Mechanics' Institute Chess Room Newsletter #68

"I am not a chess historian, I am a piece of chess history, which no one can ignore."

Wilhelm Steinitz

This Saturday (January 5) the MI will be hosting The Bob Burger Open, a 5 Round Swiss A One Day G/45 Event Rated 1/2 K

1) Onischuk and Kaidanov tie for first in North American Open
2) Wijk aan Zee
3) Changing of the Guard at the USCF
4) UMBC and UTD tie for first at PAN AMs
5) Chess in Sacramento
6) US Championship
7) A Strange Game
8) Upcoming Events

1) Onischuk and Kaidanov tie for first in North American Open

Grandmasters Alexander Onischuk of Denver and Gregory Kaidanov of Lexington tied for first in the North American Open held December 26-29 at Bally's Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Their undefeated scores of 5-1 put them ahead of 13 other GMs. MI Grandmaster-in-Residence Alex Yermolinsky shared third through eighth at 4.5 with fellow GMs Igor Novikov, Gregory Serper, Sergey Kudrin, Ildar Ibragimov and Alexander Goldin. Yermo lost to GM Aaron Summerscale in the quick schedule, but recovered strongly defeating IMs Khacian and Ziatdinov down the stretch.

Peninsula teenager Michael Pearson turned in an excellent result, tying for first in the Expert section with Laura Ross. Yefim Bukh was = 5th in the Under 1800, while Drake Wang and Felix Rudyak had 3.5/6 in the Under 2000.

A total of 486 players participated in the annual Continental Chess Association event.

2) Wijk aan Zee

The latest issue of Mark Crowther's TWIC reports lineups for the Wijk aan Zee 2002 tournament are now set with Ukrainians Vasilly Ivanchuk and Ruslan Ponomariov withdrawing because they will play in the FIDE WCC final match in January. Vladimir Kramnik also withdrew because of his Man vs. Machine match in February. The participants are:
Group A: Garry Kasparov (Rus), Michael Adams (Eng), Peter Leko (Hun), Evgeny Bareev (Rus), Loek Van Wely (Ned), Alexander Khalifman (Rus), Boris Gelfand (Isr), Rustam Kasimdzhanov (Uzb), Dreev (Rus), Alexander Grischuk (Rus), Joel Lautier (Fra), Mikhail Gurevich (Bel), Jeroen Piket (Ned) and Jan Timman (Ned).

Group B: Ivan Sokolov (BIH), Pavel Tregubov (Rus), Mikhail Krasenkow (Pol), Friso Nijboer (Ned), Yu (Chn), John Van der Wiel (Ned), Almira Skrypchenko-Lautier (Mol), Stefanova (Bul), Peng (Ned), Harmen Jonkman (Ned), Cuijpers (Ned) and Werle (Ned).

3) Changing of the Guard at the USCF

There were several significant changes at the USCF over the Holidays. Policy Board Members Helen Warren and Doris Barry resigned in mid-term and a special election will be held this summer to replace them. Frank Niro is taking over for George De Feis as Executive Director. The USCF recently put out the following press release:
Frank Niro, currently President of the US Chess Trust (charitable arm of the USCF) has been appointed Interim Executive Director of the United States Chess Federation. Niro, a full time student on a chess and education graduate fellowship at the University of Texas at Dallas, is a USCF life member with more than 30 years experience as a tournament director, organizer, player, journalist, coach and benefactor.

He has served on the USCF Ethics Committee, as a Delegate to the last two annual USCF meetings, has been an active participant in the planning and development of the World Chess Hall of Fame and Sidney Samole museum in Miami, and previously edited Chess Horizons (1984-86). He is an ICCF (International Correspondence Chess Federation Master who has represented the United States in international correspondence chess competition.

Niro has nearly 25 years nonprofit management experience, having been employed as a hospital administrator and as a management consultant auditor for a national public accounting firm.

Niro is currently working to ensure a smooth transition with outgoing ED & CEO George De Feis, in the national office in New Windsor, NY.

4) UMBC and UTD tie for first at PAN AMs

The University of Maryland, Baltimore County (with Alex Wojtkiewicz playing for them!) and the University of Texas at Dallas tied for first place at the 2001 Pan-American Intercollegiate Team Chess Championship, held Dec. 26-29 in Providence, RI. The two winners drew in round four and won all their remaining matches. Stanford and Berkeley both sent teams. We hope to have more complete results next week.

5) Chess in Sacramento

The Sacramento Chess Club, which meets every Wednesday from 5:30 PM to 10 PM at the Hart Senior Center at 915 27th Street, has continuous activity. NM Michael Aigner and Diane Barnard tied for first with 3-0 scores in the G/20 Octos held December 19. The previous weekend a Masters/Experts event was won by Zoran Lazetich ahead of fellow master Robert Sferra. Lazetich was also victorious in a G/1 Minute event held December 12.

