Mechanics' Institute Chess Room Newsletter #83

"I refused to believe that Black was lost. Looking at the position, I felt there must be a defense, and looking at the previous play, I liked all of Black's moves! Not trying to find a defense for Black would have meant admitting that something was wrong with my concept of chess strategy."
   GM Bent Larsen

1) Cyrus Lakdawala wins 2nd Imre Konig Memorial
2) Spring Tuesday Night Marathon
3) Northern California State Scholastic
4) MI Chess History
5) The Turk
6) Upcoming Events

1) Cyrus Lakdawala wins 2nd Imre Konig Memorial

IM-elect Cyrus Lakdawala of San Diego won the 2nd Imre Konig Memorial held April 13 at the MI with a 5-0 score. Other prize winners were:

2nd and Top A: Egle Morkunaite and Ben Haun 
1st Expert: Monty Peckham. 
1st B: Mariusz Krubnik, Wesley Chen and Daichi Siegrist  
1st C: Joe Davis  

2) Spring Tuesday Night Marathon

Russell Wong defeated fellow National Master Rudy Hernandez to take over sole first in the Spring Tuesday Night Marathon with a score of 4-0. Half a point behind are NM David Blohm, Expert Larry Snyder and Steven Krasnov. Sixty-one players are competing in the eight round event.

3) Northern California State Scholastic

MI Scholastic Chess Director Anthony Corrales reports on the recent State Scholastic Championship.

"The 2002 St Ch. in Monterey had more than 1000 participants, a surprise to everyone, including the organizers. In the K-12 Open, IM Vinay Bhat won with 6-0, flagging MI member Michael Pearson (3rd place) with 8 seconds in the final game of the tournament. Ben Haun had 2nd place with 5.5 pts and Monty Peckham had 5pts for 4th place. Elisha Garg (1309) of the MI had 4.5 pts (16th place) to help the MI team win convincingly.

The K-8 Open was won by Daniel Schwarz of Sacramento, followed closely by Nicolas Yap (MI), Ricky Yu, Ankit Gupta, and Drake Wang(MI).With only three players in this section, the MI team came in 4th place overall, only a few points behind 1st. Next year we will have 4 players...

The K-6 Open was won by the MI with 21pts (of 24). There was a three way tie for first, all familiar faces at the MI (Daichi Siegrist, Anand Kesavaraju, and David Chock). Team members Ben Laufer, Shaun Tse, and Davis Xu had 5 pts to score well within the top 20. Aly Patterson, rated 858, had a performance rating of 1080 for the tournament.

Three members of our Wednseday beginner's class competed in the K-3 premier section, all scoring 4-1 for a tie for 7-27th place. This was their first tournament, a great showing for Hugo Kitano, Kathryn Nunnally, and Niko Takayesu. Great job to all!!"

4) MI Chess History

71-year-old National Master Eugene Levin of San Jose has been an active Bay Area player for many years, but he first developed as a chess player in the Los Angeles. An article by Jim Cross in the January 1950 issue of George Koltanowski's short-lived Chess Digest tells the story.

At the age of nineteen Eugene Levin is already one of the strongest players in the Southland area. He has a swashbuckling style of play, preferring wide-open positions which provide a full range for his first-class ability with combinations. Often reviving "worn-out" opening lines, with surprising success, Eugene has terminated many a game with a sharp, well-calculated tactical onslaught.

Having learned the game at the age of six from his father, Jacob Levin, he didn't start studying the game seriously until 1944. His first tournament victory came in '45 when he won first prize in the Scholastic Division of the famous Pan American Tournament. In 1946 he won the State Junior Championship and a trip to Chicago where he competed in the National Junior Championship and added another trophy to his shelf by winning first prize in the Consolation Division. Right after that he traveled to Pittsburgh along with Herman Steiner and myself to play in the US Open Tournament where he played excellent chess against some of the strongest players in the country. Eugene was a member of the victorious Metropolitan Team Champions in 1948, the Hollywood Chess Group, and still plays one of the top boards in all of their matches. At present he is President and Club Champion of the UCLA Chess Club where he has done much to further the cause of chess by promoting matches with other school and local clubs.

