructor). US chess needs to clone Mikhail!

2) Matthew Gross wins Fall Tuesday Night Marathon

Expert Matthew Gross make a big step to becoming a Master by winning the Fall Tuesday Night Marathon with a score of 7.5 from 9, good for $450. Tying for second at 7 were IM Walter Shipman and NM Egle Morkunaite. David Karapetian was clear fourth at 6.5. The next TNM starts January 6.

3) Here and There

with Fred Wilson
Live Internet Radio Show


Fred Wilson Wednesdays on http://wwwChess.FM!
Wednesday night now brings you back-to-back "Chess & Books with Fred Wilson" for your listening enjoyment!

5:00 PM ET Chess & Books - Replay of IM JOHN DONALDSON (1st interview)--
7:00 PM ET Chess & Books - Replay of IM JOHN DONALDSON (2nd interview)--

9:00 PM ET Chess & Books - Replay of Peter J. Tamburro, Jr. (1st
interview-OUR FIRST SHOW!)
11:05 PM ET Chess & Books - Replay of Peter J. Tamburro, Jr. (2nd interview)

EXTRA! EXTRA! EXTRA! MARK DVORETSKY my guest is for the first show of the coming New Year!!

"Fred's first guest of 2004, on Weds., January 7th will be none other than IM MARK DVORETSKY! Arguably one of the greatest chess authors and chess teachers of all time, Mark is also the author of the terrific four volume SCHOOL OF CHESS EXCELLENCE series, and has just recently released his modern masterpiece, DVORETSKY'S ENDGAME MANUAL, to the most consistently "rave reviews" any chess book has ever received! Please send good questions about chess training, teaching, literature, coaching, proper analytical methods, recommendations for successful study based on one's current level, etc. for IM Mark Dvoretsky to or Tony Rook.

Don't miss this opportunity to submit a question to IM Mark Dvoretsky now!"

4) Upcoming Events

Upcoming Tournaments at the MI

Bob Burger Open - Jan. 17, 2004

Henry Gross Memorial - Feb. 7, 2004

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