Mechanics' Institute Chess Room Newsletter #76

"Of all the personal qualities which are important at the board, determination is perhaps the most significant. Some players' see the gloom ahead of them, with only the distant prospect of at most half a point, and become despondent."
     GM John Nunn
1) Winter Tuesday Night Marathon
2) David Pruess chess class featured in Berkeley Voice
3) Russian GM Sergey Makarichev visits MI
4) Class Prize Winners at People's Open
5) San Francisco-East Bay Match 1949
6) Cal Chess Membership
7) Upcoming Tournaments

Special Announcement - The MI will host it's annual three day Amateur Championship honoring the late A.J. Fink starting this Friday (March 1) at 6:30 PM. Full details below under upcoming tournaments.

1) Winter Tuesday Night Marathon

Igor Margulis and Larry Snyder lead the Tuesday Night Marathon with 6-1 scores with a round to go. David Blohm is third at 5 1/2.

2) David Pruess chess class featured in Berkeley Voice

Senior Master David Pruess and his free Tuesday evening chess class at the Albany Public Library (6-8 pm , 1247 Marin Avenue) were featured on the front page of the February 22 edition of the Berkeley Voice.

3) Russian GM Sergey Makarichev visits MI

Moscow GM Sergey Makarichev and his wife master M. Makaricheva Ostrovskaya visited the Mechanics' Institute yesterday and did some filming for a future episode of their popular weekly chess program that airs on Russian television.

4) Class Prize Winners at People's Open

Expert - Matthew Ho
Class A - Paul Ganem
Class B - Pierre Vachon
Class C- David Bischel and Juan Ventosa

5) San Francisco-East Bay Match 1949

From the May 1949 California Chess News, a short-lived predecessor of the California Chess Reporter, put out by George Koltanowski.

Mechanics' Institute
   by Clark Jonas

The Chess Committee of the Mechanics' Institute recently planned an Open tournament that should be started when you receive this issue. The Open Tournament will be followed by the Major Club Championship.

In order to keep activity in the Mechanics' this will be followed by a Queen's Gambit Accepted Tournament (This way one may "brush up" on the accepted gambit which is not often played).

On the 12th of March, fifty-two players from the Bay Area gathered at the Mechanics' Chess Club for their periodic chess match. Full score follows:

San Francisco East Bay

Bagby 1 Barlow 0
Fink 1 Capps 0
Donnelly 1/2 - Branch 1/2
Pafnutieff 0 - Konkel 1/2
Svalberg 0- Falconer 1
Gross 1/2 - Preo 1/2
Ralston 1/2 - Ruys 1/2
Pruner 1/2 - McClain 1/2
Boyette 1/2 - Meyer 1/2
Dudley 1/2 - Sedlack 1/2
Wolf 0 - Stamer 1
Pedersen 1 Christensen 0
Jonas 0 Wilson 1
Maxwell 0 Ledgerwood 1
Kondrashoff 0 Austin 1
Abella 0 Bean 1
Rothe 0 Lynch 1
Russell 0 Neilson 1
Leeds 1 Hiatt 0
Keil 1/2 - Cuneo 1/2
Shinkin 0 - Trenbarth 1
Harrison 0 - Freeman 1
Bendit 1 - Gonzalez 0
Radaikin 0 - McCarthy 1
Carlson 0 - Willows 1
Stevens 1 - Fredgren 0

9 1/2 - 16 1/2

6) Cal Chess Membership

Cal Chess, the official body representing the United States Chess Federation in Northern California, is becoming increasingly more active under President Tom Dorsch and California Chess Journal Editor Frisco del Rosario and deserves support. Members receive discounts on the entry fee to many chess tournaments in Northern California as well as a subscription to the bimonthly Journal which includes annotations by the likes of GM Alex Yermolinsky. The cost of a years membership is $15 ($13 for scholastic). Contact Tom Dorsch at POB 7453, Menlo Park CA 94026. (650) 322-0955

