Mechanics Institute Chess Room Newsletter #276

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Wilhelm Steinitz

1) Mechanics' Institute Chess Room News
2) Josh Friedel wins East Bay Grandmaster Swiss
3) Leonid Yudasin wins Marshall Championship
4) Dmitry Gurevich wins North American Open Warmup
5) Max Dlugy Freed
6) Fabiano Caruana to play for Italy
7) Upcoming Events 

1) Mechanics' Institute Club News

Veteran NM Igor Margulis won the Mechanics' Institute Marathon in decisive fashion by defeating twin brothers Edward and Phillip Perepelitsky in the last two rounds to score 7.5 from 8 points. Tying for second at 6 in the 63-player field were NM Batchimeg Tuvshintugs, E. Perepelitsky, Expert Arthur Ismakov (formerly Ibragimov) and Class A player George Sanguinetti who went a long way toward reclaiming his Experts rating.

The M.I.'s Winter Marathon starts on January 10 and is a eight rounder. There will be no game on Valentine's Day (February 14).

2) Josh Friedel wins East Bay Grandmaster Swiss

The East Bay Chess Club hosted a FIDE Swiss December 17th-23rd, 2005. Josh Friedel took clear first with 7/9 making a GM norm by half a point. David Pruess made his final IM norm. Jessie Kraai had a chance to make a GM norm and Alan Stein and Tigran Ishkhanov had chances to make IM norms but lost in the last round.

For the crosstable and games go to:

Masters Berkeley USA (USA), 17-23 xii 2005

1. Friedel, Joshua E m USA 2453 7.0
2. Ehlvest, Jaan g EST 2618 6.5
3. Fedorowicz, John P g USA 2502 6.0
4. Kraai, Jesse m USA 2428 6.0
5. De Guzman, Ricardo m PHI 2383 5.5
6. Pruess, David f USA 2400 5.0
7. Stein, Alan f USA 2422 5.0
8. Sarkar, Justin m USA 2315 5.0
9. Yermolinsky, Alex g USA 2549 4.5
10. Mezentsev, Vladimir m RUS 2409 4.5
11. Bhat, Vinay S m USA 2429 4.5
12. Ishkanov, Tigran USA 2350 4.5
13. Zavadsky, Peter SVK 2268 4.5
14. Kustar, Sandor m HUN 2375 4.0
15. Shivaji, Shivkuma USA 2299 4.0
16. Poehlmann, Roger USA 2230 3.5
17. Lobo, Richard ENG 2263 3.0
18. Pearson, Michael USA 2173 3.0
19. Panjwani, Raja CAN 2209 3.0
20. Perepelitsky, Edward USA 2123 3.0
21. Perepelitsky, Phillip USA 2116 3.0
22. Jahedi,Salar USA ---- 1.5
23. Lee, Andy C USA 2256 0.5
24. Moskow, Eric D USA 2238 0.0

3) Leonid Yudasin wins Marshall Championship

The Marshall Chess Club Championship (Edward Lasker Memorial) took place December 9th-11th, 17th-18th in New York City, USA. Leonid Yudasin won the event with 7.5/9, drawing only with fellow GMs Nick Defirmian, Joel Benjamin and Ildar Ibragimov. Defirmian was second, drawing the three other GMs and Mexican IM Alfonso Almeida. Official site:

ch-Marshall CC New York USA (USA), 9-18 xii 2005

1. Yudasin, Leonid g ISR 2554 7½ - $2,000
2. De Firmian, Nick E g USA 2552 7 - $1,000
3. Ibragimov, Ildar g USA 2617 6 - $367
4. Benjamin, Joel g USA 2576 6 - $367
5. Almeida Saenz, Alfonso m MEX 2362 6 - $367
6. Rohde, Michael A g USA 2512 5 - $20
7. Schneider, Igor f USA 2350 5 - $20
8. Bonin, Jay R m USA 2315 5 - $20
9. Hess, Robert L USA 2328 5 - $20
10. Molner, Mackenzie USA 2241 5 - $20
11. Averbukh, Alex USA ---- 5 - $200
12. Bercys, Salvijus USA 2359 4½
13. Scekic, Milos m SCG 2395 4½
14. Maltese, Adam USA 2200 4½
15. Privman, Boris f USA 2238 4½
16. Treger, Effim USA 2237 4½
17. Jacobs, Jon USA ---- 4½ - $50
18. Zhao, Parker USA 2102 4½ - $50
19. Figler, Ilye f USA 2375 4
20. Ross, Laura R wf USA 2141 4
38 players

4) Dmitry Gurevich wins North American Open Warmup

Tournament Organizer Alan Crooks writes about the North American Open that was held as a tribute to Igor Ivanov in his hometown of St. George, Utah.


