North American Chess Reporter

Vol. 3, No. 20 October-November 1933 (Reuben Fine won the Western Association championship win a 12-1 score; Samuel Reshevsky was 2nd with a 11-2 and Arthur Dake was 3rd. Meyer Schleifer won the Los Angeles Chess & Checker Club championship with a score of 24.5-3.5. "How I Play Chess Positionally." by W.J. Prewett, Auburn, Calif.)

Vol. 3, No. 21 December 1933 (Irving Kashdan, of Pasadena, recently sent Titleholder Frank J. Marshall a formal challenge to play a match for the United States championship. Meyer R. Schleifer won the 1933-34 Southern California championship by a score of 8.5-.5. Balboa High School won the championship of the San Francisco HS league by a score of 21-3.)

The North American Chess Reporter was formally known as: The Chess Reporter (The Chess Journal of the Pacific West).

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