Mechanics' Institute Chess Room Newsletter #32

1) University of Texas at Dallas Wins Final Four

Yes, Duke did win the NCAA Basketball Final Four, but in chess it was UTD! Stanford team member Michael Aigner reports on the meeting between the four top collegiate chess programs in the United States held last weekend.

"The Stanford team (FM Philip Wang, NM Jordy Mont-Reynaud, NM Etan Ilfeld, FM Ryan Porter, NM Michael Aigner, David Pecora and coach NM Eric Schiller) travelled to Dallas on April 13-15 to participate in the first college President's Cup. The four teams invited were the elite of college chess: Pan Am co-champions University of Texas at Dallas and University of Maryland at Baltimore County plus University of California at Berkeley, and Stanford University.

round 1: UMBC 5.0-1.0 Stanford ; UT-Dallas 3.5-2.5 Berkeley 
round 2: Stanford 2.0-4.0 UT-Dallas ; Berkeley 1.0-5.0 UMBC 
round 3: UMBC 1.5-4.5 UT-Dallas ; Berkeley 3.0-3.0 Stanford 
final standings: UT-Dallas 12.0, UMBC 11.5, Berkeley 6.5, Stanford 6.0

We were rather depressed by the first round match versus UMBC, as we were better on all boards and winning on 3 or 4 of them. Then we completely collapsed. I lost a piece up position because I refused to play a logical developing move. The list goes on and on. Only David Pecora on board 6 managed to convert his won position into a point.

The highlights of round 2 versus top seed and eventual winner UT-Dallas were FM Philip Wang's draw versus GM Yuri Shulman (and Shulman had to find several only moves to avoid losing) and my complicated endgame win (R+2B+5P vs 2R+N+4P) over NM Andrei Dokuchayev.

In the last round, the Cal-Stanford rematch ended drawn--again! FM Dmitry Zilberstein 1-0 FM Philip Wang, NM Jordy Mont-Reynaud 1/2 NM David Pruess, NM Andras Erdei 1/2 NM Etan Ilfeld, FM Ryan Porter 1-0 Anthony Rozenvasser, David Steel 1-0 NM Michael Aigner, David Pecora 1-0 Pierre Vachon. Jordy tried for almost six hours to milk a full point out of a drawn rook endgame, but it was not to be. This result gave Berkeley third place on the strength of their near upset in round 1 over UT-Dallas. In the other last round match, top seed UT-Dallas needed to overcome a 2.5 game point deficit versus Baltimore to win the tournament, and they did exactly that with a 4.5-1.5 victory.

We all would like to thank USCF President and UT-Dallas Professor Tim Redman for organizing this event and the UT-Dallas chess club for sponsoring our trip to the Lone Star state."

David Steel of Berkeley was his team's star, scoring 2 1/2 out of 3 against masters despite being rated 2060. David is among the leaders with 2 from 2 in the current Tuesday Night Marathon at the MI. The time control for the round-robin was 45/2 SD/1.

Here are the players who participated and average team ratings. UTD and the University of Maryland at Baltimore both offer full ride chess scholarships.

   Stanford                    Berkeley           Baltimore                    

1. Wang 2348               Zilberstein 2403    Perelshteyn 2499   Shulman 2657 
2. Mont-Reynaud 2273  Pruess 2375         Morrison 2408        Szuk 2408 
3. Ilfeld 2266                 Erdei 2239           Smith 2319             
Zaremba 2376 
4. Porter 2248               Rozenvasser 2151 del Mundo 2309     Whatley 2324 
5. Aigner 2203               Steel 2059           Gershov 2214         John 
6. Olmos 2121              Vachon 1717         E.Tsibulevsky 2063 Rylander 
A1 Pecora 2065             Hartwig 2060        Dokuchayev 2256 
A2                                Ogunmefun 2019   Ashton 2201 
A3                                 M.Tsibulevsky 1988 
A4                                 Gasis 1937 

Average rating of top 6 boards: 
        Dallas 2391 
     Baltimore 2302 
      Stanford 2243 
      Berkeley 2157 

