Precita Valley CHESS HERALD
Vol. 2, No. 3, March 1957

Let's Get Acquainted
(Jim Reynolds)

WHEN HE WAS RECOGNIZE as a chess master "Mac" simply would not believe it!! He denounced USCF's Harkness System instead! That's GUTHRIE McCLAIN --, he doesn't want any recognition for anything unless he has earned it!

One thing "Mac", as Guthrie McClain is called by his friends, does deserve is credit for editing a fine periodical in THE CALIFORNIA CHESS REPORTER, official organ of the California State Chess Federation. Through this publication "Mac" has more or less been the guiding light for the CSCF. Mr. McClain, of course, does much for the organization as chairman of their board of directors. He is also V.P. of the USCF.

"Mac" was on a team that represented this area a few years ago that went on a European tour. This particular team was not out to be a world beater, the idea mainly being to create some friendship in chess circles between our country and those in Europe.

Getting back to his rating, McClain was surprised to find himself rated a master last year, considering other rated experts of California his betters. "Mac" says he will not be a master long, quote, "I did lousy in the U.S. open!". He figures Henry Gross, who we introduced in the last issue, a better player. Strange as it seems, "Mac" always seems to manage to come up with the white pieces whenever playing for the club championship against Gross in the Castle Chess Club! It seems he was the T.D. there. Perhaps, since he considers Henry to be the better player, that Mr. Gross should be handicapped with the black pieces!

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