6) US Championship

The US Championships takes place January 5th-13th in Seattle. There are 56 players in the nine round Swiss which will feature several players from the Bay Area including GMs Alex Yermolinsky and Waltr Browne, Guillermo Rey and John Donaldson, SM Vladimir Strugatsky and WGM Camilla Baginskaite. Full coverage will be available at .

7) A Strange Game

MI Newsletter reader IM Eric Tangborn of Seattle passes on the following curiosity in which five pawns and a knight triumph against a lone queen. The game was from a weekend Swiss in which the then Canadian GM absolutely had to win which helps explain his risky play.

Tom Rowan - Peter Biyiasas
Seattle 1975

1.Nf3 g6 2.g3 Bg7 3.Bg2 c5 4.0-0 Nc6 5.d3 Nf6 6.e4 0-0 7.Nc3 d6 8.Nh4 Rb8 9.f4 Nd4 10.h3 b5 11.g4 e6 12.Nf3 Ne8 13.Rb1 f5 14.exf5 gxf5 15.g5 Bb7 16.Be3 Nc7 17.Qd2 e5 18.Rbe1 b4 19.Nd1 Nd5 20.Bxd4 exd4 21.Kh1 Qd7 22.Nh4 Rbe8 23.Bxd5+ Bxd5+ 24.Kg1 Qf7 25.Rxe8 Rxe8 26.Re1 Rxe1+ 27.Qxe1 Bc6 28.Qe2 a5 29.Kf2 a4 30.b3 a3 31.Ng2 Qd5 32.Kg3 h6 33.h4 Kh7 34.Qf1 Kg6 35.Ne1 Qe6 36.Kf2 Kh5 37.Kg3 Bb7 38.Ng2 Bxg2 39.Kxg2 Qd5+ 40.Kg3 hxg5 41.hxg5 Qe6 42.Qf3+ Kg6 43.Kf2 d5 44.Qe2 Qd7 45.Kg3 Bf8 46.Nf2 Bd6 47.Nh3 Qc8 48.Ng1 Kg7 49.Qh5 Qe6 50.Qe2 Qf7 51.Nh3 c4 52.dxc4 dxc4 53.bxc4 Qc7 54.Qe6 d3 55.Qf6+ Kg8 56.cxd3 b3 57.axb3 a2 58.Qg6+ Kf8 59.Qxf5+ Ke7 60.Qe4+ Be5 61.Qh7+ Kf8 62.Qf5+ Kg7 63.fxe5 Qf7 64.Qf6+ Qxf6 65.gxf6+ Kg6 66.Nf4+ Kf7 67.Kg4 a1Q 68.Kf5 Qa5 69.b4 Qxb4 70.e6+ Kg8 71.f7+ Kg7 72.Ng6 Qc5+ 73.Ne5 Qf2+ 74.Ke4 Qg2+ 75.Kd4 Qb2+ 76.Kd5 Qb7+ 77.Kd6 Qb8+ 78.Ke7 Qb4+ 79.Ke8 Qf8+ 80.Kd7 Kf6 81.Nc6 Qa8 82.d4 Qb7+ 83.Kd6 Qc8 84.d5 Kg7 85.Ne5 Qb8+ 86.Ke7 Kh7 87.Nd7 1-0

8) Upcoming Events

January looks to be an especially busy events in Northern California with events at the MI, Palo Alto, Hercules and Santa Rosa.

Those looking for weekly rated games should check out the Berkeley Chess Club which meets at Epworth Church in North Berkeley just off Martn Luther King near Hopkins. Play starts at 8 pm but you need to register by 7:30. Gilman is the easiest exit off I-80 and bus #43 goes within a block of the site which is about a mile from the downtown Berkeley BART. Call Alan Glascoe at (510) 652-5324 for more information.

The Bob Burger Open Saturday, January 5, 2002
5 Round Swiss A One Day G/45 Event Rated 1/2 K

$600 - total, based on 25 paid entries.
1st 200, 2nd $100, top U2200 $90, U2000 $75, U1800 $70, U1600 $65.
$25 for MI members, $30 for non-members, $5 discount to juniors Late fee of $5 for entries received after December 27th. Make checks payable to the Mechanics' Institute. REGISTRATION: 9AM-9:30AM ROUNDS: 10am, 12pm, 2pm, 4pm, 6pm
For more information: (415) 421-2258 or Email us

Jan. 25-27 GPP: 15 N. California
Bay Area Masters Winter Grand Prix I.
Open to players rated 2200 USCF and above (Dec. 2001 rating list).
5SS, 30/90+ G/15. Mechanics' Institute, 57 Post St., San Francisco. $$1700 b/22 pd. ent's: $1000-500-200. EF: $100 by 1/22, $120 after. Reg: 1/25 4-4:30, GMs/IMs free. Rds: 1/25 5, 1/26 & 1/27 11-5.
Ent/Info: Guillermo Rey, 435 Firecrest Ave., Pacifica, CA 94044.
650-355-0305, FIDE rated.
* Two other similar tournaments will be held during the first half of the year as part of the Grand Prix. The player who scores the most total points in all three tournaments will receive an additional $300. Tournaments dates will be announced soon.( Before the end of 2001).