2) Jessie Jeans Tournament in Santa Rosa This Weekend

Bay Area chess players have a good tournament in Santa Rosa this weekend directed by perennial Western States Open and 1999 US Open organizer Jerry Weikel.
                                     (2 TOURNAMENTS!) 
Located at Jessie Jeans Coffee Shop, 1426 Mendocino Ave., Santa Rosa, Ca 
                            TD/Organizer Jerome (Jerry) Weikel 
                                      MAIN TOURNAMENT 
$4,000 !! (b/80 players)- APRIL 20-22, 2001 
            5 ROUND SWISS - 3 SECTIONS - 40/100 (20/40) (30/30) 
PRIZE FUND:  Open Sect. 1st=$500,$300,$200,(U2200)=$350,$200,$100 
Reserve Section: 1st=$300,$200,$100,$100,$80,(U1800)=$280,$150,$80          
Booster Section: 1st=$250,$150,$100,$100,$80,(U1400)=$200,$100,$80 
Trophies to all 1st places (Unrated players not eligible for cash prizes) 
ENTRY FEE: Must be USCF member (available at site).

            Open Sect.(2000-above) = $80. Reserve Sect. 
(1600-1999)=$79.Booster        "HAVE A GOOD KNIGHT" 
(1599-below) = $78 (Unrated=$40 discount). 
TOURNAMENT Entries must be postmarked by 4/14 and received by 4/19 or pay late 
                                                         fee at site. Late 
Fee at site = $15.(Enter early and save!) Please, no checks at site. 

REGISTRATION: Fri. (4/20) 6-7:15PM at site (also Sat. 10-10:45 AM and taking 
a 1st round  point bye).  Players may still enter after deadline time but 
may have to take a  point bye for that round. 2 byes max. 

ROUND TIMES: Round 1 =Fri.-7:45PM, Rd.2= Sat.-11AM,Rd. 
Sunday April 22 - Action (Game/50 minutes) Tournament - 4 Round Swiss 
Entry Fee: $30 (Prize fund=65% of all entry money & paid back to all classes) 
(# of Sections depends on turnout) 
Registration: Sun 9-10AM; Rd.1=Sun.10:30, Rd.2=12PM,Rd.3=3PM,Rd.4=5PM 
LOCATION: Jessie Jeans Coffee Shop, 1426 Mendocino Ave., Santa Rosa, Cal 
(707) 526-0929 
DIRECTIONS: TRAVELING NORTH on Hwy 101 take College Exit, turn right, then go 
3 blocks and turn left on Mendocino Ave. Go thru Pacific St. intersection (6 
blocks) and it's on the right (next to Burger  King). Park in rear. TRAVELING 
SOUTH on Hwy 101 take Steel Lane Exit, turn left. Next take a right onto 
Mendocino Ave. and go to next door to Burger King. Park in rear. 
ENTER: Make checks payable and mail (by 4/14) to:
Jerome Weikel, 6578 Valley Wood Dr., Reno, NV 89523. (775) 747-1405. ( Checks not received by Thurs. (4/19) will require cash payment at site (plus $15 late fee).

                                                          ENTRY FORM 






3) Luzhin's Defense comes to the Bay Area

The San Francisco Film Festival is screening The Luzhin Defense on April 23 and 24 at the AMC Kabuki Theaters. The adaptation of the Vladimir Nabakov novel, starring John Turturro, has received excellent reviews. English Grandmaster Jonathan Speelman served as the technical consultant for the movie which was directed by Marleen Gorris.

4) Thursday Afternoon Talks Start

IM John Donaldson has started a series of lunchtime chats on recent chess events. The talks are held Thursdays from noon to 1pm and are free to all.

5) Upcoming Tournaments

April 28-29
Walter Lovegrove Senior Open (players 50 and over)

May 13
Charles Powell Memorial (G/60)

June 2
William Addison Open (5 rounds G/45 at K)

June 8-10
Arthur Stamer Memorial

July 21
Charles Bagby Memorial (G/29- QC)

August 18
Vladimir Pafnutieff Memorial (5 rounds G/45 at K)

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