Mechanics' Institute Chess Room Newsletter # 78

"One of the most common mistakes a player can make, is to play mindlessly along, repeating known ideas, used before in similar situations. The player thinks he is playing by the book, but because one or two details are askew, the position is different and should be evaluated differently."
   GM Yasser Seirawan

1) Yermo and Browne tie for first in National Open
2) Class Prize Winners Winter Tuesday Night Marathon
3) Bobby Fischer turns 59
4) Cal Chess Membership
5) Upcoming Events

1) Yermo and Browne tie for first in National Open

MI GM-in-Residence Alex Yermolinsky and six time US Champion Walter Browne tied for first in the 2002 National Open held March 8-10 at the Riviera Hotel in Las Vegas. The two Bay Area GMs faced tough opposition. Browne defeated GMs Ibragimov and V. Georgiev while Yermo beat GM Blatny and IMs Kraai and De Guzman. The two winners, who drew n the final round, each received $5250 and a spot in the 2003 US Championship. Well done!

There was a five way tie for third through eight at 5-1 between GMs Gallagher, Pelletier, Blatny and Kudrin, plus IMs Sarkar and Akobian. Sergey Kudrin and Justin Sarkar also qualified for the US Championship and it would appear that IM Ben Finegold and Anna Levina (top woman) also won a ticket to Seattle. This remains to be confirmed, as the Seattle Chess Foundation has not yet put up the qualifiers on its website.

Many Bay Area players competed in the 197 player open section which included 21 GMs and 16 IMs. Those on 50% or more were: 4 points: IM De Guzman, SM Strugatsky and NM Stearns; 3 1/2 points:IM Rey, IM Shipman, SM Zilberstein, NM Nambiar; 3 points: NM Schiller and NM Morkunaite.

Swiss GM Vadim Milov turned in a sensational performance in the game in ten minutes championship held on March 11. He scored 7 1/2 out of 8 defeating four GMs en route. SM Emory Tate and GM Joseph Gallagher tied for second at 6 1/2. The National Open, organized as usual by Al Losoff, attracted over 700 entries. A list of Bay Area players in the other sections will follow next week.

2) Prize Winners Winter Tuesday Night Marathon

1st-2nd Igor Margulis and Larry Snyder $237.50
3rd + 1st Expert David Blohm, Victor Ossipov, Igor Traub, and James Jones $61.25 each
1st A Steven Krasnov $119
1st B Nicolas Yap $118
1st C Michael Lum $117
1st D Bryan Bilby $116

3) Bobby Fischer turns 59

Bobby Fischer turned 59 on March 9. the Chicago native, who grew up in Brooklyn, made two public appearances in the Bay Area during his career. In July of 1957 hew won the US Junior Championship held at the Spreckles Russell Dairy auditorium in the Mission district. Seven years later, on April 13, Bobby gave a 50 board simul at the MI, where he scored + 38 - 4 = 8. Among those who participated in the event, and still active today, are NM Bob Burger, Max Willkerson, NM David Blohm, NM Tom Dorsch and Paul Vayssie.

4) Cal Chess Membership

Cal Chess, the official body representing the United States Chess Federation in Northern California, is becoming increasingly more active under President Tom Dorsch and California Chess Journal Editor Frisco del Rosario and deserves support. Members receive discounts on the entry fee to many chess tournaments in Northern California as well as a subscription to the bimonthly Journal which includes annotations by the likes of GM Alex Yermolinsky. The cost of a years membership is $15 ($13 for scholastic). Contact Tom Dorsch at POB 7453, Menlo Park CA 94026. (650) 322-0955

5) Upcoming Events

The Max Wilkerson Open Saturday, March 30, 2002
5 Round Swiss A One Day G/45 Event Rated 1/2 K
$600 - total, based on 25 paid entries.
1st 200, 2nd $100, top U2200 $90, U2000 $75, U1800 $70, U1600 $65.
ENTRY FEE: $25 for MI members, $30 for nonmembers, $5 discount to juniors
Late fee of $5 for entries received after March 26th. Make checks payable to the Mechanics' Institute.
10am, 12pm, 2pm, 4pm, 6pm
For more information: (415) 421-2258 or Email us

Print/Clip/Send NAME:_______________________________________________
STATE AND ZIP:____________ USCF #ID:______________________
RATING:____________ DISCOUNTS:______________ TOTAL:_________


Mar. 23-24. 4th Annual Bay Area Ohlone Tourney.
4SS, 30/90, SD/60
College Cafeteria, 43600 Mission Blvd., Fremont, CA.
$$(1620 b/100 full entries). 3 sects: Open, open to all.
EF $35 if received by 3/21,$40 at site.
$$ 300-170-100, U2100 $$ 155, 100. Reserve, open to U1900. EF : $ 35 if received by 3/21, $40 at site. $$ 200-80-70, U1700 $165, 80. Booster, open to U1500. EF: $35 if received by 3/21, $40 at site, $$ 100-60-40.
Prizes: Trophy in each sect. +Trophy for best 3 mem. Team. Special EF: Scholastic rated U1100 or new USCF mem., Collegiate/ USCF mem. attending College, $30 in adv., $35 at site. All: $3 CalChess discount. Reg.9-9:30 amRds. Sat. 10-3:30, Sun. 9:30-3.
Ent/Info: Hans Poschmann, 4621 Seneca Park Ave., Fremont, CA 94538,

Hercules Open April 27th and 28th

$1,350 based on 50 paid entries at The Mechanics Bank (Operations Center), 725 Alfred Noble Dr., in Hercules, CA!!
Directions: From SF/Berkeley: take Interstate I-80 East to State Route 4/ Hercules Exit -(willow Rd.). Make right turn off ramp onto Willow Rd. then make another right turn at light onto Sycamore Dr. Then a right turn at light on San Pablo Ave. Then make a left turn on John Muir Parkway, entrance to North Shore Business Park at the intersection of John Muir Parkway and San Pablo Ave. Then make the only right turn onto Alfred Noble Dr. Go up the hill to 725 Alfred Noble Dr. The Mechanics Bank.
From State Hwy 4: Travel East on State HWY 4 to John Muir Parkway Exit. Keep straight into the North Shore Business Park at the intersection of San Pablo Ave. and John Muir Parkway. Then make the only right turn onto Alfred Noble Dr. Go up hill to 725 The Mechanics Bank (Operations Center).
From Vallejo/ Napa: take Interstate I-80 West to Willow Rd. Exit. Make Right off interstate and go up to San Pablo Ave.-Make the only left turn. Make a Right turn onto John Muir Parkway at the intersection of State Route 4 and John Muir Pkwy, into the North Shore Business Park. Then make the only right turn on Alfred Noble Dr. Go up hill to 725 The Mechanics Bank.
Free Parking / skittles room!
See the most beautiful site in the East Bay!!

One Section: 4 Round Swiss, G/2, (Limited to 50 Players) $350-250-150, Best X $140, Best A $130, Best B $120, Best C $110, Best D/E/Unr. $100.
Pre-entries: $35.00 if postmarked by 4/20/01; $40.00 at site/no checks at site.
Make checks payable and send to: Rico Adkins, 15696 Crestwood Dr. #172, San Pablo, CA 94806. Please include your name, address, & USCF number and Exp. Date, and rating with entry.
Byes must commit before first round. USCF membership required, membership renewal available at site. Apr. Supplement used.
Questions/ Info. (510) 262-9061/e-mail: Reg. ends at Sat 9:30 am. Rounds: Sat 10:30am, 3:30pm; Sun 10am 3:00pm. Bring sets, clocks.

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