Precita Valley CHESS HERALD
Vol. 2, No. 6, June 1957

North-South Match Highlights

The pre-game remarks deserve some comment. CSCF President George Geohler gave each captain exactly one minute to give a pep talk. The minute was not needed. Guthrie McClain (North) was given the floor first and his remark was, "Charlie Henderson has about 15 more players than I have, but all I can say is he must really be scraping the bottom of the barrel!" Charlie Henderson (South) also cut out his speech short with, "All I can say is I'm betting my money on the South--, McClain is betting OTHER people's money on the North!"

Whether these short blasts had anything to do with the outcome of the match is anybody's guess. As it was there weren't too many members at the meeting. Important issues were being discussed. For one thing there was that rating business. It is this reporter's opinion that the general feeling was that nobody felt that Kenneth Harkness was rating California chess players incorrectly, but since nobody else was willing to do the job that we were forced to accept it anyway. I don't think this was the right move, but then the meeting was so unrepresentative of the members that there just weren't enough kibitzers. Then again, out of the approximately 150 people in Fresno for the match, how many were at the meeting? Still again, out of the 150 people there, how many were members of CSCF??

Which reminds me of the discussion about membership. It seems CSCF only has 227 members. Yet, some 150 usually come to the North-South match and another 95 or so always come to the California "Open". Not only that but they run some 5 or 6 leagues for team matches counting "A" and "B" divisions and each league has from 7 to 9 teams. All this reporter can say is that there is a lot of action for just 227 woodpushers. Somebody is cheating someplace. Is it you?

May I make one suggestion to CSCF? You have a periodical called THE CALIFORNIA CHESS REPORTER. It gets to several chess enthusiasts. It lacks one very important item, i.e., "Where do I mail my $2.50?" It seems to me that this fellow's name and address is a secret. Please make it be known. For readers here, it is Dr. Ralph Hultgren, 1501 LeRoy Ave., Berkeley, Calif.

Nicest effect at the North-South match was the fact that the HOTEL CALIFORNIAN was so nicely air-conditioned. It was so good that many were seen in the hotel with coats on, but when they went outside the coats were immediately doffed!

What puzzles me is this? There was Dr. H. J. Ralston who I know is from San Francisco and is a very good player. However, I didn't notice his name in the lineup! There were other good players missing. Hey where were you??!!

Bill Barlow donated a beautiful chess set to be raffled off. The money was to be used in helping Sonia Graf with the expenses for an international tournament in Europe. $67 was raised. Incidentally, Mr. Barlow has participated in every North-South match since it began back in 1926.

The lowest blow from the South came when Charlie Henderson asked Guthrie McClain how many players he had. Answer, "69". (It later was 70). And, Charlie said, "Well, If I give you three that will make it 72!". (It later was 73). Doggone you Northerners, let's get on the ball! Credit to the turncoats--, they scored 2-1 for us. What a humiliatin' development!

Think that's all, huh? Well, on board 33 G. Goehler was playing C. Wilson. Mr. Wilson of the NAWTH offered Mr. Goehler a draw. Mr. Goehler went to Mr. Henderson about the matter saying, "I have an advantage but my opponent offered a draw--; should I accept?". The South was leading by 2 pts. at the time so Mr. Henderson advised Mr. Goehler to accept. Back at his board, Mr. Goehler said, "Well, I accept. But--, I have a slight advantage. They know me better than you do. They know I'd only goof it away, so I accept the draw!".

The North had one consolation--, young Fred Wreden won his game!

Oh, and one more, Leighton Allen won his game!

BUT, worst of all! THE SOUTH WON 37-36!!

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