Mechanics Institute Chess Room Newsletter #233

   Dazzling combinations are for the many, shifting wood is for the few.

Georg Kieninger

1) Mechanics' Chess Club News
2) Melik Khachiyan makes final GM norm
3) CalChess Scholastic Update
4) Val Zemitis 80th Birthday Blitz
4) Donaldson wins 13th David Collyer Memorial
5) Here and There
6) Upcoming Events

1) Mechanics' Institute Chess Club News

NM Batchimeg Tuvshintugs has clinched a tie for first with a round to go in the Winter Tuesday Night Marathon. Tuvshintugs has 7.5 from 8 with NM Nicolas Yap on 6. FM Frank Thornally and Expert Michael Becco are tied for third at 6 in the 71-player event. The TNM and Mechanics' say goodbye to IM Ganbold Odondoo who recently moved back to Los Angeles.

Last Sunday former US Women's Champion Kamile Baginskaite started her Sunday afternoon classes for Women of all ages. The weekly class runs from 2-4 pm and is free thanks to a grant from Providian Financial.

The MI will celebrate the 80th birthday of Val Zemitis on April 9 with a birthday blitz.

Val Zemitis 80th Birthday Blitz

April 9 at the Mechanics' Institute

5 double round blitz - WBCA rules used

Prizes (guaranteed)

1st $150 2nd $75 3rd $50 Top Under 2200 $50 Top Under 1800 $50

Book prizes to all contestants

2)Melik Khachiyan makes final GM norm

Southern California Champion Melik Khachiyan made his third and final GM norm by half a point by winning the Ibar International held in Los Angeles from February 23-27 with an undefeated 7 from 9. Khachiyan was a former member of the Armenian national team before settling in the United States several years ago. He is a graduate of the Petrosian Chess School and you can find his nice win over Rozentalis from Baku 1983 annotated by the late World Champion and Khachiyan in Petrosian's Chess Legacy (pages 105-106.) GM-elect Khachiyan has long concentrated on his work as a chess trainer, numbering GM Tigran L. Petrosian among his pupils.

Khachiyan was not the only player to make a GM norm. Also reaching the required 6.5 points were IMs Andranik Matikozian and Lev Milman as well as GM Varuzhan Akobian.

Other scores in the Category 8 (2437 average) event: 5. GM V. Georgiev 5; 6.GM Mitkov 4.5; 7. FM Stein 4; 8. FM Banawa 2.5; 9. FM Krechetov 1.5; 10.FM Lucky 1.

The Ibar International was made possible by sponsorship from Ibar Development and Chairman and CEO Asbar Karabayev.

For more information go to

3) CalChess Scholastic Update

For the past several months, CalChess, Richard Peterson and Elizabeth Shaughnessy have been involved in a dispute relating to the affairs of CalChess, during which allegations of alleged wrongdoing were asserted by all parties. Upon further investigation of the facts and circumstances surrounding these disputes, CalChess, Mr Peterson and Mrs. Shaughnessy have agreed to withdraw any and all such claims and/or allegations, and are pleased to report that they have resolved their dispute in its entirety. In light of the above, the 30th annual CalChess Scholastic Chess Championship will proceed as previously scheduled in Oakland, CA on April 15, 16 and 17, at the Oakland Marriott Hotel.

4) Donaldson wins 13th David Collyer Memorial

MI Chess Director John Donaldson won the 13th annual David Collyer Memorial held February 26-27 in Spokane with 4.5 from 5. Among those tied for second at 4 were IM Eric Tangborn and NMs David Sprenkle and Curt Collyer. 11-year-old Michael Lee of Seattle, rated close to 2000, made a strong impression drawing IM Tangborn and losing only to the tournament winner.

5) Here and There

Among the big guns who have already signed up for the Far West Open in Reno in three weeks are GMs Gregory Serper, Sergey Kudrin and Alex Yermolinsky.

Chris is looking for a partner to pair up for the $50 HB global challenge EF discount. Contact him at

Most eyes are focused on Linares but the Poikovsky Cup is also very strong with an average rating of 2682. American Olympiad team first board Alex Onischuk is doing well at plus one.

Poikovsky 2005
Standings after 4 rounds:
1. Bologan - 3;
2-4. Bacrot, Grischuk, Onischuk - 2½
5-7. Dreev, Svidler and Vaganian - 2
8-9. Dominguez and Rublevsky - 1½
10. Sadvakasov - ½

6) Upcoming Events

Upcoming Tournaments at the MI

A.J. Fink Amateur - March 5-6
Max Wilkerson Open - March 12

Mar. 13 2nd Annual Century West Open GPP: 6 S. California
5SS, G/40. Los Angeles Chess Club, 11514 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90025. $$1000 b/48, 75% of each prize guaranteed: $300-150-50, U2200 100, U2000 100, U1800 100, U1600 100, U1400/Unr 100. Complimentary refreshments. All: SCCF membership required ($14 reg, $9 jr.), OSA. EF: $34 if rec?d by 3-11, $43 at door. On-line entry: No checks or credit cards at site. Half point byes: Limit 1, must be requested with entry. Reg: 8:45-9:30am. Rds: 10, 11:45, 1:30, 3:30, 5:15. Info: Ent: SCCF, c/o John Hillery, 835 N. Wilton Place #1, Los Angeles, CA 90038. State Championship Qualifier.