7) Upcoming Events


The A. J. Fink Amateur Championship March 1-3, 2002 5 Round Swiss Open to all rated under 2000 USCF
Round One (Game in 2 - Time Control for 1st Rd only! ) : 6:30pm - March 1st
Round Two: 10:00am , Round Three: 4:00 pm - March 2nd
Round Four: 10:00am, Round Five: 4:00pm - March 3rd
Late Registration is from 5-6 pm on March 1st Time Control: 30/90; G/1 (with the exception of Round one which is Game in 2)
Entry Fee: $35 by March 26th. $40. after. $5. discount to MI members Prizes: ($1200 b/40) :$300-$200-$100. B $125/70 C $115/65 D $105/50 Unrated $70

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The Max Wilkerson Open Saturday, March 30, 2002
5 Round Swiss A One Day G/45 Event Rated 1/2 K
$600 - total, based on 25 paid entries.
1st 200, 2nd $100, top U2200 $90, U2000 $75, U1800 $70, U1600 $65.
$25 for MI members, $30 for nonmembers, $5 discount to juniors
Late fee of $5 for entries received after March 26th. Make checks payable to the Mechanics' Institute.
10am, 12pm, 2pm, 4pm, 6pm
For more information: (415) 421-2258 or Email us

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Mar. 23-24. 4th Annual Bay Area Ohlone Tourney.4SS, 30/90, SD/60 College Cafeteria, 43600 Mission Blvd., Fremont, CA.$$(1620 b/100 full entries). 3 sects: Open, open to all. EF $35 if received by 3/21,$40 at site. $$ 300-170-100, U2100 $$ 155, 100. Reserve, open to U1900. EF : $ 35 if received by 3/21, $40 at site. $$ 200-80-70, U1700 $165, 80.Booster, open to U1500. EF: $35 if received by 3/21, $40 at site, $$ 100-60-40. Prizes: Trophy in each sect. +Trophy for best 3 mem. Team. Special EF: Scholastic rated U1100 or new USCF mem., Collegiate/ USCF mem. attending College, $30 in adv., $35 at site. All: $3 CalChess discount. Reg.9-9:30 am Rds. Sat. 10-3:30, Sun. 9:30-3. Ent/Info: Hans Poschmann, 4621 Seneca Park Ave., Fremont, CA 94538,

National Events

Confirmed GMs: Alexander Onischuk, Alexander Goldin, Ildar Ibragimov, Gregory Kaidanov, Leonid Yudasin, Yury Shulman, Dmitry Gurevich, Gregory Serper, Pavel Blatny (CZ), Daniels Fridman (LAT), Nikola Mitkov (MKD), Vladimir Georgiev (BUL), Anatoly Lein. IMs are: Boris Kreiman, Florian Felecan, Nikolay Andrianov, Aneglo Young, Osman Palos, John Watson, Dominik Pedzich, William Paschall, Edward Formanek, and John Donaldson

*A U.S. Championship Qualifier*
Feb. 28-Mar. 3 GPP: 200 Illinois
2002 U.S. Masters: Eugene Martinovsky Memorial.
"The Homecoming of the American Master" 7SS, 40/2, SD/1. Hyatt Regency Oak Brook, 1909 Spring Rd., Oak Brook, IL. 630-573-1234. Free parking. Adjacent to Oak Brook Shopping Ctr. Open to players 2200+ or all who have ever been so rated, plus invited jrs. rated 2000+. EF: $85 rec'd by 2/20; $100 later until 2/25. No site ent's. GMs/IMs play free., confirm IN WRITING by 2/20. $$22,000 Gtd: $6000-4000-2500-1500-1000-700. 2400-2499: $600-350-150; 2300-2399: $600-350-150; 2200-2299: $500-250-100; U2200: $500-250-100. Top non-master jr: $400. Plus $1500 in pt. pool prizes to non-winners of above prizes. $200 Best Game Prize, $150 Best Endgame, $150 Best Combo. HR: $94 sgl./dbl. Mention US Masters & res. by phone/mail by 2/14 for chess rate. 1/2 pt. bye avail. in rds 1 or 2, must commit w/ent. Rds: 2/28 8pm; 3/1 10:30-5; 3/2 10:30-5; 3/3 9:30-4. Sets/boards provided, bring clocks. Ent: Cks payable to Midwest Chess Assoc., Helen Warren, PO Box 305, Western Springs, IL 60558. 630-663-0688, FAX 630-663-0689, VISA/MC. NS,NC,W.FIDE.

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