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(Vol. IX, #1 : January-February 1986)

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IM Cris Ramayrat of the Philippines captured first place in the First San Francisco International tournament, which ended October 20. Ramayrat first came to the attention of U.S. players when he captured the U.S. Open Speed Championship last August, ahead of several Grandmasters.

Ramayrat's undefeated 7-2 tally earned him $1000. The other top prizes went to local FMs: Jay Whitehead of San Francisco scored 6.5 for second place (worth $500), and Elliot Winslow of Oakland was third with 6 ($300). Both earned their second IM norm (three are needed.)

Other scores included IM Victor Frias of Chile (5), GM Peter Biyiasis of San Jose and FM Paul Whitehead (Jay's older brother) of San Francisco (both 4), IM David Strauss of Riverside, Avinash Awate of India and Richard Lobo of England (all 3.5), and tournament organizer Guillermo Rey of San Francisco (2).

The tournament was made possible by donations from Nathan Sills and the American Chess Foundation. Miz Brown's Country Kitchen Restaurant donated the playing site. Francisco Sierra directed, assisted by Kerry Lawless.

Ramayrat (2407) - Frias (2545)
1. d4 Nf6 2. c4 c5 3. d5 b5 4. cxb5 a6 5. bxa6 Bxa6 6. Nc3 g6 7. f4 d6 8. Nf3 Bg7 9. e4 Bxf1 10. Rxf1 0-0 11. e5 dxe5 12. fxe5 Ng4 13. Qe2 Qc7 14. d6 Qb7 15. h3 Nh6 16. dxe7 Re8 17. Bg5 Nf5 18. Qb5 Qc8 19. Ne4 Nc6 20. g4 Nfxe7 21. Nd6 Qb8 22. Qc4 Nxe5 23. Nxe5 Qxd6 24. Qxf7+ Kh8 25. Qxe8+ 1-0

(USCF news release)

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