Mar. 18-20 5th Annual RENO-FAR WEST OPEN GPP: 120 Nevada 6SS, 40/2, 20/1, G/1/2. Sands Regency Hotel/Casino, 345 N.Arlington Ave. Reno, NV 89501. 1-866-386-7829 or (775) 348-2200. $$28,500 b/300. $$18,000 Gtd. (Prizes 1-10 in Open Section Gtd. plus ½ of all other prizes). Free Lecture/Analysis Clinic by GM Larry Evans! 6 Sections. Open (2200 & above) EF: $120 (2000-2199=$175; 1999 & below=$251) (GMs & IMs free but must enter by (3/1) or pay late fee at door). $$2,000-1,000-800-700-600-500-500-500-500-400, (2300-2399) $1,000-600-400, (2299-below) $1,000-600-400 (If a tie for 1st then a playoff for $100 from prize fund). Sec."X" (2000-2199) EF: $119; $$1,000-600-400-300-200-100-100-100-100 (2099-below) 700. Sec."A" (1800-1999) EF: $118; $$1,000-600-400-300-200-200-100-100-100-100. Sec."B" (1600-1799) EF: $117; $$1,000-500-400-300-200-100-100-100-100-100. Sec."C" (1400-1599) EF: $116; $$900-500-300-200-200-100-100-100-100-100. Sec."D/" (1399-below) EF: $115; $$800-400-300-200-200-100-100-100-100-100, (1199-below) $500-300-200-100. 1st Sr.= $200-100; 1st Club=$500-300-200. All classes have trophies 1st-3rd. Unrated players are free entry but not eligible for cash prizes. Must join USCF for 1 full year thru this tournament. 1st Unrated=trophy + 1 yr. USCF Membership. $15 discount to Seniors (65+ yrs.) & Juniors (19-under). Players may play up. Provisionally rated players may only win ½ of 1st place money. CCA ratings may be used. Note: pairings not changed for color alternation unless 3 in a row or a plus 3 and if the unlikely situation occurs 3 colors in a row may be assigned. Note: a no draw rule until 30 moves will be in effect. SIDE EVENTS: Wed. (3/16) 7pm IM Igor Ivanov Clock Simul ($40-includes analysis), 7pm- Quick Quads (G/29) ($20).Thurs. (3/17) 6-7:15pm Free Lecture-GM Larry Evans; 7:30pm- GM (TBA) Simul ($20); 7:30pm- Blitz (5 Min) tourney ($20) 80% entries = Prize Fund. Sat. (3/19) (3-4:30pm) Free Game/Position Analysis- GM Larry Evans. Sun (3/20) Quick Tourney (G/29) 5 rd. Swiss ($20) Reg. 11-11:30am play begins at 12 (noon) -80% of entries = Prize fund. ALL REG: 5-9pm (3/17), 9-10am (3/18). RDS: 12-7, 10-6, 9:30-4:30. Byes available any round if requested before rd 1. ENT: make checks payable and send to: SANDS REGENCY (address listed above), postmarked by 3/1. $11 after 3/1. Do not mail after 3/11 or email after 3/16. $22 late fee at site. HR: (Sun-Thurs. $25!!) (Fri. & Sat. $54!) + tax. 1-866-386-7829 mention (Code) CHE 318. Info: Jerry Weikel 6578 Valley Wood Dr, Reno, NV 89523, (775) 747-1405, Or check out our website at: To verify entry, phone Sands Regency. Heritage Event!

3rd Annual Western Pacific Open GPP: 50 S. California 5SS, 3-day 40/2, SD/1, 2-day rds. 1-2 G/75 then merges. Burbank Airport Hilton, 2500 Hollywood Way, Burbank CA (adjacent to Burbank Airport). $$10,000 b/200, 50% of each prize guaranteed. In 3 sections: Open: 1600-1000-800-400-200 plus $200(G) bonus for clear first, U2400 300, U2300 200, U2200 700-500-300. EF: $81 if received by 3-23, $95 door. Premier (U2000): $$ 700-500-300-100, U1800 400-200-150, U1600 400-200-150. EF: $81 if received by 3-23, $95 door, no unrated. Amateur (U1400): $$400+trophy-200-100, U1200 100+trophy, Unr 100+trophy, unrated may win unrated prize only. EF: $66 if received by 3-23, $75 door. On-line entry: No checks or credit card entries at door. All: $25 Best Game prize, all sections eligible. One half-point bye if requested with entry, rds 4-5 cannot be revoked. SCCF membership req. of S. Cal. res., $14 reg, $9.00 junior. Reg: 5:30-6:30 p.m. 3/25, 8:30-10 a.m. 3/26. Rds: 3-day 7 p.m., 11-5:30, 10-4:30. 2-day: 10:30-1:30 (G/75), then merges. HR: $89, (818) 843-6000 or (800) 840-6450. Be sure to mention Western Chess. Parking $7/day. Info: Web site: Ent: SCCF, c/o John Hillery, 835 N. Wilton Pl. #1, Los Angeles CA 90038. NS. NC. F. State Championship Qualifier.


Oklahoma Chess Foundation presents: GPP: 80 Oklahoma
2005 May 27,28,29,30. 24th North American FIDE Open 9-SS, G/120+10 sec, Holiday Inn (Holidome) 2515 W. 6th Ave (Hwy-51) Stillwater, OK 1-405-372-0800. HR: 60-60-60-60. EF: $40 if postmarked before May 22, $50 at door. EF refunded to FIDE rated players at end of event if at least 8 rounds were played and all FIDE player scoresheets turned in. Reg: Fri NOON-1:45pm. Rds: 2-7, 10-3, 9-2-7, 9-2. $$G 7,500 will not be lowered. $$G $1,000, $900, $800, $700, $600, $500. 11 plaques. $$G 600 each class X-D & below. Unr $100-$50. $100 upset. 2 byes rds 1-7. OCF req $10 from all players. Free Parking. ( 2005 OCF GP #3 ) Ent: Jim Berry PO Box 351 Stillwater, OK 74076. 1-405-762-1649. NC, CMV, LS, W, USCF, FIDE.

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