5) The Turk is coming to town

Do you remember the Turk? No, we are not talking about Grandmaster Suat Atalik of Istanbul, but the famous chessplaying machine of the 18th century which is the subject of a recent book (THE TURK: The Life and Times of the Famous Eighteenth Century-Chess Playing Machine) by Tom Standage. He will be talking about "Thinking about Thinking Machines, 1769-2002" and signing copies of THE TURK in San Francisco on the following dates:

   * May 28 @ 7:00 PM: The Booksmith, 1644 Haight Street    * May 29 @ 12:30 PM: Stacey's Booksellers, 581 Market Street

For additional information about the book and/or Tom Standage, please visit

6) Upcoming Events

Mechanics' Institute Event:

The Walter Lovegrove Senior Open April 27th -28th, 2002
4 Round Swiss Open to players 50 and over
Round One 10:00am, Round Two 4:30 - April 27th...............
Round Three10:00am, Round Four 4:30 - April 28th Late Registration is from 9-9:30 am on April 27th.
Time Control: 50/2, SD/1 Entry Fee:$30 for MI members, $35 for non-members. Both $5 more after April 24th. $2 discount to CalChess members.
Prizes (600 b/20) :$200-$125-$75. Class A: $80, Class B: $65, Class C and under: $55

May 10-12 GPP: 15 N. California
Bay Area Masters Spring Grand Prix II.
Open to players rated 2200 & above on the April 2002 USCF rating list. 5SS, 30/90, 30/60, SD/15. Mechanics' Institute, 57 Post St., San Francisco. $$1700 b/22 pd. ents: $1000-500-200. EF: $100 by May 7, $120 after, GMs & IMs free. Reg: 5/10 4-4:30, Rds: 5pm, 11-5, 11-5. Ent/Info: Guillermo Rey, 435 Firecrest Ave., Pacifica, CA 94044. (650) 355-0305, FIDE rated.May 11-12 GPP: 30 Maryland

May 18 2nd Charles Powell Memorial G/45 at the MI
PRIZES:$600 - total, based on 25 paid entries.
1st 200, 2nd $100, top U2200 $90, U2000 $75, U1800 $70, U1600 $65. ENTRY FEE:
$25 for MI members, $30 for non-members, $5 discount to juniors
Late fee of $5 for entries received after May 14. Make checks payable to the Mechanics' Institute. REGISTRATION:
9AM-9:30AM ROUNDS: 10am, 12pm, 2pm, 4pm, 6pm For more information: (415) 421-2258 or Email us

June 7-9 Stamer Memorial

Jun. 14-16 GPP: 15 N. California
Bay Area Masters Summer Grand Prix III.
Open to players rated 2200 & above on the June 2002 USCF rating list. 5SS, 30/90, 30/60, SD/15. Mechanics' Institute, 57 Post St., San Francisco. $$1700 b/22 pd. ents: $1000-500-200. EF: $100 by 6/11, $120 after, GMs & IMs free. Reg: 5/10 4-4:30, Rds: 5pm, 11-5, 11-5. Ent/Info: Guillermo Rey, 435 Firecrest Ave., Pacifica, CA 94044. (650) 355-0305, FIDE rated.Jun. 21-23 GPP: 15 Arizona

June 22 2nd William Addison Open G/45 (same details as Powell)

Regional Events:

Hercules Open April 27th and 28th

$1,350 based on 50 paid entries at The Mechanics Bank (Operations Center), 725 Alfred Noble Dr., in Hercules, CA!!
Directions: From SF/Berkeley: take Interstate I-80 East to State Route 4/ Hercules Exit -(willow Rd.). Make right turn off ramp onto Willow Rd. then make another right turn at light onto Sycamore Dr. Then a right turn at light on San Pablo Ave. Then make a left turn on John Muir Parkway, entrance to North Shore Business Park at the intersection of John Muir Parkway and San Pablo Ave. Then make the only right turn onto Alfred Noble Dr. Go up the hill to 725 Alfred Noble Dr. The Mechanics Bank.
From State Hwy 4: Travel East on State HWY 4 to John Muir Parkway Exit. Keep straight into the North Shore Business Park at the intersection of San Pablo Ave. and John Muir Parkway. Then make the only right turn onto Alfred Noble Dr. Go up hill to 725 The Mechanics Bank (Operations Center).
From Vallejo/ Napa: take Interstate I-80 West to Willow Rd. Exit. Make Right off interstate and go up to San Pablo Ave.-Make the only left turn. Make a Right turn onto John Muir Parkway at the intersection of State Route 4 and John Muir Pkwy, into the North Shore Business Park. Then make the only right turn on Alfred Noble Dr. Go up hill to 725 The Mechanics Bank.
Free Parking / skittles room! See the most beautiful site in the East Bay!!