It was a great tournament. GM Dmitry Gurevich, IM Enrico Sevillano, IM David Vigarito, FM Emory Tate and Fred Gruenberg, former vice president of USCF, as you know, were here among others that were present. Dmitry won but in what turned out to be a very tough and exciting last 2 rounds with any one of the top 4 players having the possibility of winning depending on the outcome of the last round. Igor would have loved it.

Dmitry - 4.5
Tate- 4.0
Vigorito- 4.0
Bryant, John (Enrico's son)-4.0 almost beat Dmitry in 4th round very close Dmitry even went over the game and John did have a win.

5) Max Dlugy Freed

From Kommersant Russia online daily

Dec. 21, 2005

Grand Master Makes a Mate for Prosecutors

by Konstantin Sterledev,

The Solikamsk City Court of Perm Territory acquitted yesterday Max Dlugy, U.S. citizen and former chair of the board of the Solikamsky Magnesium Works, yesterday. The former rapid chess champion and international grand master was charged with the 48,000 rubles misappropriation and an attempt at the embezzlement of $9 million from the plant's budget.

The announcement of the verdict took an hour. Max Dlugy and his lawyers were in a good mood as it was already clear that the defendant would be acquitted. The prosecutor of Solikamsk, Ilya Ivanov, who was personally presenting the prosecution in court, had dropped the gravest charges - an attempt to embezzle $9 million from the plant's budget.

In summer 2003, the Solikamsky Magnesium Works, headed by Mr. Dlugy, acted as a guarantor of the promissory notes operation between Sam Global and Modern New Technologies offshore firms. Sam Global was to sell six promissory notes of $9 million to contractors, but buyers did not pay, so the Solikamsky plant had to pay as a guarantor of the deal. The three companies were registered on the basis of lost passports. Prosecutors supposed that the deal had been deliberately fictitious and aimed to misappropriate funds of the plant, Max Dlugy being a mastermind. Court hearings showed that the prosecution had no substantial evident to support this theory. The second count of the indictment, the embezzlement of 48,000 rubles, was not proved either. Witnesses to the prosecution altered their testimony, and some of them did not appear at court at all.

The judge Galina Imamieva announced the ruling to acquit Max Dlugy due to the absence of corpus delicti and the abandonment of the testimony by witnesses of the state prosecution. Mr. Dlugy is also eligible for monetary compensation as he spent two years and a half behind the bars.

The court ruling has not come into effect yet since the parties are now free to lodge cassation appeals within next ten days. Max Dlugy's defense said they would not appeal, while the prosecutor's office declined to give any comment.

6) Fabiano Caruana to play for Italy

The following letter about the former New York junior star Fabiano Caruana appeared in GM Alexander Baburin's outstanding online daily Chess Today (Subscription is 15 euro for 3 months. For further details please refer to

"Dear Mr Baburin, You recently wrote about the First Saturday tournaments in CT. I think it is interesting to mention that the IM tournament was won by Fabiano Caruana, who is only 13 years old.

He completed the norms for IM title. I am not sure he has already the Elo rating to get the title, but he is very close to it. Fabiano was born in Miami (USA) but he is going to come and live in Italy with his family. All his great grand parents were Italian, and also two grand parents. Fabiano will be included in Italian Fide rating list starting from next January and it is possible/probable that he will play in the Italian national B team in the Olympiads in Turin in May 2006. With best regards, Adolivio Capece"

I looked at the games played by Fabiano in Budapest and included them in today's database. He surely tried very hard in every game! He seems to be a good endgame player, so when he gets more experience and also upgrades his opening repertoire; he will be very dangerous indeed!

7) Upcoming Events

Mechanics' Institute

Bob Burger - January 7
Henry Gross - February 4
A.J. Fink Amateur - March 4 and 5

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