January 6 Palo Alto Chess Festival
6SS, G/30, Rated at 1/2K. Palo Alto JCC, 655 Arastradero Rd.. $$b/60: Open: $500-250, U2200 $300, U2000 $250, U1800 $220, U1600 $200, U1400/Unr. $180. EF: $50 by 12/15, $60 by 1/3, $65 at door. Reg: 9-10am. Rds: 10-11:30-1-2:30-4-5:30. Ent: Cks payable to Lev Grzhonko, 440 9th Ave. #3, S.F., CA 94118. E-mail:

January 12-13. Region XI Women's Open
4SS, G/90. Menlo Park Recreation Center, 701 Laurel St. Menlo Park, CA. Open to all Females. EF: $15 by 12/30, $30 after. $$G: $250-150-100-75-60-50-40. Trophy to top region resident. Part of Sojourner Truth Chess Festival, see website for details, entry form, maps, hotels. Reg: S 9-9:30am. Rds: 10-2, Sun. 10-2. Ent: Equality Chess, 2030 Mills Ave., Menlo Park, CA 94025, fax 650-854-2557. Info: Doug Shaker, 650-854-9793,, NS,NC,W

January 12-13. Sojourner Truth Chess Tournament for Girls
5SS, Menlo Park Recreation Center, 701 Laurel St, Menlo Park.
Open to any girl USCF member grade 12 or under, any state.
Homeschoolers welcome.
10 sections by grade level: K & 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10, 11 & 12.
Prize trophies to top 10 in each section, participation trophies. K-6 section: G/30. S 1/13. Rds: 10-11:15-1:15-2:30-3:45. 7-12 section: G/60. S 1/13 rds: 10-1:15-3:45, Sun 1/14 Rds: 10-1:15. EF: $25 rec'd by 12/30, $40 after. $5 Calchess discount.
Reg: Sat: 9-9:30am. See website for entry forms, map, etc. Ent: Equality Chess, 2030 Mills Ave., Menlo Park, CA 94025, fax 650-854-2557. Info: Doug Shaker, 650-854-9793,, NS,NC,W

January 19-20 Santa Rosa Championship
4SS, G/2. Jessie Jean's Coffee House and Deli, 1426 Mendocino Ave, San Rosa. $$G 1000. Open (all): $250-175. Reserve: 1500-1899 $200-125. Booster: U1500 $150-100. ALL EF: $35 rec'd by 1/14, $40 at site. Reg: 8:30-9:30. Rds: 10-3, 10-3. Bring Equipment-None provided. Ent: Mike Goodall, 461 Peachstone Terrace, San Rafael, CA 94903. Info: 415-491-1269 (no entries).NS,NC,W.

January 26-27 Hercules Amateur Championship
One section U2200, 4 rounds, G/2 $$1,200 (based on 45) 350-250-150, Best A $130, B $120, C $100, D/E/Unr. $100 E.F $35.00 If postmarked by 1/18/01 after $40.00 at site. Send entries to: Rico Adkins, Tourn Director 15696 Crestwood Dr. #172 San Pablo, CA 94806

March 23-24 4th Annual Bay Area Ohlone Tourney
4SS, 30/90, SD/60 College Cafeteria, 43600 Mission Blvd., Fremont, CA.
$$(1620 b/100 full entries). 3 sects: Open, open to all. EF $35 if received by 3/21,$40 at site. $$ 300-170-100, U2100 $$ 155, 100. Reserve, open to U1900. EF : $ 35 if received by 3/21, $40 at site. $$ 200-80-70, U1700 $165, 80.Booster, open to U1500. EF: $35 if received by 3/21, $40 at site, $$ 100-60-40. Prizes: Trophy in each sect. +Trophy for best 3 mem. Team. Special EF:Scholastic rated U1100 or new USCF mem., Collegiate/ USCF mem. attending College, $30 in adv., $35 at site. All: $3 CalChess discount. Reg.9-9:30 amRds. Sat. 10-3:30, Sun. 9:30-3. Ent/Info: Hans Poschmann, 4621 Seneca Park Ave., Fremont, CA 94538,

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