One Section: 4 Round Swiss, G/2, (Limited to 50 Players)
$350-250-150, Best X $140, Best A $130, Best B $120, Best C $110, Best D/E/Unr. $100.
Pre-entries: $35.00 if postmarked by 4/20/01; $40.00 at site/no checks at site. Make checks payable and send to: Rico Adkins, 15696 Crestwood Dr. #172, San Pablo, CA 94806. Please include your name, address, & USCF number and Exp. Date, and rating with entry. Byes must commit before first round. USCF membership required, membership renewal available at site. Apr. Supplement used. Questions/ Info. (510) 262-9061/e-mail: Reg. ends at Sat 9:30 am. Rounds: Sat 10:30am, 3:30pm; Sun 10am 3:00pm. Bring sets, clocks.

CalChess San Mateo Swiss
May and 5

Four USCF-rated games for $20! No cash prizes, an inexpensive weekend Swiss! Support your state organization! Any profit from this event will benefit CalChess!
CalChess San Mateo Swiss
When: May 4 and 5, 2002
Where: American Legion Hall, 130 South Blvd., San Mateo (from Highway 92 in San Mateo, exit El Camino Real north, first right on 17th Ave., first left on Palm, first right on South Blvd.).
Format: Four-round Swiss in eight sections: Master, Expert, A, B, C, D, E, Under 1000 (Ratings from April 2002 supplement will be used; strict class divisions: no one plays up).
Round Times: 11 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. both days (half-point byes available all rounds, bye for round 4 must be requested before May 4). Late registration 10 a.m. Saturday.
Time Control: Sudden death in 2 hours.
Prizes: Three trophies or plaques in each section.
Entry Fee: $20 to CalChess members (membership expiration dates before May 1, 2002), $40 to non-members, if received by May 1. $10 more at site. USCF membership required.
A one-year membership in CalChess gives you discounted entry fees into participating tournaments, and six issues of the award-winning California Chess Journal A regular one-year membership costs $15.
Registration and Information: Tournament director Frisco Del Rosario, 126 15th Ave., San Mateo CA 94402-2414 (650) 868-5187 no calls before 4 p.m., e-mail preferred to
Graphic: Beneath the San Mateo/Hayward Bridge

Name ____________________________________________________________________
Address ___________________________________________________________________
City _______________________________________ State ___________ Zip ___________
E-mail address ______________________________ Phone_________________________
USCF ID# __________________________________ Exp. date _______ Rating _________

Checks payable to Frisco Del Rosario ($20 entry fee for CalChess members, $40 for non-members who may join CalChess for $15 for one year, $28 for two years, $41 for three years, scholastic memberships $13 for one year), mail to 126 Fifteenth Ave., San Mateo CA 94402.

Jun. 1-2 GPP: 6 N. California
The Class Struggle.
4SS, G/2. Martin Luther King Jr. Student Union, corner of Bancroft & Telegraph Ave., U.C. Berkeley Campus. Parking $5 all day at corner of Bancfoft & Fulton, bring quarters. $$2,000 Gtd. Open: (All) $300-150. X: $250-125. A: $200-110. B: $175-90. C: $150-80. D: $125-75. E: $100-70. Unr. must play in Open sect. Sects. may be combined. Reg: 6/1 8:30-9:30, Rds: 10-3, 10-3. EF: $30 by 5/25, $40 after, $5 disc. to UC students.
Don't mail ents. After 5/25 as campus mail is slow. Players may play up for $10 additional. One 1/2 pt. bye avail., must be takent at reg. Please bring equip., none provided. TD: Richard Koepcke. Info: 650-964-2640, no phone ents! Ent: ASUC/Superb Prod.-Academic Games, 5 Eshleman Hall, #4500, Berkeley, CA 94720-4500. NS,NC,W,FIDE.

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